Best Tools for Freelancers to Boost Productivity

Best Tools for Freelancers to Boost Productivity

Freelancers need to adapt to a world that is constantly evolving. Nowadays, a lot of remote workers consistently try to find the very best of tools for quick completion of tasks. Ranging from security applications to encrypted instant messaging platforms, freelancers are always on the prowl to combine effective administration with the satisfaction of clients.

A mistake new remote employees make is thinking talent is the only thing that can propel them forward. The best remote workers have great mental health, optimize productivity by having an array of tools, constantly keep learning, and are great at managing finance and lessening expenses.

Best Freelancing Tools

1. Oak Meditation

Oak Meditation is an application used by some freelancers to effectively lessen stress. There are periods in a freelancer’s life when the workload becomes so much that sleeping hours get shortened. To get through these periods, you need to reduce pressure and anxiety. A relaxed mind, of course, produces much better results for clients.

Oak Meditation can aid a freelancer in enhancing his/her mental health. This way, you can be more focused and productive during the day (or night) by pausing all of your activities. The application even contains a breathing and exercise feature to diversify your activity during the day.

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2. Virtual Private Network

A Virtual Private Network is a security tool that encodes the online traffic flowing in and out of your device. Basically, the functions of VPNs include data encryption, which is effective in keeping your online traffic private and your information protected.

As a freelancer, you might feel the need to leave your home to work in public areas. However, public Wi-Fi networks are often unsecured, making it vulnerable to various attacks as hackers can easily spy on the network. A VPN protects you from this by ensuring that your information flows through a secure and private tunnel.

3. OpenOffice

As a freelancer, you might need to do a bit of writing. OpenOffice is a free tool that allows you to write and save documents on your PC or external hard drive. It also comes with an array of tools comparable to that of Microsoft Office.

OpenOffice contains a unique feature that can be beneficial to freelance writers. The feature eases the conversion of a file to PDF, making OpenOffice a great platform for eBook, pamphlet, and guide writers.

4. Dropbox

Dropbox is a tool that allows users to synchronize the entirety of their files on the cloud through drag-and-drop. Sometimes, when working as a freelancer, you might need to share files with your client. If the website usually has downtimes, this could ruin the perfect experience you strived to create for your client.

Dropbox puts an end to these worries with the consistent management of its service. You can place all of your work files on Dropbox to have them all in the cloud in case you lose your computer. What’s better, all of your files would be accessible from any device once you login to your account.

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5. Tweriod

When you post content on Twitter, you might observe that at certain periods, you get more likes, mentions, and retweets. This shows that to effectively maximize reach to potential clients, you need to post engaging content at the very best of times during the day.

Tweriod is an analytics tool that shows you the periods your Twitter followers come online the most. If you can catch your followers at a great time, you can get them to retweet your post.

If you’re usually too busy and may forget to go online on Twitter during peak periods, the next tool on this list is for you.

6. BufferApp

BufferApp is a tool that allows you to schedule your tweets. This way, while you’re working jobs for clients, tweets can be automatically sent out during the periods of the day your followers are online the most, improving your engagement.

With the application, you can schedule a tweet from the start of your day and tailor the schedule to very specific times. You can also use BufferApp with your Facebook account to schedule posts.

7. Audible

Learning is one of the skills a freelancer needs to acquire. Evolution is a part of human nature and is very necessary, even for freelancers. Audible helps you learn by improving your interest in reading books.

The service allows you to listen to books through audio. With books, you can constantly improve yourself, ensuring you take advantage of the many opportunities around you.

If you’re not so keen on reading fine print but still feel like consuming books, you can use Audible.


A remote worker that is averse to the numerous changes in the freelance industry could find his/her job invitations dwindling over time. The major way freelancers remain productive while also handling several tasks from clients is through an arsenal of tools.

If you’re a freelancer, you can use tools like BufferApp, Oak Meditation, Dropbox, OpenOffice, and Audible to improve mental health, productivity, and knowledge.

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