IIT Graduate Put Behind Bars For Developing Faster Rail Ticket Booking App

IIT Graduate Put Behind Bars For Developing Faster Rail Ticket Booking App

An IIT graduate probably had the most purest of ideas when he developed a railway ticket booking app, which facilitated bookings at greater ease. However, the innovation did not go down well with the Ministry of Railways and the graduate now finds himself locked up.

According to reports, IIT Kharagpur graduate from Tirupur in Tamil Nadu developed an app called 'Super Tatkal', which bypassed IRCTC system to book tickets at a faster rate.

The Indian Railways claim that he was not an authorised agent to carry out booking and further transactions and his application deprived the chances of people who use the official booking app.

Yuvaraja, the graduate is now lodged in jail under sec 143(2) of the Railways Act.

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However, the issue with regards to the money received via bookings still remains uncertain as friends close to Yuvaraja claim that all money was paid directly to IRCTC and there was no financial fraud involved.

According to reports, his app garnered around one lakh users in short period. The app has since been removed from Google Play Store and will remain unavailable for download.

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