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The days of retail stores have been on a decline, while online businesses and enterprises have risen exponentially in the previous years. This pandemic has also played its part in the rise of online marketplaces, whilst generating a need for online stores. Flippa helps people who requires an online store and those who want to sell websites, templates and domains by connecting them as a marketplace to buy and sell such amenities.

If you are a developer, Flippa helps you sell domains, starter templates, established websites, online businesses, and starter mobile applications. However, if you're not so experienced in building your own online application, Flippa caters to your needs by introducing you to a variety of online business sellers, so you can decide what's best for you.

Online assets to sell

Why sell Online Enterprises:

  • Exponential spike in demand for online business.
  • Find the appropriate valuation for your digital asset through SDE.
  • Sell a blog, e-commerce site, SaaS, and make the most out of your skills.
  • Flippa lets you negotiate with buyers.
  • Flippa offers safe transaction through their integration with Escrow.com.

Flippa is an amazing platform to sell digital assets, not only for the above mentioned reasons, but also because you can showcase your experience, benefits and earnings to get the best customers which would otherwise be a hitch.

Moreover, Flippa offers you two different ways of selling your online asset, that is, by setting a fixed price, and by auction. The businesses with a valuation of about $100,000 often prefer a fixed price, while those with a greater valuation usually go for auction. Auctioning stirs a sense of urgency among the buyers since it is available for a limited time frame, and hence helps achieve a higher price for the business.

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Online business 

Why purchase an Online Business:

  • Since the pandemic, demand for online business has skyrocketed.
  • Online business gives you a greater visibility, without any concern of location.
  • You can ask the seller for read only access and proof of revenue, and evaluate if it suits your business needs.
  • You get a thorough detail of all business prerequisites, marketing initiatives, and operational costs the business.

Buying an online enterprise, be it content based, domain, or an e-commerce site, is not just about making profit. Running online business comes with its own set of highs and lows, catering to the needs of your customers and constant maintenance of your website. You have to continually look for ways of generating more revenue, legal risks, technical knowledge to keep your enterprise updated and growth opportunities. Once your business has enough customers, the curve thereafter rises exponentially.

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Flipkart online enterprise

Services offered by Flippa

Due Diligence

This is an assessment and verification service that Flippa offers for the online asset which a seller posts for sale. This service is offered in three different pricing, each of which focuses on a certain aspect of the enterprise.

Red Flag Report Standard Report Enhanced Report
Costs $1000 for one year analysis Costs $1000 for two year analysis Costs $1000 for three year analysis
Report is 12-15 pages long Report is 21-25 pages long Report is 26-35 pages long
Report analyses high-level risks and opporttunities Focuses on risks and high-level opportunities with traffic information Analyses detailed risks, opportunities with financial and traffic information
Preffered for enterprises with valuation upto $30000 Preffered for enterprises with valuation between $30000 and $200000 Preffered for enterprises with valuation over $200000

Flippa Finder

Flippa Finder is a service for new buyers to find the perfect product, which would best suite their online marketplace. It comes at a cost of $50 +2.5% acquisition fee, which is payable once the purchase is done. Flippa Finder offers an hour long analysis of suitable products, prices to offer, and exploring the platform along with a list of products suitable for your description with pros and cons of each. It also helps you analyse and negotiate to win the best deals.

Online Enterprise Broker

There might be various reasons to need a broker. Flippa provides affiliated brokers with prior experience in finding you the best deals, as well as showcasing your product with every advantage and edge. Sometimes, procuring the best deal is all about how your product is presented before the buyer, and sellers might not always have the best ideas in this part, which is where brokers come in. They know where to look, what qualities to present and the appropriate valuation of your product. There are various brokers working with Flippa since as long as 2010, and are the perfect amenity for those who can not find time to go through all the searching and negotiations.


Flippa offers financing solutions such as SBA loans and 401(k) business financing for small business acquisitions. The prerequisite for 401(k) assistance is a funding of $50,000 and for that of an SBA loan is a credit score of 690 or above. The financing is as easy as following three easy steps.

  • Undergo the assessment by Flippa to find out the perfect financing option.
  • Interact with a financing expert to be on the safe side.
  • Get the financing and start your online business.
Flippa valuation tool

Business Valuation

Finding an appropriate valuation for your business is at times hard. Flippa offers a free enterprise valuation tool to give insights as to increase your product's sellability and reach through an advanced enterprise pricing model. With up to 30,000 new buyers monthly, Flippa gives you the best exposure. The sales data that Flippa uses for valuation of a business or enterprise is unparalleled. It uses the data to compare the business model, category and time for which the business has been running, so it can furnish you with a fair price.

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Listing and Upgrade Pricing

The initial listing fee for your online asset is fixed for your convenience, represented accordingly:

Along with the listing, Flippa offers a number of upgrades to your product to boost your reach, sellability and valuation. These upgrades come with a one time charge, and offer assistance in different domains as listed below.

Premium Boost Marketing Boost Ultimate Boost Newsletter Boost
Costs between $65 to $295 depending on the asking price Fixed cost of $395 Fixed cost of $545 Costs $95 for domains only
Offers an optimized marketing exposure Promotion on social media targeting buyers Homepage banner for one week Access 110000 domain buyers
Assured response time of the same day Advertise your product through a video 200 character ad featured in the Newsletter Get to feature in the weekly Domains Newsletter
Listing is posted on partner sites along with blog posting

Confidential Listing

Many a times, a buyer would prefer to keep their personal information such as their business name and URL confidential. Flippa offers a 'keep my listing confidential' option while listing for keeping your details hidden. If you opt for confidentiality creating a listing, the buyers won't be allowed to view your name, business name, URL, and financial attachments unless they have a registered Flippa account and have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement with regards to your information approved by you.

Post Sale

Once the offer is accepted, the users are redirected to Post-sales Completion area. This helps in discussion over the online enterprise, its operation, its transfer and other related questions. Thereafter, the transfer of assets takes place, with Escrow for thorough protection, throughout the transfer.

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