How Truepush became a Successful SaaS Product with Remarkable Product Growth and a Perfect Retention Plan

Ashwini Ashwini
May 04, 2020 4 min read
How Truepush became a Successful SaaS Product with Remarkable Product Growth and a Perfect Retention Plan
The growth of a product is not a few days of work, filled with struggles!

Every product has a set of growth parameters that define its next journey. There are tons of strategies involved not only in bringing out the product to market but also making it stand stronger and worth it day-by-day for the users it serves. Truepush was launched in early 2019, and today at this time i.e., after nearly a year and a half, it has achieved milestones in such a short span.

Truepush is a free platform for push notifications, and the product's capability has garnered the trust of 15,000 Developers and Marketeers globally. The brands include SMEs to renowned companies, coming forward to leverage the benefits of the Truepush tool having a wide array of features, and experiment with the tool.

This push notification tool is now integrated with numerous websites every day, which in turn increases the net no. of notifications that Truepush sends on a daily basis. Websites having traffic of more than millions (along with newly built websites having less traffic) are using it very effectively, for their website customer engagement, and making this tool a must-have for engaging daily website visitors.

The product’s capability with rich features like RSS-to-push, Triggers, Audience Segmentation, Project Duplication, Batching feature, along with the splendid customer support has paved the way towards the overall success of the Truepush.

To send the first billion notifications, Truepush took 337 days, and thereafter the exponential decline in the no. of days it took to reach the next billion-after-billion notification is an achievement itself as visible in the below stats.

Range of Push Notification sent by Truepush

Truepush notification engine is now capable of sending a billion notifications on a daily basis.

A good surge in the Alexa ranking

The Alexa ranking of truepush is now close to a thousand in the India category, where it started from 5 digits when the product was launched. Also, the global rank has come down from 6 digits figure to 11,508, which is quite remarkable as there are a plethora of similar platforms prevailing in the market with a wider reach among the audience.

Alexa Rank of Truepush

Awards and Achievements in a short span

It's been a year and a half, being a tough entrant in the push notification industry world-wide, Truepush has already earned "High Performer- Spring 2020" by G2. It has become India's 7th most popular Push Notification platform, according to BuiltWith, and awarded the fastest-growing software in push notification by SaaS worthy.

Awards by Truepush

The clientele includes Media giants like Eenadu, Andhra Jyoti, The Hans India, along with India's renowned ed-tech companies- AglaSem, GetMyUni, and India's leading & most popular online coupons space- GrabOn. The global influence of Truepush has also reached France leading sports website-, Italy's one of the top news platforms- Β Wall Street Italia Inc., Portugal media platform- OImparcial and a NASDAQ company- RCI Hospitality Holdings Inc.

With a huge no. of clients, comes the responsibility of their retention in tough times as well as assisting them in every small to big query and requests as soon as possible.

Customer engagement and retention is a crucial aspect of every product’s growth

We are always a customer-first company and believe that customer’s feedback and reviews count the most in user retention as well as getting more users on board.

The constant engagement with our customers and quick issue/query resolving is helping us in retaining most of our big-ticket customers. The chat response time is kept to very minimal and we try to resolve issues as quickly we can. We also have WhatsApp groups exclusive to each of our customers, so that the issues can be resolved in real quick time with an easy touch base point.

We are driving several activities within the ecosystem for customer engagement. Well, that includes interviews, testimonials, podcasts, etc. and these assets will be lined up on the Truepush blog. Including the customer’s website link on the blog and mentioning the stakeholders across the social media handles have helped us create more authenticity. Also, our customers are sharing the interview blogs, case studies and testimonials within their community too. This thus helped us to have a wider reach across the globe with good appreciation.

Truepush Review on G2

Reaching out to each and every customer, by thanking them for using our services, understanding their use cases and supporting them with the right resolution has helped us in getting the beautiful reviews written on various e-discovery platforms from our customers.

Customer's Testimonial on Truepush
How the interviews series has helped us in knowing our customers better

Interviews have helped us understand our customer’s various engagement strategies and how Truepush is helping them in achieving their re-engagement goals.

With the right and continuous product growth along with the solid customer retention plan, Truepush has been able to tap the right audience and has become the leading web push notifications platform across the globe.

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