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Do you believe in horoscope? Do you really feel the stars and planet above us controls us? Then the top 10 horoscope sites in India is an absolute solution for you. The horoscope sites operate in a specific way that let you know about your astrology. It requires you to put information about yourself which includes the date of birth, mostly.

Now with the updated technology, they have also introduced Vedic astrology. It is claimed that Vedic astrology follows the system of Vedic period. It is not much difference between the two. However, few people believe in organic methods, while others go for updated processes.

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The top 10 horoscope sites in India will provide you with all the evaluations that a physical astrologer would do. So, if you are not willing to visit physically, as far the pandemic is concerned, online astrology solutions are the most effective way you can get. So, here are the top 10 horoscope sites in India.

  1. Astro Sage
  2. Astro Yatra
  3. Astro Speak
  4. Talk to Astro
  5. Ganesha Speaks
  6. Astro Dot Com
  7. Astro Yogi
  8. Astro Ved
  9. Cyber Astro
  10. Indian Astrology

Frequently Asked Questions

Astro Sage

Astrosage is the site that assists people with authentic astrological evaluations. The owner of the site, Pundit Punit Pandey. This site has been embarked in the year 2000 for providing help to the seekers.

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Astro Sage

One of the most genuine solution givers, Astro Sage is one of the top 10 horoscope sites in India, that provide various solution and assist from qualified astrologers.

Astro Yatra

Astro Yatra is another among the most trusted top 10 horoscope sites in India. Besides the promising solutions about any issue, it arranges live interaction between the clients and the professional astrologers.

vedic astrology 2020_startuptalky
Astro Yatra

Having a direct conversation with the expert, it will make it more genuine and trustworthy for the client With this site, you can also get advises regarding the problems you are facing in your day to day life.

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Astro Speak

This site is equipped with immediate information about the celestial bodies that are responsible for making changes in our lives. It is also helpful for people seeking help for issues they are facing. It enables the user to do online puja. There is a portal for attending rituals online.

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Astro Speak

The prashad from the puja gets delivered at home after the online puja is done. Also, they consider providing Numerologists, Tarot Card Readers, Vaastu, and Feng Shui Practitioners. It is also available in Indian languages other than English.

Talk to Astro

Another innovative site among the top 10 horoscope sites in India is Talk To Astro. It is one of the most affordable sites that provides various options for interaction.

horoscope today_startuptalky
Talk To Astro

There is also the availability of on-call conversation, manual reports and free astrology articles. It also gets free consultation for the customers.

Ganesha Speaks

Ganesha Speaks is one of the renowned and trusted sites of India. It has been working for a long, providing ailments to the people seeking for help. It provides many things apart from just astrology.

astrologer online_startuptalky
Ganesha Speaks

They also talks about the auspicious date for any ritual or event to start. Their speciality includes hand-made janampatri for the customers. This site is owned by Mr Arunbhai Pandit.

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Astro Dot Com

This site provides all the information about the sun-sign, moon-sign, and all other elements and their houses. Not only that, it also determines the required solution that needs to correct anything for the client.

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Astro dot com

They also arrange astrologers from the global premise to give out the best advice. Also they help in getting solution in different aspects of one's life.

Astro Yogi

The first thing that an individual will get attracted to is their portal for daily horoscope. All the sun-signs are available on the main page and anyone can avail that for free.

vedic astrology 2020_startuptalky
Astro Yogi

Apart from that, this site also provides assistance from Numerologists, Tarot Readers, expert horoscope readers and Vedic astrologers.

Astro Ved

Astroved has a reputation so it can be claimed as one of the best from top 10 horoscope sites in India.

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Astro Ved

It is well focused on providing high-end consultations and advice. They get the assistance from top astrologers of India. Also, they deliver the result up to your doorstep.

Cyber Astro

Cyber Astro originated in the year 1997. The things that they provide include Vedic Astrology, Astrology online, Indian astrology, Future Prediction by date of birth, Indian horoscope.

free indian astrology online_startuptalky
Cyber Astro India

It also yields free Vedic updated reports for its customers. Presently, this site has more than 400 thousands registered members. It is the first site that got ISO certified astrology products and service company. It is also available in over 196 countries. Β 

Indian Astrology

Indian Astrology provides information while featuring the Vedic astrology. It is one of the most used sites among the top 10 horoscope sites in India. It has many free attributes that are open for customers to avail.

free astrology predictions_startuptalky
Indian Astrology

Also, they provide assistance in areas of finance, gemstones, health remedies, personal queries and business, like all other websites.

So, here are the top 10 horoscopes in India. You can give these sites a try and find out which one suits you the best. Β 

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