Top 10 Important Elements to Include in Your Pitch Deck

Top 10 Important Elements to Include in Your Pitch Deck
Important Elements to include in your Pitch Deck

The world is witnessing a huge rise in the number of startups in recent years. Many youngsters are showing interest in developing innovative ideas and starting their own businesses. Thanks to affordable technology for feeding ideas and options to those young entrepreneurs to shape their dreams.

The first and foremost thing that a startup requires is a fund. However creative the idea is and however talented the founder is, the startup will never take a step further without funds. So, how can a startup raise funds? There are various investors and venture capitalists who are ready to fund startups with excellent business ideas and a knowledgeable team.

The primary thing that the founders should do is impress the investors with the pitch. The pitch deck should contain such things that should convince the funders to release money from their pockets. Let us know more about the pitch deck and the elements it should carry most importantly in it.

What is a Pitch Deck?
Important elements to be included in your Pitch Deck

  1. Product
  2. Problems
  3. Solution
  4. Funding and Financials
  5. Revenue Model
  6. Traction
  7. Target Market
  8. Competitors
  9. Team
  10. Exit Strategy
Pitch Deck Tips

What is a Pitch Deck?

A Pitch Deck is a presentation that gives an overview of the startup to the investors. It should contain all important information about our business like its nature, demand in the market, future plans, strategies, etc. Informative and short pitches are the ones that gain the interest of investors.

Initially, Pitch Deck serves to be the face of a startup and it is how we introduce our company to the financial backers. The first impression it creates stands out to be crucial. So certain things that cultivate trust in the survival, success and future of your startup have to be considered and included while getting the pitch ready.

Important elements to be included in your Pitch Deck

The following article covers the important requirements for a pitch deck:


If yours is a product-based startup, then take your product to the investors. Get them to know your product personally. Sometimes, your product might speak more than your words. Let them use your product and know it well. Even if your product is in the development or underdeveloped stage, create some samples or models to present to the investors. The visual presentation would give you an added advantage during the pitching.


Give a brief explanation of the problems you are facing as a business. Explain where the problem exists, the reason for its existence, where future issues can arise and so on. A simple narration with a relatable example could help investors understand the problems better. This might gain you a positive note on your in-depth business knowledge and a solution to the problem. Even if the investors fail to invest in your startup, their experienced advice could be of great help in the future.


Moz Solutions in Pitch Deck
Moz Solutions in Pitch Deck

Providing solutions to the problems can cause you some good during the pitch. If identifying the problem shows your understanding of the business then solutions show the knowledge you possess over it. Explain to them how you are going to solve the problem, how it is going to impact the business, the reason for choosing this particular solution, etc. If the solution or the strategy is adopted from a predecessor, then explain how they made it happen. Also, be prepared to counter any questions to be shot against you by the investors.

Funding and Financials

Investors won't grant funds without you asking for it. You need to quote the required funding amount, its purpose and how it will be utilized, and the return the investors would get from it. If you are an existing startup, then you need to provide your past financials in a simple chart or graph along with the above-said details. It should contain spending, areas of your spending, profits, revenue, etc.

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Revenue Model

How do you make your revenue? An investor would be most interested to know your revenue model. You can use the information from the target market slide to assist you in briefing the revenue model. Explain the demand for your product or service in the market and how it would pay you back. Dissect the cost and profit from your sales and give brief reasoning for your pricing strategy. This is the other most important element to be included in your pitch deck.


Moz Ptchdeck 

Project your company's growth with the current market situation for a foreseeing future. If you are an already existing startup then elaborate your growth trajectory in the pitch deck. You can also mention the benchmarks you have created or the milestones achieved in the past. It can be anything in terms of profit, revenue, sales, awards, etc. This is done to incite confidence in the investors and reduce the fear of risking their finances.

Target Market

Sickweather Pitch Deck showing Target Market
Sickweather Pitch Deck showing Target Market

Every company, product or service-based, has a target market or customers. That particular targeted area should form part of your pitch deck. When describing this segment, you can include the nature or category of your market, the current and future demand, the impact of your competitors, and so forth. Investors would like to know where the major focus of your startup would be. They might judge your company's long-term stability with the market you are about to target.


One of the most important elements to be included in a pitch deck is the competition. Knowing the competition helps you to know about your business well. Since every action of the competitor might have a direct impact on your success and survival, understand your competition well. Not knowing them is a result of ignorance and improper market study. No investor would be ready to invest even a dime in such a startup. So, include a detailed study on your competitors in your pitch deck.


Buffer Team in Pitch Deck
Buffer Team in Pitch Deck

A team is the core of any business. However great your planning and strategies might be, you need a great team to put everything into action. Assigning the roles to your team, and choosing the right person for the right task, is highly important. Give the investors a clear map of your management and operations team and their expertise.

Exit Strategy

Every investor wanted to know the exit strategy when the business gets transformed into a larger one, like going public, in the future. They would like to know your plans for the future and expansion strategies, or in simple terms, where the business will be in the next five or ten years. If you are planning on something like getting acquired, divesting your investments, etc. explain why it is the best choice for the investors.


The above are some of the key elements that should become a part of your pitch deck. They assist you in creating an imposing pitch presentation that in turn helps you secure funds and investors for your startup.


What is a pitch deck?

A Pitch Deck is a presentation that gives an overview of the startup to the investors.

What are the important elements to be included in your Pitch Deck?

10 important elements to be included in your pitch deck are:

  • Product
  • Problems
  • Solution
  • Funding and Financials
  • Revenue Model
  • Traction
  • Target Market
  • Competitors
  • Team
  • Exit Strategy

Why Is Pitch Deck Important?

Pitch deck is the first communication means for entrepreneurs to reach out to potential investors.

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