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Guiddoo Highlights

Startup Name Guiddoo World
Headquarter Mumbai
Founder Vineet Budki, Nidhi Varma, Prashant Choudhary, Biswajeet Karmakar
Sector Travel
Founded 2014
Registered Entity Name Guiddoo World Travel Pte, Ltd - Singapore

Guiddoo - Introduction
Guiddoo - Industry Details
Guiddoo - Founders
Guiddoo - The Idea and starting up
Guiddoo - Name, Tagline and Logo
Guiddoo - Services
Guiddoo - Revenue Model
Guiddoo - Customer Acquisition
Guiddoo - Funding
Guiddoo - Challenges
Guiddoo - Competitors
Guiddoo - Achievements
Guiddoo - Awards & Recognitions
Guiddoo - Advisors and Mentors
Guiddoo - Future Plans

Guiddoo - Introduction

Have you ever been to a new travel destination, and felt clueless about what to do? Even though most of us today do research online before visiting any destination, there is a possibility that we may miss out things. From booking tickets to your favorite tourist spot to reserving seats for that river cruise or spa massage, to hiring guides to guide you through the historical monuments. Lots of planning is required to make the holiday experience perfect and Guiddoo App is here to help you.

With features such as audio-visual guide, information related to history and trivia and free concierge services, Guiddoo app helps solve all your in-destination travel needs. With its growing popularity among Globetrotters, Guiddoo aims to be a One-Stop Platform for travelers to discover and book great travel experiences during their international trip.

Guiddoo - Industry Details

Guiddoo operates in the Travel industry with in-destination being the segment. Lately, many platforms have come up where travelers can book in-destination tours and experiences, which has created a boom in the in-destination segment. The Market Size is approximately $200 Billion as projected by PhocusWright. Guiddoo focuses on Indian and China outbound travelers to 15 destinations which are approximately $20 Billion annually.  

Travel & tourism industry apps are very popular. Travel apps rank 7th among the most downloaded category of apps. According to Criteo, currently, more bookings are being made through apps as compared to desktop or mobile web. Also, travelers make 80% of last minute booking on the app. As such travel-related apps are now trending and a highly popular segment.  

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Guiddoo - Founders

Vineet Budki, Nidhi Varma, Prashant Choudhary and Biswajeet Karmakar are the founders of Guiddoo.

Vineet Budki is the CEO & Founder of Guiddoo World, Guiddoo World Travels Pvt Ltd & Guiddoo World FZ LLC. He founded Guiddoo  - initially as an audio guide that later pivoted to a Marketplace for Tours and Activities in 2013. Vineet has a rich experience of  15 years in Technology, Travel and Airline industry and has worked with companies like Rocket Internet, Emirates Airlines, Paytronic Networks and Tata Consultancy Services in the past. He started his first company Butel in the year 2009  - an online comparator for DTH Services, which later became the online arm of Videocon d2h.

Nidhi Varma is a graduate from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies. Prior to Guiddoo, she worked with Emirates Airlines.

Prashant Choudhary. He is a graduate from IIT Kharagpur and worked with Erricson as a software developer and mobile team head prior to joining Guiddoo. Currently, he is the Chief Technical Officer at Guiddoo.

Biswajeet Karmakar. He is a graduate from Mumbai University, and prior to Guiddoo, he worked with organizations like E-cell, Unitech Marketing Services and Computer Society of India, KJSIEIT. Biswajeet is the director of sales at Guiddoo World Travels Pvt Ltd.  

Guiddoo - The Idea and Starting Up

The idea came to Nidhi and me while on a trip to Eiffel Tower in Paris where we faced a lot of issues due to the language barrier and outdated information.  

It was 2013 when Vineet and Nidhi was on a trip to Paris. It was a much-awaited trip and they did not want to miss even a bit of it. But unfortunately, things did not go as per plan. While it was Nidhi’s dream to visit the Eiffel Tower with her life partner, when they went to visit Eiffel Tower, they found that it was closed. They waited for the next day only to find that there was a huge line and they had to wait for hours to take the lift to the top of the tower. As the couple had time constraints, they could not visit the Louvre Museum. It was during this time that the couple felt the need for a mobile app, which could guide the travelers through the monuments and landmarks aided by audio and video.

After coming back from Paris, the couple started doing research around key Indian Tourist places frequented by travelers and started working towards building an audio-visual travel guide on a phone. Finally, the couple launched Guiddoo in 2014. The startup was incubated at the Government of Dubai’s In5 incubator for Hi-Tech Startups.

The name for our startup came from the word “Guide” and the tagline was developed once we shifted to the Tours and Activities Module.  

Guiddoo’s tagline is “Your Personal Tour Guide”  

Guiddoo logo

Guiddoo - Services

Guiddoo World is a platform to discover and book in-destination experiences. Initially, Guiddoo was developed just as an audio guide, which later pivoted to tours and activities platform.  

Guiddoo provides a platform for travel agents working on Indian travelers, traveling internationally to find and book great experiences. The USP of the platform is that it manages the complete booking automatically right after the product is found to be booked and managed on the ground. The app evolves over time based on ratings of travelers using the platform to curate meaningful experiences like tours, activities, dining, shopping and entertainment options for other users. Guiddoo has made tie-ups with big brands like MakeMyTrip, Amadeus India, Mekong Tourism and World Free Zones Organization.    

The Guiddoo app is available both on android and IOS platforms. Besides the company has dedicated B2B and B2C platforms. The Guiddoo app is very convenient to use during traveling as it does not require a live internet connection, once downloaded. Guiddoo has a dedicated app for every city it covers. Guiddoo also has standalone apps for some famous landmarks which include, Taj Mahal, The Statue of Liberty, the Colosseum in Rome, Eiffel Tower,  Angkor Wat and also newly developed tourist attraction like Burj Khalifa towers in Dubai.  At present Guiddoo offers guides on 21 monuments in the English language.  

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Guiddoo - Revenue Model

Guiddoo’s revenue source can be divided into 3 segments. While approximately 60 % of the revenue comes from tour and activity sales, 15% comes from the audio-video guide and the rest comes from the B2B subscription model.  

Guiddoo - Customer Acquisition

Almost within 1 year of its inception, Guiddoo has been downloaded by over 1,00,000 users. Besides, over 2,00,000 visitors visited the company’s website just within 2 months of the launch of their website. According to Vineet, personal reach out and information exchange via the social media platforms were the keys channel used for informing everyone about our venture.

Guiddoo World has focused a lot on building the experience part of a customer’s travel while they are on ground which includes offering superior products with great service levels by developing technology around it. We believe this has contributed a lot to our brand and helped us in garnering more users and their loyalty.  

Guiddoo - Funding

Guiddoo has raised total funding worth $1.1 million in  the following 4 rounds till date -

  • In February 2015, Guiddoo raised $400 k fund from angel investors.
  • In June 2017, Guiddoo raised $300 k in the Pre-Series A funding led by investors  including Pawan Borle, Nirmal Singh, Manish Prasad, Vineet Varma & Abhai S. Rao
  • In July 2018, Guiddoo raised $800 k in Series A funding. The leading investors were Rennie Ratadia (Singapore), Stephen Dmello (Dubai) &  Angshuman Sarkar (India)
  • In March 2019, Guiddoo raised an undisclosed amount in Series B from SOSV and Artesian

Guiddoo plans to use the Series B fund to expand its operations in China. The company is also planning to add new destinations of Middle- East and Africa into its package to attract the Chinese market.

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Guiddoo - Challenges

Some of the major challenges faced by Guiddoo are-

  • Securing Funds.
  • Making meaningful partnerships
  • Designing an accurate revenue model

A strong team, good business networking and a well tailored product helped Guiddoo deal with these challenges.

Guiddoo - Competitors

As said by Vineet, most of their competitors are in the west as the segment is still evolving in India. Guiddoo’s major competitors are - Misement, Viator and GetYourGuide. Major Indian competitors include Tushky and AudioCompass.

Guiddoo - Achievements

Some major achievements of Guiddoo are-

  • 1,00,000 users downloaded Guiddoo just within around 1 year of its inception.
  • It has been able to attract 2.00,000 web visitors just within 2 months of launching its website.
  • Guiddoo has been able to attract and secure funds from international investors.
  • The company has been able to secure tie-ups with big brands like MakeMyTrip, Amadeus India, Mekong Tourism and World Free Zones Organization.  
  • It has partnership with over 4500 travel agents.
  • It has served over 30,000 customers with over 65,000 activities.

Guiddoo World - Awards & Recognitions

  • Best Outbound Operator for 2018  by Mr. KJ Alphons Tourism Minister of India at SATTE Awards 2018
  • Travel Innovation Summit, Florida - Runners Up
  • Red herring 100  
  • Top 100 Startups to Watch 2019 - Sutra HR

Guiddoo - Advisors and Mentors

  • Pawan Borle - SVP, Fly Dubai    
  • Victor Sunyer - Partner, Delta Partners
  • Gaurav Chiripal - CEO - Quadlabs

Guiddoo World - Future Plans

The company has great plans for the future. Some of its major future plans include-

  • Covering 100+ monuments and tourist attractions around the world.
  • Making the audio guide available in 9 languages including Spanish (Spain & South American), French, Italian, Hindi, Chinese (Cantonese & Mandarin), Korean, Japanese, Arabic and Russian.
  • Starting Operations in China by 2019.          
  • Building a pan India distribution network for its tours, activities and holiday products.    

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