Top 7 Websites to Find a Perfect Roommate

Finding a roommate can be tough and sometimes feel overwhelming. Whether you are looking for a place to live in or seeking someone to live with you its important to find a compatible match. Whether you moved in to a new city or you are finding a roommate like Rachel Here are Top 10 Websites to Find a Perfect Roommate for you.

Top 7 Websites to Find a Perfect Roommate

1. Sulekha

Sulekha is one of the best sites to find a roommate in India. Sulekha is a digital platform that provides services across 40 cities. Sulekha was founded in 2007 by
Satya Prabhakar and currently serves in 5 countries India, United States, Canada , UK, UAE.

Sulekha is one of the largest service platforms in India. It has evolved from a local business listings site to a technology-driven matchmaking platform.

Website for roommate
Sulekha Roommate


Olx is the fastest growing trading network headquartered in Netherlands was founded by Fabrice Grinda, Alec Oxenford. OLX started operations in India in 2006.

Olx has also started its Roommate service in India and is currently operating in 20 states across India.

website for roommate
Olx Roommate Service

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3. Flatmatch

Flatmatch provides service that helps you find a suitable flat or a compatible flatmate. Currently, Flatmatch only operates in select cities like Mumbai and Pune. Flatmatch was founded by Paresh Bansod.

Flatmatch Roommate Services

4.  Indianroommate

Indianroommate Currently operates in 21 countries across the globe including India. Indianroommate is also one of the most reliable sites to find an Indian roommate across India or other countries.

Indian Roommate Site
Indian Roommate Site


RoomMatch is an exceptional website that helps you Find Roommates and Rooms that match your lifestyle. RoomMatch is a Business service that operates in Los Angeles, California. Moved into a new city, finding an apartment to rent may seem difficult. Now find your perfect rental home in LA that suits your style.
They ask people to answer our Match-up quiz. You can then see your match percentage with them (much like a dating site). This allows you to know ahead of time if you will be a good fit. For entrepreneurs this is helpful because you can make sure you're not moving into a party house and living somewhere that you can work from home well. It's  100% free and have their own messaging system meaning you don't have to give out your number/email until you feel comfortable with it.


5. Flatmates

Flatmates are India's most popular platform to find a room, PG, or a roommate. Flatmate was founded by Tanuj Chopra in 2015 which is headquartered in Asia pacific.

flatmates website
Flatmates Website

6. RentRoomi

RentRoomi is roommate finder service which helps you find available roommates or rooms in India. Roomi was founded by Nitin Sharma in 2016.

website roommate
RentRoomi Website

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7. Roomster

Roomster is the world's largest social network for connecting roommates. It is available in 192 countries with 18 native languages. Roomster became the first roommate matching service to reach the Asian country back then. Roomster entered India in 2016 and witnessed success.

Website for roommates
Roomster Website

Finding a perfect roommate to share your apartment is far more challenging than it seems. Whether you are looking for a place to live in or seeking someone to live with you its important to find a compatible match. With these 7 websites, who knows you may find a perfect roommate for yourself.

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