How to Build an Admin Panel According To The Needs Of Your Business

How to Build an Admin Panel According To The Needs Of Your Business

We all know that during the app development process, functionality and user experience are usually heavily emphasized. Sadly, people often forget about the importance of having a high performing admin panel. Now, the complexity of an admin panel depends on the scale of your business. For example, if you're curious about how to build an admin panel for scooter sharing app, you can do so by following the link.

But first off, let’s figure out what is an admin panel and why it is so important.

Admin Panel
Admin Panel

What Is An Admin Panel?

First off, an admin panel represents the interface where administrators can control the app. Think about it like the backside of a shop. That’s where the management and deposit is. Regular users are not allowed to enter this area, yet that’s the place where new content is brought in and the managers decide what goes where. The same goes for an app and its admin panel.

So why is it so important? Well, just like with a shop, the app can’t function properly without an admin panel. You can’t add content, neither update it.

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How To Build It?

Now that we explained what exactly is an admin panel and why you need it, let’s take a look at how to actually build one.

Ask Yourself A Few Questions

An admin panel must be catered specifically to you and your businesses’ needs. In short, there’s no one size fits all admin panel. With that being said, you firstly need to figure out how complex will your admin panel be. There’s no reason to blow your budget on it if you’re only going to use it for basic stuff.

Ask yourself a few questions. Such as: How often do you think you’ll add, or update content? Do you only need it for managing content, or do you want it to collect statistics as well? Will users be able to post their own content in the app? Or will they need to create an account in order to use the app? If yes, why?

Based on what your answers are, you will be able to determine your budget. Whether the admin panel is going to be something simple, or more complex.

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Add The Right Feature

Now, if you only need your admin panel to perform just a few basic functions, such as adding/removing/updating content then there’s no need to spend a lot of time or money on it. With that being said, you just need a few basic features.

Think about user management features, where you’ll be able to create groups, and add or remove users. Or, how about content management? People have to be able to create, read, update, or remove their content. Don’t forget to create a payment system, and with that, you’re pretty much done.

Now, if you’re business needs something more complex, such as an e-commerce app or website design you need to extend a budget a bit. For example, you’ll need a feature that lets you view info about your customers, such as the status of their orders

Not only that, but you’ll also need to have an order and invoice management system well put together. After all, you need to be able to see whether the orders processed, paid, pending, or has failed.

And finally, consider having a feature that lets you see certain stats, such as monthly expenses and what products are sold the most.

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