Gurucan: All-in-one Platform for Launching Your Online Courses

Gurucan: All-in-one Platform for Launching Your Online Courses

Gurucan is a 7-in- one platform that enables users to sell courses, workouts, memberships, and challenges online with their own Android and IOS apps.

The education technology industry is brimming with diversified content and platforms, but not all of these platforms are beginner-friendly.

With Gurucan you can simplify your teaching process. All you need to do is to upload your content to make it available on both the app and web platforms.

What is Gurucan?
Gurucan - Features
Gurucan - Pricing
Gurucan - FAQ’s

What is Gurucan?

It is a service-based tool that allows users to run live sessions, webinars, sell memberships and launch online courses.

Gurucan: Launch live seminars, online courses and much more
Gurucan: Launch live seminars, online courses and much more

Gurucan also offers special health and fitness features, that users can use to set up custom workouts, fitness challenges, and nutrition plans for their audiences. Since it also offers free migration from other services, users can sell multiple online courses on a single platform.

With dedicated content management, users can create multimedia images, videos, quotes, and text with an advanced editor. You can either link up a custom domain or you can use a free domain that will be provided to you.

Without any need for code, users can create white-labeled designs and templates to create branded applications.

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Gurucan - Features

Branded IOS/ Android App

Give the best engagement to your students and audience with Gurucan.

With so many people consuming mobile content, it is crucial that online courses work on mobile devices as well. Gurucan helps you create mobile content in a simplified process.

You can even customize your app with personal branding by selecting a design and uploading a logo to provide a seamless user experience.

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Create engaging online courses

Gurucan has made the content creation process a very simple process that even a teenager would be able to use it.

Gurucan allows users to create stunning online courses
Gurucan allows users to create stunning online courses

You will be able to create scheduled challenges, training tips, create video lessons and drip courses for any medium, from text and digital downloads to webinars and podcasts.

With a mobile-friendly design, your content will look really good and be easy to navigate on both mobile and web apps. Engage with your audience with built-in reports, quizzes, and chats, and then track their activity.

You will be provided with detailed reports of their activity so you can motivate them to finish their courses and achieve their goals.

Automate Marketing

Creating quality content isn’t the only requirement for a successful business. You also need to have the skills to market your service to attract your audience.

Gurucan lets you automate your marketing strategies with built-in automation tools. You can send notifications and emails automatically or put your complex marketing campaigns on auto-pilot.

You will also be able to tag users ad segment them based on dozens of actions and triggers, making it easier for you to create automated campaigns. Set up new automated campaigns within minutes using Gurucan's visual builder.

Grow your membership business

Gurucan makes it a breeze to build and monetize membership programs.
If you’re an influencer, blogger, or community builder, your first and foremost priority is to attract members.

Gurucan lets you do this by managing subscriptions, running a blog, and creating group chats for your community on a single platform. From a single dashboard, you can customize your membership options as you build multiple pricing plans for different types of content and run free trials.

You can receive multiple payments from your members for your subscription packages through integrations like PayPal and Stripe.

Multiple Integrations

You need not worry if you’re already using different applications for your marketing, blogging, or payment process. Gurucan allows you to connect literally any tool through Zapier or Integromat.

You can also use native integrations for tons of poplar software like Twilio, Vimeo, Wistia, SendGrid, YouTube, and Mailchimp.

Gurucan - Pricing

Single - $79/ lifetime

  • Unlimited active students/users
  • 125 GB bandwidth per month
  • 1,000 marketing emails per month

Double - $158/ lifetime

  • Unlimited active students/users
  • 500 GB bandwidth per month
  • 4,000 marketing emails per month

Multiple - $237/ lifetime

  • Unlimited active students/users
  • 1.25 TB bandwidth per month
  • 10,000 marketing emails per month

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Gurucan - FAQ’s

Can I brand Gurucan app and web?

Yes, you can customize the appearance by uploading your logo, linking custom domain, setting branded colors, favicon, and changing the menu icons. Your members will download Gurucan app for iOS and Android, sign in to your course, and dive into your brand.

Can I create the different levels of access?

Yes, you can use a setting that only purchased content is visible or even create the “secret offers” available only by the link.  Making offers for subscriptions or one-time payments allows you to form a bundle of any content — articles, chats, online courses, etc.

Does Gurucan allow to create chapters?

Yes, you can create chapters and separate lessons. Make them available all at once or only one-by-one, also drip-content is available.

Can I create quizzes?

Users can take quizzes and submit assessments in each lesson. Users can answer in an open format, including text, video, audio, or image files.

How can I communicate with my users?

Several options: inside the community in group chats, give feedback in the assessments, send push-notifications and emails. You can create automated sequences of push-notifications and emails, starting from the welcome message to the new course launch.


Launching your own online course could take a lot of time and resources. However, with Gurucan you can create, customize, and monetize your online program with built-in marketing and Web and mobile compatibility.

There are barely any applications on the market that boast as many features as Gurucan, and none of them are as easy to use.

Upgrade your brand and business by signing up for Gurucan today!

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