List of Top 30 Coworking Spaces in Bangalore

List of Top 30 Coworking Spaces in Bangalore

Bangalore has gradually evolved from being the Garden City to the Silicon Valley of India. Being the centre of the country’s high-tech industry, it is on the verge of development. Coworking Spaces/Shared Office spaces are something that evolved with the need of the hour. It is an arrangement of sharing office spaces more productively and rationally. It not only saves costs but also provides convenience in terms of infrastructure and additional amenities. Find the list of top Coworking Spaces in Bangalore along with their pricing plans and additional facilities. The shared office space in Bangalore can have a significant impact on your business.

The city of Bangalore is widespread in varied coworking spaces with various facilities and work cultures. An attempt is made here to explore some of the coworking spaces in the city with a touch of detail and an overview of the same.

Top 30 Coworking Office Spaces / Shared Office Spaces in Bangalore

  1. WeWork
  2. BHIVE Workspace
  3. 91SpringBoard
  4. Bangalore Alpha Lab
  5. Bangalore Coworking Hub
  6. Coworks
  7. Innov8
  8. Social Offline
  9. Awfis
  10. Workshaala
  11. iKeva
  12. Regus
  13. Kafnu
  14. Evoma
  15. Investopad
  16. Commune Coworks
  17. NUMA Bangalore
  18. Startup Huts
  19. Cowork Cafe
  20. Smartworks
  21. Jaaga
  22. Workflo by OYO
  23. Novel Office
  24. Quest Offices
  25. Spacelance
  26. Workafella
  27. Easyoffices
  28. CorporatEdge
  29. Cowrks
  30. IndiQube



WeWork - Top Coworking Spaces in Bangalore
WeWork - Top Coworking Spaces in Bangalore

WeWork offices have a universal atmosphere. It is one of the best coworking spaces from the list of best coworking spaces in Bangalore. Whether you’re an established enterprise or a premature startup, your office space will drive your business forward. The choice of the right office space is essentially based on the requirements and cost of the concern. WeWork offers varied office spaces for rent to shared workspace in a communal atmosphere. It provides private offices, office suites, desks, meetings and discussion rooms and also sets up a headquarters. Some of the enterprise members include Spotify, HSBC, Pinterest, Deloitte.

WeWork - Pricing

The price structure of WeWork ranges invariably depending on the location, business requirements and the number of people. It can range from Rs. 5000 - Rs. 25000/month. For an in-depth view of pricing packages, their official site can be visited.

WeWork - Features

  • High-speed internet facility.
  • Full-fledged kitchen.
  • Security and Maintenance.
  • Streamlined billing process.
  • Events & conferences.
  • On-site support.
  • Flexible membership agreements.
  • Members' network.

And many more. There are also add on facilities based on the location.

WeWork is spread across various locations in Bangalore, which includes – Bellandur, Koramangala, Marathahalli, Bannerghatta, Hebbal, Embassy golf links, Old Madras Road, etc.

BHIVE Workspace

BHIVE Coworking space in Bangalore
BHIVE Coworking space in Bangalore

BHIVE Workspace is one of the top coworking spaces in Bangalore and it offers options not only for coworking but also helps in setting up one’s own office. It is spread across hundreds of thousands of square feet of commercial space which are offered in varied forms of office space such as customized furnished office, single desk, coworking space and a bare shell building. The main feature that sets it apart from various other coworking spaces is that it is budget-friendly i.e. one can enjoy the amenities and services of BHIVE based on their budget without much of a hitch. It positions itself as a zero brokerage office leasing platform.

BHIVE - Pricing

Range (In Rs.)   
Shared Desk   
5000 – 10000/month   
Day pass   
350 – 700/day   
Meeting rooms   
400 – 2000/hour   
4000 – 10000/Seat/Month   
Furnished and customized office spaces   
Based on sq. ft.   

The prices are subject to vary based on the locations, amenities and taxation. To get a better quotation, it is worthwhile to contact the coworking office and get more information on the same.

BHIVE - Features

  • High-speed internet facility & WiFi-enabled premises.
  • Food & Beverages.
  • Security and Maintenance.
  • Meeting & conference rooms.
  • Full-fledged kitchen.

And many more. There are some special benefits for BHIVE members as well.

BHIVE is operational in various commercial locations in Bangalore such as HSR Layout, Koramangala, Indiranagar, Residency Road, MG Road, etc.

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Bangalore being a thriving market of entrepreneurial activity, the coworking spaces of 91SpringBoard are designed as fully furnished shared office space, where you can develop a network with people from varied backgrounds and experiences. It is the best coworking space in Bangalore and also conducts various events that help members in building networks. It not only provides coworking spaces, but also HR, Design and Accounting services, legal advice, digital marketing advice, etc.

It is expanded to various locations across Bangalore including Koramangala, MG Road, Indiranagar, etc.

91SpringBoard - Pricing

The pricing differs based on the location and services required. The prices may vary from Rs. 500/day - Rs. 12300/month. Detailed information can be obtained from their official site and contacted accordingly.

91SpringBoard - Features

  • PAN India Access.
  • Internet facility.
  • Pay-per-use plans.
  • Secure private cabins.
  • Work anytime (24x7).
  • Tech-enabled meeting rooms.

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Bangalore Alpha Lab

Bangalore Alpha labs are dynamic. The ambience of the space boosts up an air of inspiration in the minds of people. It aims to create a vibrant community of entrepreneurs, freelancers and startups. Their startup packages aim to help with branding and building the company. Privacy being the main concern of many, it also has amenities for private office cabins and conference rooms that can be rented on an hourly basis.  The chances to work and collaborate with many others is high. These labs are located near Koramangala and JP Nagar in Bangalore.

Bangalore Alpha Lab - Pricing

Plans Price
Private office   
Rs. 20,000/month   
Guest Access   
Rs. 1000/month (5days)   
Virtual membership   
Rs. 1000/month   
Full membership   
Rs. 4000/month   

Hot Desk / Open plan

Rs. 250/day

The prices are subject to changes based on location and any external or internal factors.

Bangalore Alpha Lab - Features

  • High-speed internet facility.
  • Flexible seating.
  • Security and Maintenance.
  • Mail handling.
  • Lounge/Chill-out area.
  • Refreshments & storage facility.
  • Various Membership benefits.

Bangalore Coworking Hub

This coworking space in Bangalore provides varied amenities that cater to the needs of its clients. It aims in providing collaboration and networking platforms to its diverse clients which would include consultants, freelancers, startups, and emerging businesses. The striking balance between work and freedom to explore new ideas is achieved by this coworking space. It is located near HAL in Bangalore.

Bangalore Coworking Hub - Pricing

Plans Price
Night membership   
Based on availability   
Part time/6-weekdays   
Rs. 1500/month   
Conference rooms   
Usage basis   

Full membership/monthly pass

Rs. 3800/month

These prices may vary based on availability and usage basis. Some services may differ based on the type of membership availed.

Bangalore Coworking Hub - Features

  • High-speed internet facility.
  • Employee parking space.
  • Security and Maintenance.
  • Mail handling.
  • Pantry facilities.
  • Workstation furniture.
  • Virtual office space.


Coworks - Coworking space in Bangalore
Coworks - Coworking space in Bangalore

Coworks provides a completely customizable office space that suits the clients’ needs. One can access diverse facilities from private studios, flexible desks to custom-built office spaces. To seek an office address in the heart of the city with access to business hubs, airports, their six centres are strategically located across the city which includes Indiranagar, Yehlanka, Eco World, Koramangala, Residency Road and Whitefield.

Coworks - Pricing

Coworks charge a flat fee based on features that allow you to budget and scale. No per member pricing. No complicated wifi or hardware contracts. No hidden fees. Just pay for the tools you need.

Coworks - Features  

  • Mail Handling.
  • WiFi Access.
  • Community lounges.
  • Security & maintenance.
  • Integrated health club.
  • Amphitheatre.
  • Virtual Receptionist.
  • Discussion booths.
  • Art gallery.
  • Retail outlets.

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All about Innov8 Coworking Space in Bangalore

Innov8 offers exquisite and beautifully crafted workspaces, where any individual or a team can connect to many, collaborate, and create an extensive community. It hosts people from diverse backgrounds such as entrepreneurs, freelancers, employees and startups enthusiasts.

Innov8 is located in Koramangala which is a centre for many budding startup enthusiasts, young minds and an extensive network of relaxing zones nearby.

Innov8 - Pricing


Starting price/person
Fixed Desk   
Rs. 10499/month   
Meeting room   
Rs. 800/hour   
Hot desk   
Rs. 5999/month   
Private cabin   
Rs. 16599/month   
Multi-utility space   
Rs. 2000/hour   
Flexi pass   
Rs. 3999/month   

Innov8 - Features

  • Meeting rooms.
  • Recreational zone.
  • Lounge area.
  • Cafe.
  • Pleasing ambience.
  • Community events.

Social Offline

This is another Best Coworking space in Bangalore. It is termed as a perfect blend of office and cafe. It combines play and works together. When you're bored or just want a chilling and relaxing time, you can head towards the gaming area which is equipped with Playstations and many more. In addition to that, there are meeting rooms, high-speed internet, vast open play-work area with comfort enabled couches and chairs. This place also has an exquisite bar that offers a variety of delicacies and beverages.

This is a perfect place for anyone who wants to socialize and collaborate. It is located near Church Street in Bangalore.

Socila Offline - Pricing

Membership fees are around Rs. 5000/month/person. Details regarding private office and meeting rooms can be directly enquired based on availability and usage.

Social Offline - Features

  • High-Speed WiFi.
  • Air conditioning.
  • Catering.
  • Community events.
  • Relax zones.
  • Play and work zones.

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Awfis - Coworking space in Bangalore
Awfis - Coworking space in Bangalore

Awfis has become an integral part of the exciting journey of developing an innovative atmosphere for entrepreneurs by providing affordable and collaborative workspaces. They believe in the concept that startups need much more than just spaces, thereby innovating the concept of ‘Pro working’, which focuses on People, Proximity and Performance. They enable one to make just-in-time bookings for meeting rooms and work desks. One can enjoy a flexible and convenient work environment.

It is spread across various locations in the city, thereby providing the scope of doing business from a wide choice of prime locations in the city. It includes Indiranagar, Whitefield, MG Road, Outer Ring Road, Hosur, Adugodi, Residency Road and St. Marks Road.

Awfis - Pricing

Requirement Starting Price
Individual Desk Rs. 300/day
Private Cabins Rs. 9000/month

Pricing differs based on location and amenities.

Awfis - Features

  • Reward programs.
  • A multitude of options.
  • Courier & Storage facilities.
  • Lounges.
  • Tech amenities.
  • Pods are installed to listen to music.
  • Phone booths.
  • Flexible seats.

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Workshaala is like startup offices in Bangalore. It is a great place to experience productive workspaces with quality infrastructure and flexible office plans. It is committed to providing vibrant working spaces where ideas are born, nurtured, and transformed into a growing business. The core values that Workshaala abides by are quality of services, flexibility and ease of customized options and transparency in its working.

Workshaala - Pricing

The price ranges from Rs. 400/day - Rs. 18000/month based on the location and requirements.

Workshaala - Features

  • High-speed internet.
  • Conference room.
  • Networking access.
  • Security & Maintenance.
  • Virtual Office.
  • Designed furniture.

It is spread across various locations in Bangalore. This includes - Banaswadi, Koramangala, HSR NR Tower, HSR Sector 4 and Sector 3.


iKeva offers a diverse community that offers benefits to businesses and entrepreneurs. It has been significant in establishing the concept of serviced offices and coworking places. They offer private cabins, meeting rooms, coworking spaces and virtual offices. It is located near Marathahalli and MG Road in Bangalore.

iKeva - Coworking space in Bangalore
iKeva - Coworking space in Bangalore

iKeva - Pricing

The pricing varies from Rs.2500/month - Rs.9000/month based on services required.

iKeva - Features

  • Wi-fi access.
  • Power backup.
  • IT support.
  • Plug and play office space solutions.


Regus office space has a range of benefits that are designed to enable a business to flourish. The Regus community events, office suites along exclusive discounts from top brands in the Regus Marketplace is something that can be taken advantage of. You can also get access to a communal kitchen and chill-out zones. These offices are situated in the prime locations of the city which includes areas near Hosur Road, UB City, World trade centre, Embassy golf links business park, Brigade Road, and many more to cover.

Regus - Pricing

The prices are based on location and the type of space needed like coworking, office space, virtual office, meeting room, membership, etc.

Regus - Features

  • High-speed Wi-fi connectivity.
  • Office equipment.
  • Maintenance and security.
  • Flexible payment schemes.
  • Lounges.
  • IT & telecom setups.
  • Meeting rooms.

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Kafnu is designed to encourage community interaction with an event area that holds private networking events, workshops, sessions with the speaker, etc. There are meeting areas with industrial and biophilic design, a morsel that is inspired by regional cuisines and a private office for personal and secure business conduct with sound insulations. All in all, it has a pleasing ambience that sparks enthusiasm and creativity. It is located near the Residency Road in Bangalore.

Kafnu - Pricing

The pricing varies depending on the desk and office that you want to choose, the number of people and time duration.

Kafnu - Features

  • Community network & events.
  • Flexible dining options.
  • Tech support.
  • Opportunity to host corporate meets and events.
  • Pleasant atmosphere.


Evoma provides a combination of business incubation and collaborative office spaces. The atmosphere of this place suits the business doings. It offers video conference suites, a coffee cum bar shop, a restaurant, a collaborative workspace, and a health club that is sophisticatedly structured.

Evoma - Coworking space in Bangalore
Evoma - Office for rent in Bangalore

Evoma - Pricing

The prices vary from Rs. 1500 - Rs. 4000/month based on need and requirement. It is located in four major areas in Bangalore i.e. Marathahalli, KR Puram, EPIP Zone Whitefield and Borewell Road Whitefield.

Evoma - Features

  • Fully-equipped business centres.
  • Meeting rooms.
  • Virtual offices.
  • Board rooms.

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Investopad believes in allowing emerging leaders and entrepreneurs to develop their skills and access to business opportunities. Workspaces designed by Investopad caters for collaboration and offers a congenial work environment. It is the most flexible and stable place that one can experience in the city. It is located in the prime location of the city i.e. Koramangala.

Investopad - Pricing

Plan Suitability Price Range
Suits small teams (Basically   find an empty desk and start working)   
Rs. 6000 for 30 days   
Perfect for large   teams (Permanent seats)   
Rs. 8000 for 30 days   


Suited for individuals, freelancers, and digital nomads

Rs. 4000 for 12 days

Investopad - Features

Commune Coworks

Commune Coworks, is the place where you can draw designs, take calls, have brainstorming sessions with the support of tech and projectors. Commune accepts workers of varied genres, it has a well-designed dedicated space for conducting workshops, a shaded terrace, and a studio that helps stimulate a person’s mind by inducing productivity and creativity. All in one it has a pleasant working environment. Commune is located in the startup zone of the city i.e. Koramangala.

Commune Coworks - Pricing

Plan Price
Individual hot desks   
Rs. 7999/month   
Dedicated desks   
Rs. 11999/month   
Private cabin   
Rs. 12999/month   
Day pass   
Rs. 500/day   

Commune Coworks - Features

  • Fully Equipped kitchen.
  • High-speed internet.
  • Training room.
  • Event spaces.
  • Security and maintenance.
  • Community membership.
  • Personalized lockers.

NUMA Bangalore

NUMA is an all in one package for any budding entrepreneur. It not only provides dedicated office spaces, meeting rooms, conference rooms, event spaces, private cabins but also spreads its services to startup acceleration and innovation.

NUMA - Pricing

Plan Price
Rs. 300 - 500/day
Rs. 1500 - 2500/week
Rs. 6500 - 10000/month   
Private offices   
Rs. 50000 -   75000/month   
Meeting rooms   
Based on availability   
Event Spaces   
Based on availability   

NUMA - Features

  • Wi-fi  Connection.
  • Storage facility.
  • Pantry.
  • Library.
  • Tech support.
  • Lounge.
  • Community events.
  • Video conferencing.

Startup Huts

Startup Huts understands the need for dynamism and thus provides two options within the coworking space. You can either choose a flexible space where you can share your space with others as well or you can go for a dedicated coworking space, which will exclusively be for you and your team. It offers a satisfied and full package to the budding entrepreneurs i.e. from registration of the company to mentoring and tech support. The conference rooms, lounges, dedicated cabin space, cabin walls, and desks are strategically placed to provide an effective and productive work environment. All in all, it provides a perfect ecosystem to work in collaboration.

It is located near Residency Road and HSR Layout in Bangalore.

Startup Huts - Pricing

Plan Price
Dedicated Co-workspace   
Rs. 5999/seat/month   
Flexi Co-workspace   
Rs. 350/day/seat   

Dedicated Cabin Space

Rs. 6999/seat/month

Startup Huts - Features

  • Mentoring and consultancy services.
  • Incubation.
  • Plug & play office space.
  • Community events.
  • Business services.

Cowork Cafe

Cowork Cafe is associated with providing the most relevant and valuable services to its members. If you are a person who likes working in a peaceful and calm environment, then this place would suit you the most. The inspiring and ready to use workspaces has everything that you need to grow your venture. These workspaces are deemed to be fun workspaces that are your home away from home. They not only provide a collaborative workspace but are also into Incubation (Help with IT, HR, Accounting, Operations, Sales & Marketing needs). It is located near Sarjapur Road in Bangalore.

Cowork Cafe - Pricing

The price for a Resident Coworker is Rs. 5000/month and for Guest Coworker is Rs. 300/day.

Cowork Cafe - Features

  • Lockers and storage space.
  • Laptops on rentals.
  • 3G/4G dongles on rental.
  • Meeting rooms.
  • Pantry.
  • Power Backup.


Smartworks are aware of the present workforce demands and their requirements for an office atmosphere, thus they are equipped with the latest technology to provide a hassle-free environment to its clients. The infrastructure and the design of Smartworks offices infuse productivity and a better work-life balance. Gaming and chill-out zones are also set up to calm one’s mind off the loaded work and have a peaceful time with oneself along with the like-minded people around. It is located near the Outer Ring Road, Miller Road, and Ashok Nagar in the city.

Smartworks - Pricing

The prices are personalized based on the customization and services availed. It is available on request.

Smartworks - Features

  • High-speed internet.
  • Printing and Support.
  • Serviced smart business cafe.
  • Gaming Room.
  • Courier services.

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Jaaga is India's oldest coworking community. It has an open and green space, so if you hate Cramped spaces, then this might be the perfect place for you. It has a collaborative community of freelancers & entrepreneurs. It is located near Malleshwaram, Bangalore.

Jagga - Pricing

The prices vary from Rs. 250/day to Rs. 20000/month. They provide Gold, Silver, and Friend membership.

Jagga - Features

  • High-speed internet.
  • Mentoring.
  • Cloud credits from AWS and IBM.
  • Kitchen facility.
  • Workshops in various fields of study.
  • Networking opportunities.
  • Prototyping and testing ideas.
  • Stack-based collaboration and community engagement.
  • Internal mock pitch sessions.

Workflo by OYO

Workflo is a fantastic workspace powered by OYO. It exudes young and positive vibes to aid you to build a company that you dream of. Workflo offers shared working spaces that are tuned to meet the day-to-day business requirements. It is designed with dedicated desks along with a private workstation or private cabin. Furthermore, Workflo also offers facilities of meeting rooms, conference rooms that are available for rent. The model from Workflo that supports your business, trendy designs, smart and viable leasing options, and affordable prices make it a primary choice for the brands and businesses of today.

Workflo by OYO - Coworking space in Bangalore
Workflo by OYO - Coworking space in Bangalore

Workflo has two offices in Bangalore - Umiya Emporium, Koramangala and KR Puram, ORR.

Workflo by OYO - Pricing

Workflo by OYO is smartly priced to suit your business needs. Besides, with the Early bird offer via the latest Flexi all pass, you can opt for any centres across India at just Rs. 2999/month and Rs. 7999 for 3 months.

Workflo by OYO - Features

  • Centralized AC.
  • High-speed internet.
  • 24x7 tea and coffee.
  • Meeting rooms.
  • Dedicated cafeteria.
  • Easy accessibility to printers and copiers.
  • Convenient car parking facilities.

Along with Bangalore, OYO's coworking spaces are also available in multiple locations including mega-corporate hubs like Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Chennai and Pune.

Novel Office

Get what you need for your office to grow amidst the bustle of Bangalore. Novel Office is distinguished as one of the most popular office space providers in the city. It offers a diverse range of office spaces that starts from 100 sq. ft. to 10,000 sq. ft. for offices of all sizes. Therefore, with the Novel Office, you can get the kind of space that is most suited for your business. Furthermore, it also allows you to rent smart coworking spaces and business centres if you need not rent office space.

Novel offices are located at multiple locations in and around Bangalore that includes Bellandur market, Electronic City market, HSR layout market, Indiranagar market, J.P Nagar market, Jayanagar market, Koramangala market, and Whitefield market.

Novel Office - Pricing

Novel office offers desks that start from Rs. 9000/month. You can also opt for a diverse range of spaces available for hire. The rate for booking meeting rooms starts from Rs. 3500/day. For more information regarding booking and the availability of spaces, check out their official website.

Novel Office - Features

  • Ready to use spaces for starting immediately.
  • Fully furnished workspaces.
  • Corporate ambience.
  • Flexible spaces.
  • Cost-effective.
  • 24x7 working environment.

Quest Offices

Quest offices are among the most reliable workspaces and office service providers operating across the country. The growing world of business demands workspaces that are tailored to their needs, and Quest offices are equipped to fulfil their changing needs and boost their businesses. Whether one needs a coworking space, business centre, meeting rooms, or infrastructure that supports virtual offices, Quest offices are the only destination to help you get them all. It is one of the best choices for large and small businesses, individuals, entrepreneurs, and remote teams.

Quest offices is located at Raheja Towers at Mahatma Gandhi Road along with numerous other offices across the country.

Quest Offices - Pricing

Requirement Price
Office Desk Rs. 9000/month, Rs. 100/hour & Rs. 500/day
Private Cabins Rs. 30000/month
Meeting Rooms Rs. 1000/hour & Rs. 6500/day
Training Rooms Rs. 3000/hour & Rs. 20000/day

For more information regarding Quest Offices and their package, check out their official website.

Quest Offices - Features

  • World-class infrastructure.
  • Fast and powerful internet connectivity.
  • Smart payment options.
  • Multiple offices at different locations.
  • Well-knit with the city.
  • Integrated cafeteria.
  • Funzone.
  • 15+ years of experience.


Looking for coworking spaces and offices in Bangalore? Then, don’t worry because Spacelance Office Solutions brings the best spaces for hire that will let a company get the optimum facilities. Whether one needs a coworking space or plans to set up a virtual office, require meeting rooms, conference rooms, or other workspaces to empower varying business needs, Spacelance is the ultimate destination. Furthermore, Spacelance Office Solutions also offers virtual addresses, equipped with virtual landline numbers, numbers for faxing, live receptionist support with little investment.

Spacelance boasts of multiple offices in and around the country among which the offices at HSR Layout and Indiranagar are famous in Bangalore.

Spacelance - Pricing

Packages Price
Basic Package Rs. 1300/month & Rs. 13000 annually
Standard Package Rs. 1500/month & Rs. 15000 annually
Ultimate Package Rs. 2000/month & Rs. 20000 annually

In case you are curious to know more about Spacelance, its facilities and the prices in detail, then it’s best to dive into their website.

Spacelance - Features

  • Professional business address.
  • Excellent facilities for handling and forwarding mails.
  • Local landline number.
  • Live receptionist.
  • Fast and hassle-free company registration.
  • Access to meeting rooms.


Workafella offers unique and amazing workspaces and coworking units in different cities around the country and is lauded for each of its spaces. The Bangalore city office of Workafella is located at Infantry Road. This Workafella office offers office terrace gardens, cafeterias, and excellent office spaces to work without at one’s own pace. Starting a day full of caffeine, stopping at the social hub for a quick conversation, and working at peace are some of the unique activities you can repeat days on end at Workafella.

Workafella - Pricing

Workafella offers offices and coworking spaces at affordable prices that suit the diverse business needs of today. Though the price mostly varies on the centres and their locations, it generally ranges from Rs. 550/day/person to Rs. 10000 -Rs.13000/month/seat.

Workafella - Features

  • Smart and flexible plans for all offices.
  • All-inclusive pricing packages.
  • A variety of office spaces to choose from.
  • 24x7 accessibility and air conditioning facilities.
  • Security around the clock.
  • Complimentary meeting rooms and other amenities.


Easyoffices is a brand reputed for its coworking and office spaces in multiple locations that include Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Pune, Gurgaon and more, around the country. With easy-to-use offices equipped with smart facilities and flexible payment options for all kinds of businesses, Easyoffices is the first choice regardless of the size and nature of businesses.

Easyoffices offers a range of smart workspaces in Bangalore at multiple locations including Dickenson Road, Whitefield, Bommanahalli, Domlur, Jayanagar, Malleshwaram, Nagawara, etc.

Easyoffices - Pricing

The pricing of EasyOffices varies depending on the location and business needs. The price card offers rates that start from Rs. 7500/month to Rs. 18500/month. For more information, you can check out their official website.

Easyoffices - Features

  • Fully furnished workspaces.
  • Flexible office spaces that are tailor-made for businesses.
  • 24x7 availability of rooms.
  • Flexible hiring options.
  • Excellent business lounges and areas for collaborations.
  • Manned receptions to be accessed around the clock.
  • Availability of cabins and conference rooms for varying requirements.


CorporatEdge is one of the leading office service providers that offers smart and well-equipped office spaces that are suited for the changing office needs of today. CorporatEdge is distinguished for premium office spaces at convenient locations in and around Bangalore and multiple locations across the country. Along with providing the brands and businesses with smart workspaces, CorporatEdge also strives to provide them with immensely elegant spaces that add to their brand value. CorporatEdge enjoys 5 centres that are in operation in 5 different locations, 3 different cities, and PAN India locations and boasts of an ever-growing clientele.

CorporatEdge - Coworking space in Bangalore
CorporatEdge - Coworking space in Bangalore

CorporatEdge offers a range of options to choose from when it comes to opting for service offices, meeting rooms, virtual offices, and more. The main office of CorporatEdge is located at ITC Green in Bangalore.

CorporatEdge - Pricing

Requirement Starting Price
Desk Booking Rs. 12000/month
Private Cabins Rs. 28000/month
Meeting Rooms Rs. 4000/day

You just need to choose the duration and the capacity you would need for your business. However, it is always wise to check out their official website for more information and pricing details.

CorporatEdge - Features

  • High-speed internet to transfer data without hassles.
  • Convenient cafeteria and kitchen area.
  • Prime locations around the country.
  • Transparent pricing and packages.
  • Smartphone booths at multiple places.
  • Secured offices that enable keyless entries.
  • 24x7 access to photocopying and printing machines.
  • 24x7 building access.
  • Attached lounge for guests.


Cowrks is known for vibrant office spaces that are set up at strategic locations for ease of communication. It believes in building offices that are elegant and elevate the status of the businesses operating from them. Besides, it also ensures that the employees and other business professionals feel at home even while working. Furthermore, Cowrks also boasts state-of-the-art technology to improve the user experience along with the 5-star hospitality that it extends.

The coworking spaces from Cowrks would gear up businesses and boost their productivity and collaboration. Regardless of whether you are looking for an office space for a day or continue working for years on end, Cowrks has got you covered. Yelahanka, New Indiranagar, Ecoworld, Koramangala, Whitefield and Residency Road are some of the office locations of Cowrks in Bengaluru. The other states where Cowrks have their offices include Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai and Hyderabad.

Cowrks - Pricing

CoWrks charges a membership fee that depends on the number of desks and the total duration that you would be needing them for. Also, the prices are based on the location of your business and the facilities. A desk can cost anywhere between Rs. 3000 to Rs.10000/month. For more detailed information and pricing packages, you can check out their website.

Cowrks - Features

  • Fully furnished shared offices of varying sizes and amenities.
  • 24x7 entry inside the office rooms between Monday to Saturday.
  • Flexible charges for a diverse range of options for payments.
  • Fast internet connectivity around the clock.
  • Special lounge and lounge plus packages.
  • A wide range of contracts.


One of the leading working space providers operating in India, IndiQube aims to bring the best workspaces to meet the demands of the new-age businesses. Whether it is for an enterprise or a startup, offshore centres or solopreneurs IndiQube strives to provide the best experience for each brand. Along with smart buildings that are powered by the latest technologies to boost the working experience, IndiQube also boasts various employee engagement programs.

IndiQube - Coworking space in Bangalore
IndiQube - Coworking space in Bangalore

IndiQube - Pricing

Requirement Starting Price
Office Desk Rs. 6499/month
Private Cabin Rs. 42500/month
Event Spaces Rs. 15000/day & above

However, prices may widely differ according to the size and function of workspaces. For more details, you can simply check out the official website of IndiQube.

IndiQube - Features

  • Smart digital workspaces are equipped with everything that a business needs.
  • Flexible services for varying office needs.
  • Vibrant employee engagement programs to spark up the mood.
  • Easy accessibility to all areas 24x7.
  • Cost-effective workspaces.
  • Easy extension of brands.


This was our list of Coworking Spaces in Bangalore. If you are one among them, then connect with us at to get featured in the list.


What is a coworking space?

A coworking space is an office or a building where individuals or a group of individuals can come to work on their personal or professional projects. Individuals pay to the company which is providing the space.

Why do we need a coworking space?

Coworking space could be needed for the following reasons:

  • It provides small businesses or startups with a work space to get their work done.
  • It allows you to find potential business partners or investors in these places to build the business.
  • It is fairly cheaper for startups with a small team than a proper office space.
  • It provides amenities like foosball tables, billiards, gaming consoles, cafeterias, wifi-enabaled premises, etc. on one platform.
  • It provides a multitude of leasing plans like pay on a monthly basis, daily basis, or on an hourly basis.

Which are the best coworking spaces in Bangalore?

Here's the list of the best coworking spaces in Bangalore.

  • WeWork
  • BHIVE Workspace
  • 91SpringBoard
  • Bangalore Alpha Lab
  • Bangalore Coworking Hub
  • Coworks
  • Innov8
  • Social Offline
  • Awfis
  • Workshaala
  • iKeva
  • Regus
  • Kafnu
  • Evoma
  • Investopad
  • Commune Coworks
  • NUMA Bangalore
  • Startup Huts
  • Cowork Cafe
  • Smartworks
  • Jaaga
  • Workflo by OYO
  • Novel Office
  • Quest Offices
  • Spacelance
  • Workafella
  • Easyoffices
  • CorporatEdge
  • Cowrks
  • IndiQube

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