The Ultimate Guide To Improve Coworking Spaces

The Ultimate Guide To Improve Coworking Spaces

A coworking space is slightly different from a normal routine office or you could say that space for “Nomad Works”. Just walk into a coworking space and that vibe that boosts up your energy levels is magnificent, which enthralled occupants bring to space. It’s important to improve your coworking space and bring that deep focus to private desks.

Since coworking space is shared workspaces that offer affordable office workspaces so it is essential to bring up the suite of the office like hot desks, coffee tables, and meeting rooms. At a time like this, co-working spaces bring mostly remote workers, startups, workshops, entrepreneurs, and freelancers to escape their isolation from home and stay at bay from hectic office hours.

The observation showed that Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and the Internet of Things (IoT) have fueled coworking spaces that have redefined the concept of traditional working and inculcate forms of technology to bring in the disruption in the space.

The culture of coworking has drawn many because of its cost-effectiveness. Instead of buying a private office, you can rent out what you need. This could be in the form of daily fees or monthly fees which varies on the membership and this proves to be a lot more flexible by managing a coworking space.

Coworking Space Provides the Right Kind of Space Fulfilling In
Tips to Improve Your Coworking Space
Top 10 Coworking Spaces in India
Coworking Continues to Grow

Coworking Space Provides the Right Kind of Space Fulfilling In

1. Core Needs

This follows up the automation system control and security system of the building. Emphasis on installation and setup of these systems is not a lot to make but due to its custom programming, it could be error-prone which has left many buildings undeserved. Control access to offices, meeting rooms, elevators, and data centers comes under the flexibility of coworking spaces.

2. Space Needs

The twining of high-quality space in urban centers and the flexibility of office spaces have given the rise to coworking spaces. It’s seen that office has started renting the coworking spaces for their employees too, who want a change in working spaces.

3. Productivity Needs

Employees with a lot of engagement are productive which leads to financial gains. The workplace plays a role in employee engagement with flexible work location and completing common tasks like engaging more colleagues and navigating work.

How to improve Coworking space profitably?

For a neat and quite-a good improvisation, you have to lay down some objectives, for instance, what you want to improve on so that they get aligned with your business strategy. Here are some benefits of coworking space:

  • Productivity & Creativity
  • Interaction of a like-minded community
  • Flexibility of Services
  • Comfort, well-being, and biophilia of your space
  • Hospitality in coworking
  • Brand
  • Costs-effectiveness

Tips to Improve Your Coworking Space

1. Create A Space Layout

This is the most crucial head start if you are looking for a business strategy by improving the space layout by creating different zones of Private rooms, Team rooms, Meeting rooms, large tables, Open-space, cafeteria, and, of course, rest-rooms.  

These different rooms work as a change of working spot to come up with some good ideas or a table of hot debatable topics.  A place like coworking or maybe a small coworking space could make workers fall in love with their work. Always choose a flexible and collaborative space that every co-worker is looking for, and always avoid coercion.

2. Choosing Desks and Chairs Wisely

coworking creche
Coworking Space Tips

A quite an obvious step to match the comfort level of members working on it. It is seen that many places were caught doing it wrong. Proper measurements of desks and chairs should be taken to comply with members so that they feel good. Standing desks, comfy chairs, furniture, and sometimes adjustable desks and chairs tend to prove a great option in a coworking space.

3. Managing Distractions

Creating an office environment when it really isn’t an office turns out to be very difficult, although it’s cool. Remember that coworking space is an open working but it’s a disadvantage of it because of noise and numerous distractions.

Paying attention to acoustics and visual contact, and working on it can limit this limitation of coworking. Improving it via floors, ceilings, wooden furniture, and soundproof doors has helped a lot to limit it in recent times.

Tips to follow while continuing the work after pandemic
Tips to follow while continuing the work after pandemic

4. Biophilia

coworking space in India
Biophilia in Coworking Offices

Facts have shown that Biophilia tends to make us happier and focus more. Get flowers and indoor plants and get a lot of them but not that much so that it starts to become a distraction to everyone. This will add a lot of value and fresh air to the place which could be appreciated.

Decoration of your space could create a lot of impact on beautifying the space. Setting up a place and that too of a choice of others is a difficult task but it can turn out a lot profitable in the upcoming time. Therefore, the decoration is a way to enhance the spot to attract business enthusiasts.

5. Whiteboards or Enable Wall Writing

Sometimes co-working space may lack the number of meeting rooms, so it turns out to be difficult or you can’t separate brainstorming booths. To simulate the productivity of the day, a whiteboard could help create a lot of guidelines, thought structures, or the motivation for the day that you can work upon.

Using a special type of paint on the wall which enables writing on the wall and rewriting can also turn out to be a very good option. This really could give life to your place with a nice coworking environment.

coworking space in India
Coworking Space in India

6. Collaboration

This includes engaging with your coworking members and tenants of the place which by the way includes a cross-communication flow between the members.

This not only creates a social environment but can turn into a micro-event with the members of the community very effectively Gather feedback from every team and try to work on the upcoming improvisations with time. After all, you want the place to please your members and make them feel good.

7. Healthy Snacks

Ease Cafe & Coworking Space
Ease Cafe & Coworking Space

Snacking during break hours can boost you up. So, providing them with tasty, healthy but less- junk is always a good option. Fruits, nuts, salads, raisins, smoothies, tea, coffee, and sugar-free cookies are always best for them and have proved to catalyze their working process, creativity, interaction, and communication with each other. Because you never know what could turn out as a golden idea on a coffee table.

8. Differentiate Your Coworking Space- Coworkcrèche

Coworking creche
Coworking Creche

Ever heard of Coworkcrèche? It has further added that coworking space is not only an office working place but as the name suggests, it could prove to be a place for day-care for a child. It has allowed parents to drop off their child at a nice working place that is reserved and rather safe. This is one of the specializations to differentiate a coworking space.

India has witnessed a huge rise in the number of coworking spaces across all of the metropolitan cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Bombay, and many more. Here are some coworking space providers in India.

List of Best Coworking Spaces in India [2019 Exhaustive list]
Coworking space is an office or a building where individuals or a group ofindividuals can come to work on their personal or professional projects.Individuals pay to the company which is providing the space. Almost all such coworking space companies provide additional facilities which attract the …

Top 10 Coworking Spaces in India

  1. We Work
  2. Bangalore Coworking hub
  3. Bombay Connect
  4. Regus
  5. Innov8
  6. Investopad
  7. Awfis
  8. Cowrks
  9. Social Offline
  10. 91 Spring Board
The above graph shows the estimated number of coworking spaces worldwide
The above graph shows the estimated number of coworking spaces worldwide 

Coworking Continues to Grow

With the growth in the freelancing economy, the coworking culture adapts the young member of society who finds themselves in freelance work most o the time. These spaces have turned out to be more effective for small organizations with a few to several employees.

Many Larger organizations have accepted the deal to make a small unit of their office into a coworking space for interns and numerous workshops that could be held at ease. The design and culture of a coworking space serve for a corporate to come with fresh plans and growth.

Let’s not forget that whatever the sector is there have to be ways to battle the pandemic in a coworking place. There has to be the adoption of some non-negotiable practices like thermal temperature screening, maintaining air quality of the space, practicing social distancing, availability of COVID-19 hygiene products like masks and sanitizers, and most importantly awareness communication.

Only this can’t be our sole fight but to improve your coworking space in every possible way and also to give away the values and image conveyed by the coworking space.

Wonders! Since we have started to hear about these spaces in previous years, we expect to see more of these coworking places popping up near us which are providing the members with quality services.

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Coworking is not something new to be given a better introduction. Coworking has found a way to reach more population due to the involvement of freelancing. The tips on improving the coworking environment with the list of best coworking spaces available in India and some of the related data has shared in the above context.


What is meant by a Coworking space?

Coworking space is a business for some people and a home to many startups. It is a place where people can get some space to work on their projects. When you don’t have a good environment at home to work or a safe place to discuss your startup idea, they will be helpful.

What is the biggest challenge faced by coworking places?

The most important issue found with coworking spaces is privacy. Coworking spaces allow less privacy to the working people when compared with the home.

What are the benefits of a Coworking space?

Benefits of a Coworking space:

  • Productivity & Creativity
  • Interaction of a like-minded community
  • The flexibility of Services
  • Comfort, well-being, and biophilia of your space
  • Hospitality in coworking
  • Brand
  • Costs-effectiveness

How can one improve coworking space?

Coworking Space Tips for the one to use are:

  • Create A Space Layout
  • Choosing Desks and Chairs Wisely
  • Managing Distractions
  • Biophilia
  • Whiteboards or Enable Wall Writing
  • Collaboration
  • Healthy Snacks

Who uses Coworking spaces?

Coworking spaces are used by people belonging to different fields. People like freelancers, entrepreneurs, etc. are all known to use coworking spaces.

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