How to Manage GenZ Employees - A Detailed Guide

How to Manage GenZ Employees - A Detailed Guide

GenZ employees make up about 25% of the workforce across the globe and the figures are expected to go up to nearly 30% by 2030. These tech-savvy individuals are considered to be the most diverse set of professionals to enter the workforce.

As these individuals are entering professional life, companies need to buckle up their seatbelts in creating an environment that suits their moods.

Which Generation of People Fall Under Gen Z?
What Makes Gen Z So Different?
What Does Gen Z Expect in the Workplace?
How to Manage Gen Z Employees?

Which Generation of People Fall Under Gen Z?

GenZ is the generation of people born in the mid-90s who have grown up during the swiftly changing times over the last two decades. They have witnessed the Great Depression, the ever-growing danger of environmental crisis as well as the recent global pandemic due to Covid 19 to name a few. They are also called the internet generation or iGeneration.

If compared with the previous generation, Gen Zers have a totally different perspective on life. What makes this iGeneration different from the other generation is their behaviour. Their interest isn't focused on how much they are going to earn or what others think of them but is worried about work-life balance and mental well-being.

In the part where the previous generation always focused on working late till it drained them, Gen Zers are more attracted to having a paid leave from their organisation, and a day off for a mental break.

What Makes Gen Z So Different?

There are several characteristics of a Gen Zer that makes them unique from the others, especially from a millennial. These people love to have their own working space and do not like sharing it with others.

As mentioned earlier, this group was born during the recession time, which makes them more realistic and practical. Gen Zers are also believed to prefer learning through different educational platforms such as the live-classes, online tutorials or receive on-the-job training classes.

What Does Gen Z Expect in the Workplace?

The hype created because of these Gen Zers is what puts a lot of companies in a tough situation of hiring them. But why should organisations hire them? That is because they are young and smart, and believe in innovation and creativity.

GenZers are very expressive about their feelings and aspirations, so they usually expect lucid and transparent communication from the leadership.

Organisations need to put control and policies in place which ensure clear messaging across the hierarchy. They need to focus beyond traditional benefits and form a culture where they embrace Gen Zers as a whole person and not judge a person for what they can accomplish in eight hours a day.

How to Manage Gen Z Employees?

Here in this read, let us figure out an in-depth understanding of how can organisations manage GenZ employees.

Build a Sense of Community

One of the most important aspects of keeping a Gen Z employee is to give them the liberty to interact and communicate with one another on a digital medium. They are born in the digital age and love to be connected 24x7 through the internet.

Gen Z carries its smartphone everywhere and utilises social media in every way possible. They prefer communication through texts, video calls, and phone calls to face-to-face interaction.

They develop a platform or community where they discuss and share ideas with like-minded people who feel their effort has a purpose and work-life feels more enjoyable.

Accordingly, they expect the workplace to support them in working with innovative technologies. Research shows technology will be a crucial factor that Gen Z will consider while deciding on a job offer.

Reward Them for Their Hard Work

Gen Zers are true performers as they put a lot of effort into getting work done. For them, their hard work must be paid off. They expect at the workplace that whatever work they have carried out should be worth their effort.

They are not someone who will accept any amount of reward if it doesn't match their performance. Organisations need to put in mind the negotiation part while hiring a Gen Zer.

They crave independence and like it under their control

Let Them Work Independently

When it comes to handling a project or any kind of work, Gen Zers expect their managers to listen to them. Since they have a knack for creativity, they want their ideas to be heard.

These young employees want managers to give them work without any help or support from other teams. Being one of the most self-sufficient employees, Gen Zers like to keep things under their control.

Embrace New Technology

Organisations must change themselves in the way they operate to meet the expectations of GenZ. They must indulge in launching such initiatives that reinforce the company assignment, and employees' roles in achieving goals and permitting people a chance to speak up their minds.

They look for a platform that gives them easy access to information and resources. Two-way dialogue with leadership fosters a way for a greater understanding of expectations in the workforce for these young employees. To think that they were born during challenging times, these youths stand up for what they believe in.

Prioritize Mental Health at Your Workplace

These energetic individuals do not like stress at all. For them, mental health is an essential factor to stay productive and successful.

In a competitive world, these young employees find themselves lost most of the time, which is why their focus is on overall well-being to lead a happy and fruitful life. Moreover, they like to choose those organisations that are diverse and have an inclusive work culture.


Every generation is different from the other. It is time for companies and organisations to incorporate the things and adapt to the flexibility that these Gen Zers have been asking for all these years.

For a company to have high-performing results, it must indulge in the above-mentioned measures to manage these young employees properly.


How do you motivate Gen Z workers?

Appreciate them for their efforts, Provide regular feedback, create a sense of community, and Provide growth opportunities.

What do Gen Z employees want?

Gen Z employees want a better work-life balance, growth opportunities, great work-life balance and improved mental health and wellness support.

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