How Does Loco Make Money?

How Does Loco Make Money?

Loco is currently one of the most popular interactive games in India. The game operates on a simple principle: Play and earn. The application was released for the market in January 2018 with a quiz-based module. Thanks to its easy-to-use approach coupled with attractive incentives, Loco has spread like wildfire with users. Most users of the app are from two-tier cities, towns, and rural areas—locations where high-speed Internet and smartphones were rare until recently.

The quizzing system in Loco has a simple user interface. It runs in real-time and can only be played at set intervals. The user has a chance at a prestigious award pool by answering within ten seconds. Completing ten questions during the scheduled quiz is an opportunity to win another prize. An incorrect answer immediately terminates the user.

How To Earn Money From Loco?
How Does Loco Make Money?
Loco - FAQs

Play Loco And Earn Money
Play Loco And Earn Money
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How To Earn Money From Loco?

Loco invites users to play a quiz in real-time and earns money if they answer all the questions correctly. Quizzes are held twice on weekdays (1:30 pm and 10 pm) and once on weekends (10 pm). Loco, formerly known as the Showtime app, is a mobile adaptation of the hit TV show like KBC.

Loco has Gaurav Kapoor, popular sports presenter, as the host. He asks users 10 multiple choice questions and also provides them with a 'life' to get back into the game if they get terminated. You get a life in the game after recommending Loco to your friend. Once he or she downloads the app, the life gets credited to your in-game persona.

Finally, players are rewarded with cash prizes that are deposited in their Paytm accounts.

How To Use Loco App
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How Does Loco Make Money?

Through your mobile number

After downloading and installing the app, you will need to sign up. To sign up, Loco asks for your mobile number where an OTP is sent. The user needs to confirm the OTP. Loco now has your mobile number. It currently has over 5 million downloads and over 3 million concurrent users. These mobile numbers are then shared with an advertising agency in exchange for money.

Top Trivia Based Apps In India Like Loco
Top Trivia Based Apps In India

Third-Party Advertising

Loco makes use of service providers like AdMob to show in-app advertisements. When someone clicks on the advertisement they get paid.


Loco provides additional features and enhancements to premium members. Making money through a premium subscription plan is a common strategy.

In-App Purchases

In-app purchases is another way gaming apps make money. Loco offers in-app purchases without the requirement of showing advertisements. Loco not only helps you earn money but also helps in building knowledge. However trendy and attractive these apps may seem, one should always do some research about the credibility of these apps.

Google doesn't pay for the app's download. It only pays app owners when they have monetized their app through Ad Mob.

Loco - FAQs

Is Loco Chinese app?

Loco is India's leading live quiz show and game streaming app.

What are Loco's top competitors?

  • BrainBaazi
  • Qureka
  • QuizBiz
  • Zupee

Can I earn money from Loco?

Yes, It is money earning app.

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