How Google’s Wing Will Revolutionise Drone Delivery?

How Google’s Wing Will Revolutionise Drone Delivery?

Our world is nothing less than a Sci-Fi movie, thanks to the technologies among which we are living and also those that are getting invented.  Every day we get to see new technological inventions to make our life easier. Twenty years ago no one would have believed that we would get our delivery packages through a kind of robot that can fly and can be controlled by a remote. In the present time, it is the reality.

Technology has evolved in such a way, that nothing seems impossible now. From robots to drones every invention is coming in handy these days. In this article, we will talk about Google’s Wing and how it is going to change the way of drone delivery. So let’s get right into the business.

“Drones can be useful tools, and I am all about useful tools. One of my mottos is 'the right tool for the right job.” -Martha Stewart

What Is Drone Delivery?
Benefits of Drone Delivery
What Is Google Wing?
How Google Is Revolutionising Drone Delivery Service?
Current Situation of Drone Delivery
Top Companies Providing Drone Delivery Services

What Is Drone Delivery?

As mentioned before, a drone is a small aerial vehicle that can be controlled by a remote or software-controlling system and doesn’t need a human pilot to function. Now, coming to drone delivery, it basically means delivery done through these aerial vehicles. Drone delivery is used to deliver small packages to consumers. With the help of these drones, groceries, takeaways and medicines can be delivered.

The drones used in this process consist of batteries that are rechargeable and also have 4 to 8 propellers. These drones can be controlled by AI technology or remote and they have some unique features as well.

These drones are capable of avoiding collisions while flying with other drones; they have smart landing technology and navigate their way to the said location without any problems.

Benefits of Drone Delivery

The evolution of technology has led to a position that now you can receive your delivery through an aerial vehicle but the reason why people are getting interested in this is because of their benefits. Some of the benefits of Drone Delivery are:

  • These deliveries through drones can be lower costs.
  • They are quite efficient and delivery can be done without any bumps on the roads, literally.
  • The delivery can be fulfilled instantly as it takes less time.
  • It is environmentally friendly as natural fuels are not needed for the fulfilment of the operations.
  • The number of accidents will be reduced on the road if drones are used for deliveries.

What Is Google Wing?

Google's Wing is mainly a subsidiary company of Alphabet Inc. that provides drone-based delivery technology to its customers. The company was founded in the year 2012 and the first drone delivery was successful in the year 2014.

Google Wing
Google Wing

The Wing is offering delivery drone services through which one can shop from the nearby stores in their cities and get their packages delivered to them through drones in just minutes. This is not only making buyer's life easier but also helping local businesses.

How Google Is Revolutionising Drone Delivery Service?

The first and foremost aim of Google Wing is to make this service available for everyone and everywhere. They are trying to make a drone delivery system in a way that anyone can get access to the drone delivery option and drones can be used to deliver packages anywhere. Through this service, Wing is mainly trying to empower small local businesses.

There are various companies apart from Google that are providing drone delivery services. However, not everyone is able to fulfil its promises of delivering packages successfully and at a perfect time. The wing is transforming that, it is successfully delivering packages on time. Wing can be seen operating in the cities of Australia like Canberra and Logan, in the cities of United States and in the city of Helsinki which is in Finland.

Now one can get their delivery from shop to directly their homes with the help of drones. Wing has already completed its 100,000 delivery milestone in the year 2021.

With the ongoing pandemic, Wing not only is helping in keeping the virus from getting spread but also it is good for the environment as well as natural fuels or gases are not being used. The wing is about to launch its service in Dallas-Fort, USA, where a number of suburban homes can be found. The wing is said to complete 1000 orders per day.

Current Situation of Drone Delivery

As per reports, almost 2000 drone delivery is happening every day around the world. Apart from small packages, drones are delivering vaccines, medical supplies, food, electronics and even blood transfusions.

Drone delivery companies are said to receive over $1 billion in funding combined in the past few years. With the sword of Covid-19 hanging around our neck, the concept of social distancing is still here. Therefore, drones are coming in handy in this situation. By 2026, the drone delivery market is expected to reach $5.6 billion.

Top Companies Providing Drone Delivery Services

Apart from Wing, there are a few companies that are providing drone delivery services to their customers and they are:


Amazon launched its drone delivery service called Prime Air which promises to complete the delivery in just 30 minutes. It has already received approval from Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).


This US-based company collaborated with Wing to fulfil the delivery orders of e-commerce and logistics with the help of drones.

UPS Flight Forward

This one is another US-based company that came into existence in 2019 and is offering drone-based delivery.


DHL collaborated with EHang, one of the biggest and world-known AAV companies to deliver packages through drones in some cities of China.

Flytrex Aviation Ltd.

Flytrex first launched its services in Iceland and it delivers food from restaurants and medical supplies as well. Flytrex is based in Israel.

Drone Delivery Canada

This drone delivery Service Company is based in Canada and provides its service to various sectors like E-commerce, healthcare, pharmaceutical and others.

The Impact Of Drones And Flying Cars
When conversations are centered around the impact of flying cars and drones, it sounds as if one is talking about some parallel universe or science fiction.


Drones itself is a magnificent technology that is bringing a revolutionary change in the delivery industry of the world. And it looks like Google is all set to revolutionise drone delivery services with its Wing. It will be exciting to see how Wing will transform the last-mile delivery services. Some of the top companies are also including their name in providing these services to their consumers. It is just a matter of time before drone delivery service will become one of the prime ways of delivery.


Does Google own Wing?

Wing is a subsidiary of Google's parent company Alphabet. Wing is a company that provides drone delivery services.

Do Wing drones have cameras?

Yes, Wing drone does have cameras that are low res black and white cameras used to navigate and avoid obstacles.

Where does Google Wing deliver?

Google Wing is currently operating in 3 countries Australia, the US, and Finland.

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