Helo app Alternatives for the Indian Market

Vibhavari Madki Vibhavari Madki
May 28, 2021 4 min read
Helo app Alternatives for the Indian Market

After the Indian government banned 59 apps of Chinese origin, citing data security and national sovereignty concerns including popular apps such as TikTok, SHAREIt, UC Browser, CamScanner, Helo, Weibo, WeChat, and Club Factory, it gave birth to a new wave of Indian apps as altenatives.

There were millions of downloads of the banned applications in India. Already Installed apps may continue to exist on mobile devices. But now that the latest versions of the apps have been removed from both Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store, users will not be able to access updated versions soon. If even a slight notice goes out to internet service providers asking that data flow from these apps be halted, that could impact the functioning of existing installed apps.

Among the banned apps, Helo app was a favourite among all and with its ban came several other competitors of India origin to take its place. Here we listed out a couple of them.

Alternatives of Helo App
Impact on Market Share in India

Alternatives of Helo App

Homegrown apps like ShareChat, Roposo, Chingari, and GoSocial have seen a significant increase in downloads and user signups on their platforms after the government's decision to ban 59 Chinese apps.

Roposo and ShareChat are one of the biggest beneficiaries.


ShareChat is India's largest regional language social media platform and said it has witnessed an "exponential growth" in within days of the ban. The platform claimed to have seen 5,00,000 downloads on an hourly basis and over 15 million downloads since the ban was announced on Monday evening.

"We are confident that this sets up the foundation of another success for ShareChat," ShareChat COO and Co-founder, Farid Ahsan.

ShareChat has since been downloaded over 100 million times on the playstore.


Roposo is a popular short-video platform but its popularity shot up after the Indian government banned TikTok and Helo. Immediate after-effects of the ban were Roposo was downloaded by 4,900,000 smartphone users in India. And between June 29 and July 8, the downloads shot up to 8,900,000, an increase of 82 % compared to the 10 days before. Roposo now claims it has around 65 million users in India.

Roposo is one of the strong competitors of Sharechat whose growth is comparatively slower than that of other Indian rivals. The InMobi-owned video-sharing platform had said that it gained 10 million new users in as little as 12 hours after the ban.


Chingari is an Indian video sharing app which has emerged as one of the top alternatives of the Helo app and has crossed over 1 million downloads on Play Store. This app allows users to view, create and share videos. This app also allows users to view news and play games.


Even though Mitron is considered a clone of Tiktok, it is still a social media platform and can be seen as an alternative to Helo. Just after the apps were banned and Tiktok became unavailabe for download, Mitron swept in and got a whooping 5 Million downoads within a month! So definitely an app you need to check out.

Alternative Apps
Alternative Apps

Impact on Market Share in India

Apps June 19-28 June 29 to July 8 % change
Roposo 49,00,000 89,00,000 89%
ShareChat 14,00,000 50,00,000 257%
Mitron 36,00,000 43,00,000 19%
Chingari 35,00,000 54,00,000 54%

Experts say that the ban, coupled with anti-China sentiments in the country, does create an opportunity for Indian brands, whether these new users will stick to these platforms remains to be seen.

Naveen Mishra, senior research director at Gartner, said with the ban of Chinese apps, 200 million Indian consumers are evaluating alternates.

"This ban creates immediate opportunities for Indian developers to create a similar platform. There are a bunch of early-stage similar Indian products, which will be religiously tested by Indian consumers now. Accelerated product evolution based on local customer feedback is key to be successful in this new scenario," he said.

Industry executives believe the government's decision to ban these Chinese apps presents an opportunity for homegrown companies to lure millions of young users and brands onto their platforms.

This would also provide developers of the Indian apps the unique opportunity to mirror the success that global tech giants have enjoyed in India over the past few years, they said.

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Industry executives believe the government's move to ban these Chinese apps presents an opportunity for homegrown companies to gain millions of young users and brands onto their platforms. This would also provide developers of these apps the unique opportunity to mirror the success that global tech giants have enjoyed in India over the past few years.

The gvernment has also advised to uninstall the banned Chinese apps for security risks. Indian companies are now finally taking over the Chinese giants in the Indian market and are gaining popularity among the users.


Which chinese apps were banned in India?

Among the 59 apps that were banned, the most loved ones were TikTok, Shareit, UC Browser, Shein, CamScanner, Helo, Weibo, WeChat, and Club Factory and more.

Why were the Chinese apps banned in India?

The apps were banned due to security risks that they posed. It was alleged that the apps were being used to track and moniter the citizens on India. Plus it had an atmanirbhar angle to t as well.

Will the ban on Chinese apps be lifted?

The ban was temporary with the Indian government wanting proper proof of the security concerns. However, no proper response has been given yet and the bans are likely to become permanent.

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