6 Deadly Mistakes People Tend to Make During an Explainer Video

An explainer video is not just a visual storytelling tool of your brand, in fact much more than that. A well-researched, well-illustrated explainer video and perfect video marketing strategy can do a miracle. So you need to be extra careful while making an explainer video for your brand. Keep your answers ready on the following points before approaching a video maker.

To make it more obvious, let's take a  case study to analyze the situation to make it more clear.

Here is the story of a startup founder. Sam has found a startup and wants to make people know your presence and accept your business. He knows the easy way is to make an explainer video and promote it. So he made an explainer video in a hurry and after promoting it desperately for a long time, he realized that his money has been washed out. Is this story is known to you? Now, the question is why the video didn’t work? The answer is he didn’t know what kind of explainer video he needed. He was in so hurry to get sales he just forgot to make the market research.

Questions which people tend forget to address in the video

  • Variation of your customer segments
  • Purpose of making an explainer video
  • What is the goal you want to achieve with the video?
  • Do you have a video marketing strategy?

Now, let’s focus on some important points, on which brands are more likely to do mistakes while making a video for business.

1. No Research No Success

Research & Create
Research & Create

The first point is, whom you want to explain? An investor? Or your customers? If you want it to use for both purpose, same explainer video probably will not work. Well, suppose you are making it for your customers, have you researched what kind of explainer video style will engage them more with your brand? Which problem can be solved with your product or service? What do they want? How your brand can be interesting to your customers? Once you get a clear idea about your purpose, you are good to go.

2. The Script is the Soul

The most important part of an explainer video is the script. 60% of your success depends on the script. There are only two strategies: Do what everyone else is doing, only better, cheaper, or faster. Or do something different and truly distinctive.

The former will immerse You into the competition and the later will write your brand story. People don’t want a boring narrative story. They want fun. your goal is to promote your brand message. So, writing a game-changing, 'to-the-point' script is not an easy task. The best is to rely on professionals.

3. The soul without a body is a ghost

We have walked a long long way from the black and white era. No one is interested in weak visuals. The more glamorous your advertisement is the more your audience grows. The connection with the visuality of the video and your brand message is very strong. They depend on each other.

A lot of people compromises with quality due to financial problem. But the harsh truth is it harms the brand. You can compare the situation with the difference between Apple and the Micromax.

4. It’s not a grocery bill

The most dangerous mistake people make is, trying to say everything to everyone in a single video.  Of course, a startup has lots of things to say about themselves but a long 20 minutes explainer video is of no use. The shorter is the better. Give people a tasty appetizer, entice them. Don’t serve a full-size buffet dinner. This strategy will keep them curious enough to click on your call to action button.

5. They are not the same

Run A/b Tests for videos
Run A/b Tests for videos

Another grave mistake is trying to serve all the customers with the same video. Every business has different customer segments with different needs. They are unlikely to be attracted to the same concept. They may be bounced back or stay indifferent. The A/B testing of video may be helpful to categorize your customers.

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6. Don’t let it die peacefully

The explainer video is the most powerful marketing tool. An explainer video is worthless if it does not reach the target audience. Like all other powerful tools, the science of video marketing is critical too. 80% of people fail to market their video properly. The easiest strategy is to use it on your most visited web page. But there are lots more facts included in a proper marketing strategy. It varies from one media to another. The marketing strategy you have taken to market your video on facebook will not be the same as you have taken for youtube. So if you don’t know about video marketing, consult with a professional. You may do it yourself too. Here, Know it how.

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Here are some tips to keep in mind while making an Explainer Video

  • The content is the king and the script is the queen . So, if you want a great explainer video then make sure you have the perfect content built-in the script. Get a scriptwriter to do so or get it done with yourself.
  • Be very precise with what you want to share with the public and make sure that you present what your company do , using as less words as you can.
  • Point out of benefits of the product in the video , to show people how the products will solve their problem , in actual life.
  • This tip can be a game changer but hiring an professional  voice artist will help in delivering the audio more efficiently to the audience, with more clarity . You can opt for a spokesperson who will speak for the brand on the video on camera as well as off-camera.
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