How to Find the Perfect Co-Founder for Startup?

Yash Gupta Yash Gupta
Oct 26, 2020 7 min read
How to Find the Perfect Co-Founder for Startup?

Being an only person like a one-man army for your startup is very tough. It also possesses a huge risk if the person is starting a startup and thinking to do it alone. But finding the perfect co-founder for a startup is one of the most difficult tasks as it can make or break the future of your company. Still, the question is how to choose a co-founder ‌‌who is not only committed but also shares your vision and passion for the company. So, here are a few websites, ways, and tips on how to find a co-founder for your startup.

The big entrepreneurs always suggest that for a startup founder, it is important to have a co-founder in order to bear the loss and share profits and other responsibilities of the company. A co-founder needs to be good at everything that you are not. So let’s get some insight on how you can find your co-founder for startup.

‌‌Some Websites to Find Perfect Co-Founder for Startups:

1. CoFounderLab

find startup co founder

CofoundersLab platform mainly emphasizes on a variety of resources for business partnerships starting with team building, certification courses designed to help grow businesses and funding. They have their meet up events in 45+ cities. They provide a community of 400,000 entrepreneurs to validate the ideas of the startup founder and make it move forward. It helps in finding the perfect partner for a business.‌

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2. CollabFinder‌‌

find startup co founder

CollabFinder is one of the best co-founder websites. It is a platform to build projects and relationships with people like you. Post a project idea with the help of which, people can help you in preparing and building a quality product or service with just one click, or you can browse and ask other members which you like to suggest some ideas for your project. So far, people have used CollabFinder to build everything from funded startups to weekend side projects and everything in between.

‌‌3. Founder2be

This company has partnered with leading incubators, accelerators, and universities which can help you to find the perfect co-founder for your startup. Founder2be connects designers, hackers, hustlers having shared interests and complementary skills matching with your profile. Co-founder discovers each other online, meet up in person and then start amazing startups together. The sign-up is easy and free. Then, one can find the perfect co-founder for their startup. It is a community of 95,000 + co-founders, to find and choose from.‌‌

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‌‌4. Hachi

‌‌It is a one-click referral hiring solution that help companies, hiring managers and recruiters. One can find the most talented candidates within their team's professional and social networks. Hachi is built on top of a constantly growing huge network of 60 million professionals from over 200,000 organizations, with 52 billion relationships. Hachi searches not only your employees' direct connections but also their friends on all major professional and social networks.


find co founder for startup
Meetup- Community of Co-Founders.‌‌

It is the world’s largest and well-known network of local groups. There are more than 9,000 groups get together in local communities each day. Each one with the goal of improving themselves or their communities. Its mission is to revitalize local community and help people around the world self-organize. Meetup believes that people can change their personal world, or the whole world, by organizing themselves into groups that are powerful enough to make a difference.‌‌

‌‌6. Younoodle

how to hire a co founder
Younoodle- Co-Founder engagement website.

‌‌It is a  technology engine that powers the global startup revolution. They make it happen by connecting corporations with disruptive startups through the Corporate Startup Innovation program on the platform. They have managed to run about 550+ innovation programs on their platforms, over the last 5 years.

They work with corporations, universities, accelerators, governments as well as on the other platform. Some use the judging platform to accept, screen and evaluate applicants for competitions or accelerators. And some others, they tap into the global network of talent to do brand or technology engagement and also help governments and policymakers on implementing entrepreneurship programs.

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‌‌‌‌7. Ideaswatch

co founder for startup
Ideaswatch- Growing your business with a Co-Founder.

Ideaswatch is all about sharing ideas for new products or services that one would love to use if they can be executed. On the websites, they can discuss startup ideas with entrepreneurial minds from all over the world and start a business together. People can get in touch with other people passionate about the same idea and can start a business together.‌‌

Sharing ideas can be very productive because it will encourage young entrepreneurial minds to start something new and productive in nature. It also, motivate others to share their ideas too, so others can also get inspired.‌‌

‌‌8. Code Army

how to find co founders?
Code Army- Empowering your business with a Co-Founder

Code Army is a startup which provides services to other digital startups. If one has an idea for a tech business, then Code Army is the best place which can guide you on how to set it successfully. At, the website, the workers consult, guide and teach others  how to manage a tech business.

Code Army is one of the best platforms which provides a learning and mentoring program to guide non-tech entrepreneurs, the way of dealing with their IT project. They use a large group of skilled and experienced professionals, coming from all around the world: businessmen, marketers, CTOs, designer, and more, all characterized by a common drive, the dream of starting a startup.‌‌

‌‌9. Founders Nation

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FoundersNation- Build the foundation of your business with a Co-Founder.

It is a platform for entrepreneurs and founders, built to connect dreamers that wish to make the world a better place through innovation and technology. It provides a variety of ranging founders to choose as a co-founder.‌‌

‌‌10. Linkedin

how to find a co founder?
Linkedin- Connecting your business with the Perfect Co-Founder.

The most common and the popular, of all. Linkedin is the source of finding co-founders, employees, and everything, required for a business. It connects the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful. With more than 450 million members worldwide, including executives from every Fortune 500 company, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network on the Internet.‌‌

Now some ways to find a co-founder are:-‌‌1- Use the existing network, you have and look for people who are as enthusiasts like you and will understand your vision.‌‌2- As mentioned above, look for these co-founder finding websites to find the perfect co-founder, one wants. Here, one can have options and can choose from a lot of capable co-founders, one wants.‌‌

The 3-Job boards may be the most underrated place to find co-founders but it still can e used to find the co-founder required for the startup. One can write the perfect requirements including the description of the company, the job responsibilities and requirements for being the co-founder of the startup.

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‌‌Finding the ideal co-founder can be a difficult process to find but once found, one can be very successful in the business. Comment below how you found your perfect co-founder or the tips you followed to find the ideal co-founder, for your startups.


How to choose a co founder for startup?

When you're choosing a co-founder, you want to make sure that there are some similarities between you two. You want to make sure that your co-founder is willing to put in the same amount of work that you do, work similar hours, and communicate in a similar style.

How to find co founders on LinkedIn?

You can also search for a co-founder on LinkedIn by typing in the role you're looking to fill within the search bar. Here's the process: Find the dropdown button on the left criteria pane labelled “People.” “All” may be selected by default.

How to find a co founder for your startup?

Try to find some bloggers in your niche and spread your story through their articles. List yourself on co-founder platforms and ask people to read your story before contacting you. Meet a lot of people in startup events like Startup Weekend, In50Hours, Saturday ventures, and TechSparks.

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