Top 7 Transactional Emails That Every E-commerce Business Can Make Use Of

Anagha S Anagha S
May 16, 2022 4 min read
Top 7 Transactional Emails That Every E-commerce Business Can Make Use Of

At a time when there are a plethora of eCommerce platforms for the customers, it is all the way more important to keep your existing customers abreast and gain more of them. At a time of oversupply of options like this, every firm has to find ways to keep their memory fresh in the minds of their customers. Not only that, but it is also necessary to inform them why they have to purchase from a particular platform and not from their competitors.

Marketing emails is one of the best ways in which all of these requirements can be achieved. Each mail becomes a golden opportunity for the firms to connect with their customers or even know about their needs through their email responses.

This article will look at certain kinds of emails that can be used to enhance customer engagement and retention.

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Welcome Email
Promotional Email
Customised Email
Re-engagement Email
Reference Email
Review Email
Stock Update Email

Welcome Email

It is a fact that everybody likes to be acknowledged for their efforts and actions. Being an e-commerce platform, a newsletter that is circulated through a common mailing list is usual.

Whenever there is a new subscription, be sure to send them a welcome email. The content and creativity that will brim in this email will help the consumer gain a first impression of the firm and its quality.

In this email, you can start by thanking them and then highlighting one aspect of the firm. It can be about an upcoming sale, a special discount or a cue towards when all to checkout for the newsletter.

Since this email will go immediately after they subscribe, it is more likely to be seen and read by the customers than any other email later. Hence, make sure that the welcome email is the best that it could be.

Promotional Email

The prime intention of these emails is to keep customers up-to-date with the events of the firm. These emails can be used to drive sales for your business. To increase the impact of these promotional emails, they can be curated based on the recent purchases of the customer.

Upselling can be done by offering the customer something of higher value depending on their engagement with the platform. Alternatively, through the promotional emails, customers can be introduced to complementary products to cross-sell. It will help in increasing the overall sales of the organisation. ย 

While making these promotional emails, note that they should be engaging with the audience without pressurising them. While it is a good idea to give them a deadline for the discount or a sale, it should not come out as a compulsion. Rather, the email should elicit a curiosity that will make the customers search and make the purchase.

Customised Email

The best way to retain customer loyalty is to make them feel special. A mail wishing them a birthday or letting them know that the organisation appreciates them can go a long way. ย 

Emails that pose as a first-hand reminder of an upcoming sale are a good example of a mail that would make the customer feel valued. Along with these mails, the firms can offer small discounts that will ensure better engagement.

A lot of companies make use of these emails to ensure that their customers come back to them without fail. Cultfit through their efficient notification management can be an excellent example in this regard although they are only notifications and not emails.

Re-engagement Email

Considering the options that customers have in this digital age, it is very likely that they might remain dormant after one or two purchases. In these situations, eCommerce platforms can make use of re-engagement emails that invite customers back to their fold.

It will not only generate a connection with the customer but also ensure better chances for their come back. During these emails, it will be ideal to offer the customers certain benefits or discounts that can boost their interest.

Reference Email

The key idea that drives any eCommerce venture forward is the expanding consumer base. There is no better way than word of mouth to increase the reach of any product.

emails encouraging the customers to refer more people into their fold is an excellent idea. These emails have to be curated in such a way that a reason why the customer should refer someone else has to be clearly stated. The idea of offering a freebie or extra points in return for a reference never gets old.

Review Email

Customer engagement is a two-way process. While commerce platforms constantly try to earn the trust and loyalty of the customer, it is equally important to learn and evolve according to the customer's suggestion as well. Apart from the growth prospect that this process offers, it will also help to create an impression that the customers are heard and valued.

emails that contain feedback and review links can be circulated periodically. Depending on the availability of data and the nature of business, eCommerce platforms can circulate these emails with every order or from time to time inquiring about the overall experience of the user.

Stock Update Email

Every customer has unique needs that they want to be met by the eCommerce businesses every time they use these platforms. It can happen that they cannot deliver what the customer needs at a particular point in time due to the unavailability of stocks. It is a very important and impactful gesture when the company reverts back to the customer when the restocking happens.

While chances are high that the customer would have gone for some other options, such a mail can prove extremely useful to the firmโ€™s commitment to the customers. If the company has its standards maintained when it comes to the quality of the products, then there is absolutely no doubt that such a mailing practice will make the customer wait until the product is restocked.


Keeping up with customers through emails is a great way of ensuring and expanding a good customer base. While the contents of these emails have to be reworked depending on the needs and visions of the respective commerce businesses, the purpose of these emails remains as the ones mentioned above.

There are still more different kinds of email templates that can be used to send to the customers. However, too much of it can be tiring for both parties. A respectable number of emails say two or three every week are largely appreciated. Making use of this great opportunity through emails can be a great way of building commerce businesses.


What is a transactional email?

A transactional email is an email sent to an individual when the user performs an action, for example subscribing to a newsletter.

What is transactional email? Give detailed examples.

Some examples of transactional emails are sending an email when a new user signs up, confirmation of purchase or forgotten password email.

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