How Flipkart's New Platform Shopsy will help Small Businesses and Individuals to be Resellers?

Anik Banerjee Anik Banerjee
Jul 1, 2021 5 min read
How Flipkart's New Platform Shopsy will help Small Businesses and Individuals to be Resellers?

Flipkart is not unknown to Indians. With the birth of Flipkart, eCommerce has been a household term for us.

The Walmart-owned Indian eCommerce giant has been the trustworthy companion for millions of Indians till date since it was founded 14 years back in 2007. Flipkart has experienced incredible growth over the years.

Along with keeping up with quality standards of products and services, the Indian startup stood strong against none other than Amazon, which is not an ordinary feat. Furthermore, along the years that Flipkart served the country, it not only increased its business on a large scale but also continued to provide both direct and indirect opportunities of employment for its users.

On its way to offer employment opportunities for the people of the Indian subcontinent, Flipkart announced its latest app Shopsy.

What is Shopsy?
How will it Help Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs, and Individuals?
Many Users Often Shy Away from Ecommerce Platforms, Why?
How to use Shopsy?

What is Shopsy?

Shopsy, as announced by Flipkart, is launched as an app that will help tens of thousands of native entrepreneurs, businessmen, and other individuals to grow and further their businesses and enterprises.

According to the Senior Vice President - Growth and Monetization of Flipkart, Prakash Sikaria, the launch of Shopsy as an app will help drive easy employment opportunities for the Indians that will further their “vision and provide additional earning opportunities for millions of enterprising Indians. Now, anyone from anywhere can start their online business with zero investment.”

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How will Shopsy Help Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs, and Individuals?

Flipkart offers a wide range of products, equaling almost 15 crore products from varying industries, which the web app displays its users from where they can choose to buy the ones they prefer.

To date, Flipkart has only offered its users products and opportunities to be sellers but with Shopsy the app also aims to create resellers out of their users. Now, the wide range of products that Flipkart boasts of on its website, spanning across categories like fashion, beauty, electronics, mobiles, home essentials, etc., will also be available for the budding entrepreneurs and other individuals to resell them and add to their income.

The people who will choose Shopsy would be able to share Flipkart’s catalogs with their prospects via any social media or messaging apps, place orders for their customers, and earn commissions for themselves. The amount or the percentage of commissions received will not be the same and depend on the products and the categories from which they are ordered.

Shopsy will also be a great help for Flipkart and have unlimited opportunities to widen their user base and boost their business. People who are relatively new to the world of eCommerce or aren’t sure of buying things online will be acquainted with Flipkart. This will further grow their trust in the brand and eCommerce in general because the known thread will be their trusted point of contact, who will be a Flipkart user.

This new app will not only benefit the people who already exhibit a strong network but will also be an enviable opportunity for those who only aspire to build a decent network. Yes, the latter can also weave their own network successfully with the daily transactions that they will depend upon once they sign in with this Flipkart app.

Shopsy will be a great boon for all upcoming entrepreneurs and individuals because all of them will have equal access to the wide inventory, effective logistics management, and established delivery networks of the eCommerce giant, which they can use as their ladder to establishing a successful business. Gain credibility and acceleration will not be a problem to them this way and with this app.

Shopsy Website
Shopsy Website

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Many Users Often Shy Away from Ecommerce Platforms, Why?

Though online transactions have grown by leaps and bounds in the past couple of decades, many users still fail to muster enough courage to transact online on eCommerce websites mainly because of their ignorance and the lack of trust. Distributed commerce, however, has acted as a channel to solve these problems and has witnessed quite a growth in these recent years. Shopsy will further gear up the possibilities for the app and its users to grow.

How to use Shopsy?

Flipkart has grown its eCommerce expertise over the years and is now aiming to help legions of budding Indian entrepreneurs to make the best of the app. All the users who want to use Shopsy will have to first register on the app with their phone numbers in order to kickstart their entrepreneurial venture and can continue adding to the income and expanding their business leveraging the key resources of the platform.


With this new initiative, Flipkart aims to benefit over 25 million online entrepreneurs by 2023 through digital commerce. Shopsy will be a major boost to the company, its citizens, and the country, and will be a major step forward to eradicate the country’s long-standing problems of unemployment.

Besides, with the post-pandemic woes that have ousted several and weakened the stable financial grounds of many individuals and businessmen, Shopsy has the potential to glow as a silver lining at the end of the dreadful pandemic.


What is Shopsy?

Shopsy is an e-commerce platform launched by Flipkart to help entrepreneurs grow their business through platforms like WhatsApp.

Is Shopsy Free?

Yes, Shopsy platform is free for small businesses and individuals but sellers on Shopsy will have to pay the usual marketplace fee.

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