How to Land a Job at Google | Hiring Strategy of Google

Seema Banerjee Seema Banerjee
Jan 19, 2021 8 min read
How to Land a Job at Google | Hiring Strategy of Google

Google is a part of our daily lives. Every child in today’s generation knows the phrase “Ask Google”. Google multidimensional diverse company admired as one of the best employers. It is Google’s mission to “arrange all available information and make it universally available and beneficial.”

Google won Glassdoor Award for 12 years
Google won Glassdoor Award for 12 years

Thus, every professional asks:

How to get a job at Google?
In this write-up, you will find everything you need to know to get a job at Google. We look at self-reflection to salary negotiation. So, read on and implement!

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Self-Reflection: Know Yourself to start your Google journey
Search and apply at Google: The suitable job
Sending Google resume and cover Letter : Tailored to fit
Let us meet: Interview(s) by Google
Decision and Offer: let us negotiate with Google
Keep your Google dreams Alive

Self-Reflection: Know Yourself to start your Google journey

Before you delve into the depths of your hunt, focus on yourself. Learn about your strengths and weaknesses, your passions. Think about the best, most successful instances of your experience, and paint a picture of your career to date and how do you want to further shape it. But remember, It is always difficult to build a career on something you are not passionate about.

Ask yourself:

  • Which skill once mastered made everything easy after it
  • How have you produced the best results: on your own or working with a team?
  • Which of your job roles to date you consider most rewarding and why?
  • What was your best teamwork and why was it remarkable?
  • Why do you want to get a job at Google?

This exercise will allow you to focus on yourself, understand your skills, interests, your goals. And how does this align with Google’s mission and vision?

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Search and apply at Google: The suitable job

The first step is to learn about Google, so you have enough information to choose the right jobs. There is a lot of information available especially on the company pages, employee opinions, team sites, blogs, YouTube channels. Research and understand the company, the aim here is for your ambition or wish for a certain type of job/work environment should mold with the company.

You will get some answers to your initial question “how do you get hired in Google”? You should now be able to fathom the company culture and pinpoint the part of the company and role that feels like the best match for your goals and future.

You will find open jobs in the career section of the company website or other websites dedicated to prospective employees. Following its time-honoured tradition, Google encourages applicants to “match your skills and interests to jobs you’re excited about and the problems you want to solve,” according to its website.

Though it is recommended to apply only for the best-suited role, if you feel other jobs match your skill sets, then apply for those. But be careful not to apply too many as this may have a detrimental effect on your applications(s).

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Sending Google Resume and Cover Letter : Tailored to fit

The advice given on Google’s website is to start from scratch, if you apply for more than one role, then design a resume separately for each. Google has an inclination for energetic, inventive, modes, and eager to learn candidates. Does your resume highlight these qualities?

So in your quest of “how to get a job in Google”, keep mind while building a resume:

  • Match your skills and experience with the job role details. Include examples and data of work done.
  • Talk about projects you have been part of, successes and lessons learned, how achievement was measured, etc.
  • Highlight your leadership style, the team you managed, challenges, and scope of work.
  • But also, be precise and concise. An ideal resume generally does not exceed 2 pages, make each word count. Keep it short.

You may or may not include a cover letter, if you have submitted s strong resume then a cover letter can be missed. If you want to include one, keep the same points as resume building in mind. For example, tailor it to the job you’re applying for, talk about what will you bring to the table, and provide practical instances. You may express your personality more through the letter. Quality, not quantity, is the focus.

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Let us meet: Interview(s) by Google

Google's Hiring Process
Google's Hiring Process

The recruitment team will get your application at this stage and deem if you might be a good match for the role. Then the hiring process begins

This may vary depending on roles, location, teams but the basic lines remain similar. Let us look at some of the ways you may be assessed for an interview:

Online assessments: A common starting process for many organizations, a brief online assessment like writing a code or reasoning or quiz, etc. may start the process.

Short informal chats: Before the more formal interview, an informal chat over the telephone or video may be scheduled. These usually take place with the staffing team before your conversation with the hiring manager.

Project work: Sometimes, instead of an online assessment or along with it, a small project is assigned to you. These test your technical ability you shouldn’t be scared of them. These are designed to understand your thought process and problem-solving skills.

Formal interviews: the next stage will be formal interviews to assess your fit with the company and profile you have applied for. Google wants the best as the company is only as good as the people working in it. It is designed to be friendly, warm but rigorous, and through, up to 3-4 interviews in a day.

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Above all, it is you’re your demonstrable skill that is assessed, and how you fit the vacancy is discussed. So, you will be appraised under the following guiding lights:

  • Structured interview: The same explicit set of criteria is used to adjudge every candidate. The perspective for everyone remains even, so your uniqueness can emerge.
  • Open-ended questions: Open-ended questions allow you the room to have your say, express yourself, and provide solutions or examples of your work. to learn how you solve problems. Your hiring manager needs to know how your mind works, how you fit in the team, and what your strengths are.

You also get a chance to ask questions to learn about your work environment. Keep in mind to ask relevant things. A few are like these:

  • Day-day responsibilities
  • Company values and characteristics the ideal candidate
  • Experience of the interviewer with google
  • Opportunities for professional development
  • Challenging aspect of this job

Decision and Offer: let us negotiate with Google

The process comes full circle with the hiring team reviewing everything from application to interview. All the perspectives play an important role, if you meet all the criteria, the recruiter will reach out to you. And then you get that most awaited offer to join the team.

You will be informed about the terms and conditions of the offer. You may want to go through these in detail and negotiate if you feel there is room for that. Once both parties agree, you have landed your dream job with Google.

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Keep your Google dreams Alive

It is important to be yourself during the entire process because Google will look not only at your skills but you as a person and how you fit in the team. There are a lot of brilliant minds working to make Google but there is always room for average, hard, and diligent workers as well. You have to have the skill to perform the job.

Google though a huge ensemble, still retains the feel of a small company. There is always opportunity around the corner especially in technical fields with advances every day. The environment is conducive for personal and professional and development. Even if you don’t make it on the first attempt, learn from it and try again when the time is right.

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