Opinions on Gender Pay Gap in India - Know from Actual Women Entrepreneurs

Jeenal Jain Jeenal Jain
Mar 8, 2021 8 min read
Opinions on Gender Pay Gap in India - Know from Actual Women Entrepreneurs

What is your opinion on the Gender Pay Gap in India? Have you experienced it? As the number of women working  in every profession shot up, the difference in the wage gap between them and their counterparts became ever so evident. We call it the Gender Pay Gap.

It is only in recent times that women have come on board calling out this ill practice in almost every profession. Even Hollywood and Bollywood actress has been witness to this unfair idea of being paid lesser than men. Having the same amount of education, skill set, expertise and experience but still being paid than your peers (men) is not only frustrating but highly disappointing. We dive deep into the issue as we listen to a few professionals share their own experiences.

Bunisha KhajaMohaideen - Co-Founder, Terabite Ekarts

Bunisha KhajaMohaideen - Co-Founder, Terabite Ekarts
Bunisha KhajaMohaideen - Co-Founder, Terabite Ekarts

Gender Pay Gap is predominant and non-measurable especially in the unorganised sector when compared to organised sectors because of lesser opportunity towards education, employment and training programs. In organised sectors, recent corporate policies, amendments and framework helps to narrow the Gender Pay Gap whereas Social injustice in the unorganised sector widens the gap even furthermore. So we need to empower women from the bottom level of the social pyramid if we really need to overcome gender based pay disparity. Startups like Terabite ekarts are empowering independent women entrepreneurs and self help groups through opportunity, technology, training exposures to stand on their own with promising business models.

I have not experienced any gender biased pay gap so far and look forward to providing similar exposure to women in our startup.

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Dr. Shikha Baghi Bhandari - CEO & Owner, Timeless Aesthetics

Gender pay gap is a clear and present issue. India is growing in terms of technology and economy however, is there an equal spread among the masses, I obviously think not.

Not lacking in skill but the lacking in compensation, is simply outrageous and unfair. It'll remain so as long as women don't break the glass ceiling and declare their presence. Best way to accomplish that is to start your own business. Become your own boss and spread equality as it should be.

Given the nature of my profession, it is primarily dominated by women so I cannot say that I have witnessed the gender pay discrepancy. However, there are those I know socially who confess to this phenomenon frequently to me. I wish I could put forth solutions to it but sadly, it requires a higher level of reformation.

My trainings allow women to be able to earn properly in the market. My trained professionals are running their own businesses both in India and abroad. and those who can't muster enough means, I hire myself.

My staff is treated on an equal scale. Merit first and skill second, regardless of what gender you are born with.

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Shradha Vyas - Founder, Carpediem

Shradha Vyas - Founder, Carpediem
Shradha Vyas - Founder, Carpediem

Yes of course, the gender pay gap is real and not a myth. Men are normally considered more capable, more "get the work done" type. But what many don’t realize is that, Women are the ones that are better in planning, better in delegating, better in managing etc.… I did experience the pay gap when I was in my third job, after a decent years of experience in my belt, that a male colleague with the same / even lesser experience than me had been given a promotion even though my results were much better. But in the end of the day, hard work matters and that’s lead me to opening my own Company where we not only promote gender equality in all aspects, but we also have a healthy competition between the genders.

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Adhvika Agarwal - Co-founder, ORCO

Gender Pay gap exists in India and at every level. When we talk about blue collar jobs, the women are differentiated on the basis of strength and it is already assumed by people that a woman doesn’t have much strength and hence should be paid less. Talking about white collar work, getting paid less is a different thing all together, women are not even considered for job ! Even in 2021, you will see number of job posts on LinkedIn mentioning that only male candidates will be preferred. We are living in 21st century now and such differences are just absurd

When I was working, I experienced this first hand. It was that time of the year that makes some people nervous and others excited. The time of appraisals. I knew I had done well. But the increment wasn't what I had expected. When I confronted my manager, I was told that since the company already compensates for my travel they would cut down on my increment. I was taken aback when I heard this. And as expected I didn't last too long in that company.

I personally believe women can put as much hard work as men in any kinds of jobs and its time the industry starts treating women equally and giving them the due credit

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Vanya Chandel - Founder, Forfurs

Vanya Chandel - Founder, Forfurs
Vanya Chandel - Founder, Forfurs

According to United Nations, legal restrictions have kept around 2.7 billion women from accessing the same choice of jobs as men and as of 2019, less than 25 per cent of parliamentarians were women and one in three women experience gender-based violence. This women’s day we should promise ourselves that we will do better by other women and ourselves. Be a little more  kind and bold and go after things we want fearlessly. Raising our voice against injustice towards other women and uplifting and empowering each other, co-existing and collaborating and creating a safe and happy world for women everywhere. Happy Women’s Day!

Chahat Aggarwal- Founder and CEO of Impact Study Biz

Chahat Aggarwal- Founder and CEO of Impact Study Biz
Chahat Aggarwal- Founder and CEO of Impact Study Biz

Having done my fair share of stints in the corporate world, of course I have experienced a pay gap due to no other reason but my gender, which truly was heartbreaking. And without a shadow of a doubt, I find the gap to be absurd. The phenomenon is a roadblock to India’s path to achieving decent working conditions and inclusive growth. Economic women empowerment will help women in so many spheres. Its after-effects are truly immense. Fortunately, we are making progress, but it is low and needs to accelerate.

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Bhakti Dalal - Independent Communications Consultant & Founder, BDCC

While Gender Pay Gap in India exists, it is slowly but surely diminishing.

Today, companies and organisations, (at least in metros and larger cities) are realizing that gender is not a factor that determines the quality of work. This realization is enabling people, regardless of their gender, to demand for fees/remuneration based on the output they deliver.

Yes, there of course is an apparent initial sense that women may not command the same pay as men but once the work ethic, style and output has been demonstrated, in my opinion, businesses are definitely evolving from their tradition mindsets. I have been fortunate to work alongside businesses (that although seem very one specific gender biased), they have been extremely professional when it comes to work.

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Although, many organisations may refrain from acknowledging the fact that gender pay gap is a global reality and that women are being paid lesser than their male counterparts because, well, they're women. Feminism across the globe are on the rise and have taken up this issue due to the consequences and unfair nature of this practice.

It's not fair to be having equal talents and still being considered a runner up in the long run. Women work twice as hard in their professions just to make sure no one accuses them of playing the "women card" for climbing the corporate ladder. It's difficult enough that they are required to juggle multiple fronts at home and work. Women therefore are no longer passive about this situation seek full fledged attention and demand an equal opportunity and remuneration, rightfully so. If an opportunity arises where you have a say in this matter, please speak up and do the right thing!

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