Top 5 Startup Incubators in New York you should consider in 2021

Pratyusha Srivastava Pratyusha Srivastava
May 22, 2021 5 min read
Top 5 Startup Incubators in New York you should consider in 2021

New York is well-known for its incredible facts as being one of the world's biggest cities. Also, the leading financial capital counted in the world. New York is one of the hottest cities for starting a startup. With more than thousands of creative and innovative ideas in mind, the city is filled with absolute talent and even more huge customer sources.

New York is considered the hub of the most exclusive and hot startups. For such purposes, New York City has gathered and built tons of incubators and accelerators. These are rising and gaining more fame around the startup teams and communities.

Incubators are an essential requirement for startups to develop more prominently by building and designing different programs. Also, it provides the necessary initial guidance and resources that are very essential for any startup business.

The biggest advantage that comes with incubators are you get to engage and explore several other entrepreneurs and mentors who guide you perfectly with their experiences and business skills. These become very important for any startup to grow and develop.

In this article, we present you with some top incubators that are available in New York City. Stay tuned!

Urban Future Lab
The Grand Central Tech
FinTech Innovation Lab
Business Incubator Association

Urban Future Lab

One of the very promising and leading startup incubators in New York City which works for the cleantech businesses. This startup incubator holds on to the concept of combining capital, people and purpose. Urban Future Lab has been very promising with its clients and has received several appreciation and success.

There are around 62 startups that are incubated through Urban Future Lab. Also, they have raised more than $670 million of funding for young businesses. It focuses on earning potential and sustainable company and has a success rate of 87%. Urban Future Lab is very popular startup incubator in New York City and working for more development worldwide.

The Grand Central Tech

The Grand Central Tech is known for its incredible services of no renting and no equity. This is widely popular among entrepreneurs as it offers several programs such as a one-year startup in residence. It attracts and gathers some great business startups. If counted, The Grand Central Tech has incubated more than 95 startups. And, these startups have raised funding from various venture capitalists, of around $35 billion.

The most fascinating thing about The Grand Central Tech is that it offers great support and encouragement to women entrepreneurs and has succeeded in raising some incubating a major number of startups led by women entrepreneurs.

The Grand Central Tech holds some very prominent partners for the accreditation of its programs, those include Amazon, Google, Microsoft, IBM, JP Morgan and many more. Its offers and services have been proven very beneficial.

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FinTech Innovation Lab

FinTech Innovation Lab Website
FinTech Innovation Lab Website

The leading firm, FinTech Innovation Lab looks after the mentorship and communication utilising programs. Also, it offers some great deals to help the startups to improve and grow. FinTech Innovation Lab offers various programs that operate within a period of 12 weeks and also, incorporates product feedback, workshops and meetings to encircle a huge range of subjects, weekly.

FinTech Innovation Lab provides opportunities to the startup's companies to engage and present their business models and technology to various journalists, investors and many more interested people who belong to this field. FinTech Innovation Lab is a leading firm that has succeeded in developing several startup businesses.

Business Incubator Association

Business Incubator Association works by networking or connecting various startup incubators of New York City, some investors and also, the entrepreneurs. It focuses on providing and ensuring startups the connection with investors, gathering incubators for investors and preserving the funding of incubators from the budget of NYS.

Business Incubator Association aims for serving and offering assistance, guidance to as many startups as possible. It looks after the profit and innovation of the startups.

The Business Incubator Association has around 90 distinct startup incubators in New York City. It offers various virtual business incubation programs that work to encourage and support startups belonging to different domains.

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Innovate518 is known as the hub of innovation in the capital region of New York City that includes Albany, Greene, Saratoga, Columbia, Rensselaer, Warran, Schenectady and Washington counties.

The incubator is majorly supervised by The University of Albany that provides various services to the startups such as tax incentives and funding at the initial stages of the startup.

Innovate518 looks after the development phases of your startup and provides you with services according to it. It provides several business and financial plannings, legal guidance and mentoring programs, guidance in the commercialization areas, admission and many more. Also, it guides startups with copyright and intellectual property.

Innovate518 provides funding from different sources such as the Chamber of Commercial help, angel investing, Albany SMB development centre and others.


How many startup incubators are there?

The U.S.-based International Business Innovation Association estimates that there are about 7,000 incubators worldwide.

What is a startup incubator?

A startup incubator helps new startups that are at a very early stage to grow and succeed. Incubators are designed to help entrepreneurs deal with most of the problems associated with launching a startup.

What is the difference between an incubator and accelerator?

Accelerators focus on scaling a business while incubators are often more focused on innovation.


New York City has one of the biggest startup communities. And, for this New York City provides every possible thing that is required for the startup. These include a huge number of accelerators and incubators, a great number of customers and different additional founder-friendly communities. These are the basic requirements for any startups and therefore, New York City has tons of such services and assistance.

New York City has always been splendid with its development, talents and people. It encourages and supports young minds that have great innovative ideas. It provides such minds with the complete service required for the beginning of any startup. There are tons of startups with great innovative business models. Therefore, it has numerous advanced incubators and accelerators. Through this article, we provided you with some of the top startup incubators in New York City.

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