Hexowatch: Beyond Visual Website Monitoring Tool

Hexowatch: Beyond Visual Website Monitoring Tool

Keeping an eye on your market, competitors, suppliers, clients and partners is how you stay one step ahead of the game. New product launch - You’re on it. New service in town, you’re aware of it. Problems affecting your shipping partners, you’re already on the case finding an alternative so your orders don’t get delayed.

The problem is that checking websites is time consuming, tedious and chances are you have many more important tasks on your todo-list so these types of activities are usually set aside for a rainy day.

No need to worry! We got you covered, presenting detailed Hexowatch review with pricing and integrations.

What is Hexowatch?

Hexowatch Tool Review
Hexowatch Tool Review

Hexowatch is an innovative page change monitoring platform that works like a reconnaissance drone, checking any web page for visual, content, keyword, pricing, HTML, technology, availability or domain administration changes.

Tool Name Hexowatch
Launched in 2020
Hexowatch Prime Company Hexact, Inc
Hexowatch Contact support@hexowatch.com

Hexowatch Features

Receive Notifications When Something Changes

Hexowatch comes with a wide range of monitoring types to help you pinpoint changes in any web page. You can focus on visual, content, keyword, technology, HTML, availability or domain changes. There is even an AI mode which checks for any type of change as well as an HTML element monitoring mode which lets you monitor specific elements on a page for changes.

Stay Ahead of The Game

New hire? New product launch? A pricing change? A product that goes out of stock? With Hexowatch, you’ll be notified when any change occurs so you can act upon it when it happens.

Be The First in The Market

Whenever your manufacturer or supplier launches any product line, Hexowatch will instantly inform you so you can pounce on the opportunity before anyone else notices.

Know When Availability of A Product Changes

Waiting for a Product to become available in the market, trying to secure a reservation for that product or service? First, stop worrying about that because Hexowatch is your buddy that will flag you as soon as your most awaited product becomes available.

Tips You When it Finds Recruitment Opportunity

Hexowatch is also a great asset to those who are looking for jobs. Hexowatch can notify you promptly when vacancies of the company you want to work in arise.

Be The First to Get The Deal

Waiting for a price drop for a deal? Hexowatch will oversee on your behalf and quickly give you an alert when the price drops to make sure that you grab the deal first.

Every time a page undergoes any changes, Hexowatch will archive a snapshot for you you can access for up to 3 months for legal and compliance purposes.

Conversion of A Website into Private Data Source

Hexowatch can convert any website into a private data source accessible by you and also make it available to download in the form of a CSV file, Google Sheets, or via Zapier.

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How Hexowatch works?

Hexowatch gives the user the following monitoring tools:

  1. Visual Monitoring.
  2. HTML Element Monitoring.
  3. Content Monitoring.
  4. Technology Monitoring.
  5. Keyword Monitoring.
  6. Availability Monitoring.
  7. HTML Monitoring.
  8. Automatic AI Monitoring.
  9. Domain WHOIS Monitoring.

Hexowatch Integrations

Hexowatch can be integrated with below mentioned apps -

  • Telegram
  • Slack
  • Gmail
  • Google Sheets
  • Zapier
  • Pabbly

Hexowatch Pricing

Normal Price Lifetime Deal
$24.99/ month $75 one-time

In the above plan you will have:
1) 4500 checks per month.
2) 30 mins. maximum checks frequency
3) Popular integrations like Slack and integration etc.

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Hexowatch Ratings

Below given data is collected from the popular rating website Capterra and g2:

Overall Rating 4.4/5
Ease of Use 4.4/5
Customer Support    5/5
Features & Functionality 4.4/5
Value for Money 4.8/5

In Hexowatch, you can monitor websites on monthly, weekly, daily, hourly and even on per- 5 minute basis and via Email, Zapier, Slack, Telegram, and Pabbly.

There is no requirement of any software in Hexowatch as you can check any website just from the cloud only. Hexowatch provides automatic AI-based or Specific monitoring modes.

In Hexowatch, users can adjust the sensitivity of monitoring to receive all the notification, or when any significant change detects and also see what changes takes place before or after with a slider or different view.


Hexowatch is a comprehensive service for those who want to stay alert, stay informed, and lead the market in every front. According to the founders, the Pro plan alone can save up to 30 hours of productive time a month by taking care of tedious page checking tasks that typically waste the time small and medium sized businesses.

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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

What is Hexowatch?
Hexowatch is an automatic AI-based companion that monitors any website for visual, content, technology, keyword, source code, domain, availability, or price changes. Hexowatch will work 24*7 to help to keep track of your competitors, detect trends, and also visually check your website.

How does the checking system work in Hexowatch, and how many webpages can Hexowatch scan in one time?
It will depend on the plan you purchase and how frequently you need to check a page.

How can Hexowatch help in the B2B space?
Hexowatch enables you to monitor your competitors, suppliers, partners and associates.

What is the Data Retention Policy in Hexowatch?
Hexowatch stores your monitored data for a minimum period of 3 months, and in between this period, you can copy/export/download your data.

Can Hexowatch notify when limited edition products get available on a website?
Yes. Hexowatch proves itself by notifying this for its Non-Business Customers.

Can Hexowatch monitor a complete website for changes?
The best way to monitor a website is by picking key pages, for example, the homepage, top-level category pages, blog, news or specific product pages of interest. By this, you’ll receive an update whenever something new happens.

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