How to Get Featured on the Nasdaq Tower?

How to Get Featured on the Nasdaq Tower?

NASDAQ is an acronym for “National Association of Security Dealers Automated Quotations” based in New York City. It is a global electronic marketplace for investors to buy and sell securities. It is owned by Nasdaq Inc., which also owns Nasdaq Nordic stock market network and several other US-based stock and options exchanges.

Nasdaq MarketSite
Exterior Façade of Nasdaq MarketSite
How to get Featured on Nasdaq Tower?
Featuring on Nasdaq MarketSite – Why?

The Nasdaq MarketSite

Nasdaq MarketSite

Sometimes, simply known as ‘MarketSite’, it is the commercial marketing presence of the Nasdaq stock market. It is located in Times Square, Midtown Manhattan, New York City. It occupies the northwest corner at the base of the 4 Times Square skyscraper.

Nasdaq MarketSite’s 28500 sq. ft. space was designed by Einhorn Yaffee Prescott. It contains two broadcast studios and was built in 1999. MarketSite debuted on 1st January 2000.

Exterior Façade of Nasdaq MarketSite

The MarketSite of 4 Times Square is an eight-storey cylindrical façade. It is a three-storey glass façade at street level, meant to allow a clear view of the studios inside. Above the studios there is a giant LED display measuring between 12,000 and 14,000 sq. ft Manufactured by Saco Smart Vision, the display is made of 8,400 panels which are powered by 800 units. The giant display is lit every day from 7 am to 1 am. It displays videos, news broadcasts, financial market information and advertisements.

In 2006, Nasdaq and Reuters entered into a partnership which allowed companies to display advertisements across both the MarketSite and the Reuters building at 3 Times Square. Advertisers had the choice of running the same advertisement across both buildings or splitting their ads or even displaying different messages on either building.

In 2019, Nasdaq expanded the MarketSite to 180,000 sq. ft at 4 Times Square.

Nasdaq Tower Advertisements

Nasdaq MarketSite’s billboard is programmed in real-time by both the operations team and an automated process. The primary function of the Nasdaq MarketSite is to, of course, support the business interests of Nasdaq which include spots for NASDAQ-listed companies, events that are held at the Exchange itself (like the opening and closing ceremonies), spots for partners and the various NGOs supported by Nasdaq.

It is, undeniably, an extremely valuable advertising real estate and is available for purchase from Nasdaq – either separately or in combination with the Reuters building screens opposite. Technological advances allow digital advertising to be sold in 15-second slots and run in rotation with other advertisements. This is a gigantic leap from the earlier paper billboards where the same printed advertisement had to be in place 24x7. The odd inventory of advertisement slots that Nasdaq has not sold then gets passed on to an aggregator of Digital Out Of Home advertising. Needless, to say, Nasdaq rarely has unsold slots.

The easiest way to get featured on the Nasdaq MarketSite is to upload a digital photo or video to run on the display at the time of choice. The payment for the same can also be made via a credit card. The MarketSite sells two-hour slots with a fifteen-second advertisement that runs ten times per hour.

The cost of running an advertisement on the Nasdaq MarketSite for two hours is as little as approximately USD 600, which amounts to USD 30 per advertisement.

Running an advertisement on the Nasdaq MarketSite is a lot more cost-effective than the print media.

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Featuring on Nasdaq MarketSite – Why?

‘We don’t just report on the markets. We help shape them’

This is the slogan that reads on the Nasdaq MarketSite. It is one of the most trusted destinations for real-time global news and analysis. It also offers in-depth charting, deep market insight, analysis and inspiration. Their core value quote is –

‘We connect business, capital and ideas by empowering leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators with the insight and inspiration they need to advance in today’s global economy.’

Nasdaq’s fame and global acknowledgement as a leading source for market insight ensures that any advertisement on its MarketSite reaches key decision-makers, financial professionals and investors around the world. With their access to global business leaders and advanced targeting capabilities, the advertiser can be certain of their content reaching the right audience.

And, of course, the biggest attraction is its cost-competitiveness along with its global audience reach.


A business that aims to scale up on a global platform, looking for customers or even investors for business, Nasdaq MarketSite affords a reach and penetration that is unique in its global penetration. It is a promotion that is cost-effective and offers a wide reach that opens new opportunities for business growth.


What is Nasdaq in simple terms?

NASDAQ is an acronym for “National Association of Security Dealers Automated Quotations” based in New York City. It is a global electronic marketplace for investors to buy and sell securities.

How much is an ad on the Nasdaq?

The cost of advertising on the Nasdaq billboard is approximately $250 - $300 per hour. This is a relatively smaller price to pay for advertising to a large audience.

Which Indian company is listed on NASDAQ?

Infosys Technologies was the first Indian company to be listed on the NASDAQ, the second biggest stock exchange in the world.

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