How to Start a Dropshipping Business in India Using AliExpress (10 Easy Steps)

Arbaz Sayed Arbaz Sayed
Sep 12, 2020 4 min read
How to Start a Dropshipping Business in India Using AliExpress (10 Easy Steps)

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Do you want to start your own E-commerce business in India?

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Gone is the time when building an e-commerce business in India was just a dream, well clear all your doubts regarding starting your own e-commerce business.
When originating an e-commerce business, most individuals opt for the dropshipping model of business. Why is that so?

Most entrepreneurs recommend dropshipping business in India, because there are fewer risks and fewer funds required to start the business. In this guide will explain you to start your own dropshipping business in India with help of aliexpress.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a business model in which the retailer does not require to
have a stock of the products which they are selling, instead, they give the order and shipment details to the wholesalers, and then the wholesaler will directly forward the product to the customer.
The benefit of this is that the retailer does not have to store the stock of products.

Aliexpress dropshipping india

Now let us look at which drop shipping service is most suitable for you!

The most dropshipping service recommended by most e-commerce startups is AliExpress dropshipping service.

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AliExpress Dropshipping in India

AliExpress Dropshipping service is a service that allows you to sell a variety of products on your online store, With the help of AliExpress, you don't require to maintain a warehouse.

You can list the products of AliExpress on your website and when a customer orders a product from your website, later AliExpress manages the rest.
AliExpress accepts the order from you and then ships the order directly to your customer from their warehouse.

Aliexpress dropshipping india
AliExpress Dropshipping

Dropshipping with AliExpress is the most profitable way to start your entrepreneurship venture.

Benefits of AliExpress Dropshipping

  1. You can choose several products from your dropshipping store.
  2. The burden of maintaining a warehouse is eliminated.
  3. You don't require a hefty amount to commence the business.
  4. Retailers can price their products as per their  preferences.
  5. There is fewer risk involved in this Business.
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10 easy steps to get you started with AliExpress Dropshipping Business in India

Step 1:

First of all, you need to visit the AliDropship site to commence with.

Step 2:

After that, you can buy the plugin or let AliExpress build a store for you.

Step 3:

You have to choose a niche of products that you are interested to sell on your site, after that you have to select the products you need to dropship.

Step 4:

Now you can add the products to your list which you have chosen to resell. (While choosing a product, analyze the product thoroughly).

Step 5:

Now add the product descriptions accurately on every product your Dropshipping.(description should be informative and attractive).

Step 6:

Price the products efficiently and create a payment gateway so that customers can  purchase the products with credit cards or by other non-cash payment methods

Step 7:

When a customer places an order inform the customer about the shipping cost and time and help them track their orders effortlessly with the help of an tracking application.

Step 8:

Advertise your product with the help of different digital marketing agencies.

Step 9:

You must need to prepare a spreadsheet of the products that you are selling with the price quoted of both you and AliExpress.

Step 10:

The final thing you need to learn is to manage your site regularly and efficiently.


Starting and Building an e-commerce business in India is not easy, but success does not come easy, You have to be patient and hardworking in this business full of contenders. With a well-planned idea, you can accomplish your business plan successfully. You can start your own Dropshipping business in India with the help of AliExpress dropshipping India.

Dropshipping Business - FAQs

Yes, Dropshipping is legal in India.

Should I form an LLC for dropshipping?

Yes, you do need an LLC for your dropshipping business.

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