How to Get Global Clients for Your Business?

How to Get Global Clients for Your Business?
Getting Global Clients for Your Business

Regardless of the industry you are serving or the product/services your business is offering, customers are crucial. Small-to mid-size business owners, all are quite excited to go global. Getting global clients is the first step to expanding your business globally. It is one of the milestones any startup founder aims at. Getting few overseas clients can helps you get to a wider audience and the business can grow globally. It gives a check to your business compatibility in global market.

Here are some opinions shared by some entrepreneurs about how to get global clients for your business.

Vicky Jain - Founder, uKnowva
Sharan Goyal - Founder and Director, Crozzo
Nitin Gupta - Co-Founder and Managing Director at TezMinds, QRCodeChimp
Shrikant Pandey - Managing Director, Indiamanthan Publications

Vicky Jain - Founder, uKnowva

Vicky Jain - Founder, uKnowva
Vicky Jain - Founder, uKnowva

To reach out to the global audience, a business must have an online presence so that people are easily able to find and identify the business. Side by side, a strong social media presence can work wonders for a business trying to attract global clients.

Businesses that wish to target different countries must provide their website in different languages so that people find it easier to search and learn about their products and/or services. Customer service must also be of the highest standards to create a good experience that can lead to repeat customers. Joining a trade association, the local chamber of commerce and networking organizations along with attending meetup events increases the chances of building a good network that in turn, can create new business opportunities.

Sharan Goyal - Founder and Director, Crozzo

Sharan Goyal - Founder and Director, Crozzo
Sharan Goyal - Founder and Director, Crozzo

We only serve in India since our product is perishable. However, being an e-commerce enthusiast, could tell you that good performance marketing and targeted advertising through social media get you good global exposure.

Nitin Gupta - Co-Founder and Managing Director at TezMinds, QRCodeChimp

Nitin Gupta - Co-Founder and Managing Director at TezMinds, QRCodeChimp
Nitin Gupta - Co-Founder and Managing Director at TezMinds, QRCodeChimp

If you’re an agency or service provider, getting more global clients is probably one of your key business objectives. More international clients mean higher revenue and improved reputation.

However, getting global clients isn’t easy. The competition in the agency industry is fierce, with all agencies battling to get international, high-paying clients. How can you stand out from the crowd and get more global consumers?

Keep reading to increase your chances of landing more foreign clients.

Why should you focus on international clients?

Agencies and service providers should always aim at going global. Global clients
have bigger budgets, so you can charge more and increase your revenue.
Suppose you’re a software development agency based in India. The software
development rates in India are $20-45 per hour. Local clients are aware of these
rates, and thus, they’d not pay more than that. On the other hand, software
development rates in the USA are $70-150 per hour.

SaaS Founders Shared How they reach out to Foreign Clients?
Every business wants to get a diverse range of growth opportunities. Expanding overseas and seeking international growth is always a temptation for businesses. Ambitious entrepreneurs are always keen to grow globally. International expansion is a huge opportunity for SaaS businesses. Thus, getting f…

Shrikant Pandey - Managing Director, Indiamanthan Publications

Shrikant Pandey - Managing Director, Indiamanthan Publications
Shrikant Pandey - Managing Director, Indiamanthan Publications

Bringing in new clients is a crucial skill for companies to get a steady stream of revenue and growth!

Creating your website and social media accounts is just the initial step of this process. As a business owner, you need to invest enough time and resources to attract the target audience, build connections with potential clients, and convenience them to take the service while keeping the strategies consistent. Also, you need to come up with smart tactics if you wish to take your business globally.

Fortunately, there is a whole wide world waiting for you with a target audience interested in what service or product you have to offer. Do not stay within your comfort zone anymore – your city, state, or country borders, be ready to forge new territories and take on the world. To help you navigate through this adventurous journey smoothly, I have listed below 7 actionable methods on how to get global clients for your business.

  1. Define Your Ideal Clients

It is impossible to serve every industry equally whether you are working on a national level or international level. This is considered a wrong marketing tactic. Many businesses focus on targeting everyone using their resources in all directions which lead the company to fail.

The right approach is first having a defined niche, then targeting clients based on their needs, industries, or company sizes to establish themselves as an expert. You can define an ideal client by understanding your experience or efficiency. Now, list down the clients you prefer working with and look for their demographic details like income level and industry. This way, you will have a good overview of your ideas for customers. It would help you to captivate the right audience and get more global clients for your business.

2. Take Advantage of all Social Sites

Social media is something you cannot miss! Make sure you have a strong presence on all the major platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc., and constantly update your social media accounts with interesting and insightful posts. You need to create you’re based on each side, even if some social sites work better for others. You may be surprised to see which kind of account works best for you.

3. Capture Leads on Your Website

Your website’s goal is to attract new clients. It is high time to maximize your site’s potential. No matter how big or small your business is, create an enticing pop-up that offers something valuable to your clients. It could be anything from a PDF guide to an eBook or a quiz that will catch your client’s attention and convince them to provide their contact details.

Unlike a simple contact form, go for a uniquely designed pop-up with attractive content that can entice visitors and get them interested in a specific piece of content. The process on how to get global clients for your business is quite easy – create a piece of content that your customers find valuable, then create your site pop-up, and you are done. When each new lead comes in, make sure to give them a warm welcome.

4. Host Virtual Events to Find Potential Clients

Hosting a virtual event is a creative way to get new clients on a global and national level. With these techniques, you can collect attendees’ contact details, to whom you can send follow-up emails to, and provide an opportunity to work with a business partner.

There are diverse types of virtual events like webinars, live streaming, online workshops, and trade shows. You can any of them depending on your target audience. Before the event begins, share the event details on all your marketing channels.

5. Share Your Knowledge with the World

When you are serving clients globally, your clients hardly get to meet you physically, here your valuable clients trust your knowledge and expertise to get the work done right and work as an authority in your field.

There are numerous ways, you can follow to establish yourself as an authority, when you share your knowledge with the world, it helps you to build your reputation as an expert in the community.

Offering a free online course is an effective way to establish your expertise. Another way of sharing your knowledge is to speak at events in your industry. Stay updated on what is happening in your industry and contact even organizers to share the topic you want to speak about.

6. Consider the Currency Exchange Facility

If you are looking at how to get global clients for your business, you need to first cater to their basic needs. Consider having a system where they can pay in their currency. When you first reach outside of your nation you do not need to have every single currency on there, being with just one destination.

You can simplify the payment easy for US and European customers by allowing them to pay in dollars and euros. Here, the online payment system providers can help you through the process.

7. Go for Ad Campaigns

Another effective method of getting more global clients is to use paid advertising. With this marketing strategy, you get the opportunity to show ads on a platform by paying for keywords or ad space.

There are three popular paid advertising channels – social media ads, search engine ads, and content promotion networks.

By using these channels, you get to target a specific audience with a fixed budget. In some cases, paid ads have been proven to reach the target audience faster than organic approaches.

Ready to get global clients for your business?

The boundaries that once impeded our ability to work with global clients no longer exist. Present-day, it has become easier to do business with someone on the other side of the world.

But there is no single formula tactic that will bring your global clients to your door. It is a combination of different techniques, and each method needs to be followed well.

The ideas shared above are based on my personal experience and experiments. While growing my business ventures- The CEO Magazine & Startup City Magazine, we went through numerous hurdles especially while growing globally. But these tactics helped me to constantly grow and achieve milestones along the way. Hopefully, these techniques would empower your business growth too! All the best for your future endeavors. Keep growing, Keep shining!!

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