How to Get Featured on Product Hunt? Tips & Suggestions For New Entrepreneurs

How to Get Featured on Product Hunt? Tips & Suggestions For New Entrepreneurs
how to get featured on product hunt

Product Hunt is a well-known American website that was developed to share and discover new products on the internet. It is also a great tool for businessmen who are just starting in their career with a start-up plan. Product Hunt is a great way to connect with product enthusiasts.

All these things might sound interesting and exciting to you in case you have a unique product to showcase to the world. But, how and what are you going to do to let that happen? Well, you have to know about certain online platforms and tools like Product Hunt to do the job for you. Here is a basic guide for your product to get featured in Product Hunt.

How to Get Featured on Product Hunt?


How to launch Your Product on Product Hunt?

Research Well about Your Audience

Before jumping off to featuring a product on the platform first know who and what type of your audience are. It is not only that you should be working on but there are many things that you should do a little research about. You should try researching similar products so that you can find out how others handled their launches.

By doing this you will be able to have a vivid thought about understanding your product and how to reach your core audience. Keep in mind interesting taglines and create a landing page so that people get excited to know more about your product as soon as they look at it.

Create Significant Interest Among People

You might have targeted a specific group for your new product and your product should look appealing to them. Even if you start slow at the beginning with a handful of supporters or customers then make sure that you make the right efforts to convert that number into a large one.

You can take help from experienced people or professionals and take suggestions from them. Implement them and check out the results. Try to come out with innovative ideas about how you can make your product look appealing to your targeted group.

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Get Involved & Contribute

It is not just a solo journey of becoming the most successful entrepreneur because at some point in time you would be requiring someone’s help. So, why not help others and broaden your relationship with others of a similar community.

Reach out to other influencers on Product Hunt and build solid relationships with them. Product Hunt has got a tight-knit and very supportive community. It is also a place where you can learn a lot of things. So, get involved with the right people and help others to grow in the community.

Look For An Ideal Time For Product Launch

Your product might be unique but there will be similar products on the internet or Product Hunt as well. If you find similar products then you should consider holding off for a week or two before launching your product.

Timing matters when it comes to the launching a new product because you do not want as many as 4-5 people launching similar products at the same time as yours. So, there is nothing much that you have to do but just check for recent launches of products and accordingly select a day for your launch.

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Learn About Your Submission

Products featured on Product Hunt
Products featured on Product Hunt

Submitting a new product might be exciting and sound amazing but what matters is the results. Not always your results will be good but there will be something important worth learning. The experience that you get trying to feature your product on Product Hunt will enable you to make better decisions next time.

Therefore, irrespective of what may the results be you should extract some useful information. Even if your product has done well then you could still think of something to bring the next one much creatively than this one.

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Product Hunt is not the only one that can feature your product because there are alternatives available. But, since its popularity among people is always at peak it is recommended to use this platform. Following a certain strategy while using Product Hunt might help your product gain massive popularity.


What is the purpose of Product Hunt?

Product Hunt is a community-based website that allows people to launch their products and market them to real users.

What are some of the best Product Hunt alternatives?

Some of the best alternatives are as the following:

  • LaunchingNext
  • FeedMyApp
  • Slant
  • Softpedia
  • SimilarSites
  • Steem Hunt
  • AngelList
  • BetaPage

Product Hunt charges $59 per month for a yearly subscription or $79 per month for a monthly subscription. However, there is also a free version available for makers and marketers. The free version makes an added benefit for most start-ups because you do not want extra cost.

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