Google Suite aka Google Workspace – Know about Its Tools, Collaborations & Pricing

Google Suite aka Google Workspace – Know about Its Tools, Collaborations & Pricing

Innovation is the key to success, which is true because new things are attracted much faster than older ones. Google did not only focus on its search engine but rather took the time to come out with tools that became beneficial for all groups of people.

The G Suite which is now known as Google Workspace is a collection of Google tools like Gmail, Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google Calendar, Hangouts, and many more. Most of these tools are used for free these days. But, have you tried its paid version yet? Well, you should try it out.

Google Workspace Tools For All
Why Choose Google Workspace?
Google Workspace Pricing Factors
Google Workspace Additional Features

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Google Workspace Tools For All

It was back in the year 2006 when Google officially launched its online office suite tools. Google wanted to bring a sense of control inside the organization and offer better features to people free of cost.

Not only did the common people benefit a lot but several large organizations used these tools for their daily activities. Though the tools were offered to the people free of charge people experienced their documents to be safe and secure and it was better than doing things manually.

Google Workspace collaboration tools include the following tools:

  • Gmail
  • Google calendar
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Docs
  • Google Slides
  • Google Keep
  • Google Hangouts
  • Google Meet

Google is still working on new things for a better experience in Workspace. Not only they are updating Workspace tools but they are developing new tools. When Google Classes was launched back in August 2014, many more tools were added like assignments along with many more.

Google meet, docs, slides, sheets chrome, Gmail, became useful tools not only for businesses but teachers and students showed results of improved effectiveness in their day-to-day learning.

Why Choose Google Workspace?

Google Workspace
Google Workspace

There are several reasons why you can choose Google Workspace. Keeping aside all other factors, the price factor is one of the major factors why people just jump right into Google’s tools. It just doesn’t end there because not only the tools are cost-free but it is effective at the same time.

The effective features of Workspace tools become a great advantage to take over its competitors in the market. Google leads when it comes to their online tools and services and then other companies like Microsoft, Adobe, Slack, and other such companies follow.

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Google Workspace Pricing Factors

Keeping aside all other things let’s focus on the pricing factors of these tools. Let us take an example of Gmail which has been offered to the common people free of charge but there is also a choice of pay where users can take the advantage of its premium features.

Some basic plans for Google’s Workspace tools start as low as INR 136.90 per month which is called the Business Starter plan. The Business Standard comes with INR 736 per month and the Business Plus plan comes with INR 1380per month. Apart from this there is also a free trial to let you expedience its magic!

Almost all the tools of Google Workspace are free to use but to get the benefits of premium features one has to make the predetermined payment. For example, if you get the paid version of Gmail then you can get the option of choosing a custom email domain. You will also get unlimited group email addresses.

Other than those you will also experience the benefit of storage which will be doubled once you get the premium version of Gmail. No advertisement and 24/7 customer support. Similarly, you can get benefits if you pay for other Workspace tools.

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Google Workspace Additional Features

The company has promised that it will bring updates to its tools to provide a secure network. Google Workspace will also be adding ‘Drive Labels in Workspace’ where both common people and businesses would be able to classify files stored in Drive based on the sensitivity level.

This will help businesses and organizations ensure that there is no external sharing, or downloading of sensitive files. Hackers and other cybercriminals would have to think twice before stealing because if they try to then organizations will be warned about it beforehand.

Google will also bring out a new team that will oversee the security department. The Google Cybersecurity Action Team (GCAT) would be managed by top-class cybersecurity experts from the company.


Google Workspace recently made huge news where they will be adding new app integrations and security capabilities. So, there is no saying that Google Workspace will stop updating its existing tools and also roll out new ones in the future.


Is G Suite and Google Workspace the same thing?

Google updated its G Suite to Google Workspace where tools like Gmail and Google Docs getting a new logo along with added features.

Why was Google Workspace launched?

Google Workspace was launched with the vision for the future and to create a strong connection between humans.

Is Google Workspace safe?

Google Workspace is safe, employing encryption, authentication measures, access controls, audits, and compliance certifications to protect user data.

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