Coaching Vs Mentoring: The Key Differences

Himangi Khare Himangi Khare
Nov 10, 2020 6 min read
Coaching Vs Mentoring: The Key Differences

Coronavirus Pandemic has taken a heavy toll on the best of us, these are hard times when everyone is struggling to make ends meet. We are in the unlock phase, ideally once can expect a cut-throat competition in almost any field one chooses to pursue.

In these tough times, when people are deciding if they should invest their precious time in playing video games or mindlessly attending their graduation lectures you should be the one who decides where your career trajectory will go and for that everyone needs guidance. Coaches VS Mentors. A common tug of war question which every entrepreneur deals with. Whatever, the correct answer may be, it is firstly imperative to understand the key differences between a coach and a mentor.

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The concept of mentors existed for quite a long time. Shedding light on history, Socrates was a mentor to Plato, and Plato himself was a mentor to Aristotle. Let's make it easier with the pop culture reference of what Dumbledore is to Harry Potter and what Obi-Wan Kenobi is to Luke Skywalker from Starwars.

The concept of Coaches though is mainly used in Sports industry however, almost every field today has a wave of coaches coming in and presenting the world with extraordinary talent. Ramakant Achrekar was Sachin Tendulkar's coach whereas Pullela Gopichand - Coached players like Saina Nehwal and PV Sindhu. One really doesn’t have to introduce these names and these dedicated as all of these are dedicated coaches and mentors who have given their hearts and soul into earning their titles.

Coaching Vs Mentoring
Coaching Vs Mentoring

Who Is A Coach? Why Do You Need A Coach?

A coach is someone who helps you imagine a greater possibility for yourself and then supports you to achieve it. They help their clients to dream big and help make those dream come into reality. We all need people who give us feedback and help us work on our constructive criticisms. That’s how we improve.

One thing that people always fail to do is self reflect or in layman terms see themselves the way others do. Coaches do help to overcome this dogma. Coaches really guide you and let you know if you’re on the correct path. Every famous dancer, athlete, actor always had someone, a dedicated coach to guide them and help them achieve their goals that they once deeply desired.

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Everyone needs a coach, the greatest too. However, how do professionals get better at what they do?. People might often expect you to do things on your own however, they do not realize that many problems arise when you're figuring out your ways. Sometimes you’re not even aware of the problems holding you down and sometimes you don't know how to fix them and this resorts to you stopping your improvement.

Coaching helps you to be self-aware on a whole another level as you’re been looked upon with a completely different set of experienced eyes. They become your external eyes and ears and give you a much accurate picture of your reality. They help you break down your actions piece by piece and build them up again. They don’t care about how good you are right now, they care about how good you are going to be.

Who Is A Mentor? Why Do You Need A Mentor?

Just like, Captain Holt for Amy Santiago if you’re a B99 fan, Harvey Specter for Mike if you’re a Suits buff. A Mentor is a person who has walked down the same path you’re walking right now and will help you get where you want. Unlike Coaches, they don’t charge you a fee. They believe in you, trust you and prepare you not just for yourself but to make the world a slightly better place.

Where Can You Find A Mentor For Your Startup
An entrepreneur’s lack of future sight can be avoided by acquiring a mentorship. Finding the right startup mentor is not an easy thing. A right mentor is the fundamental factor for having a successful startup. Some of the places for finding a perfect mentor are given below.

Mentors are a bit hard to find. They aren’t set up in a traditional institute. To find a mentor you have to work on yourself in the beginning and earn the trust of the person you want to be mentored. One cannot simply knock on an institute’s door to find a mentor one has to rather keep going on their own journey and find their mentor. Once you do, you cherish them forever. They provide you with their knowledge and wisdom and help you achieve your goals.

Mentoring lives up to a lifetime and it does not just help you get better at your ar but also get better at life. Being a mentee means to get constantly grilled for improving with critical feedback based upon the path you've chosen to walk upon. One can have multiple mentors in their lifetimes.

The Key Differences of Coaching VS Mentoring
The Key Differences of Coaching VS Mentoring

Coaching VS Mentoring

Mentors are trust-based, some would consider their mentors as their third parent. If you’d like to get a taste of this, we recommend you to read good books like Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. A mentor is someone who has already been there and done that. They develop the potential in you and help you grow as a person.

Coaching is structured and is based upon you getting results while mentoring is based upon your life performance and growth. If you wish to get good at chess you’d probably need a coach but if you wish to play your life as skillfully as chess and win the game at the end, you do need a mentor.

In the tug of war of Coach vs Mentor, nobody actually wins. You need to invest in yourself through them. It is tough to find people who guide you through this cruel world but if they’re with you, you need to hold tight and extract all their wisdom.

Well, until you find yourself a correct coach or a mentor depending upon what you wish to do, one can always connect and find inspiration online through books and videos. The world out there is quite competitive already and will be more brutal within a few years. So here are a few recommendations for you to follow till the time you actually find your Coaches and Mentors.

  • (Youtube Channnel)
  • Dan Lok
  • Robert Kiyozaki
  • MindValley (Youtube Channel)
  • Gary Vee
  • Robin Sharma
  • Mel Robbins
  • Matt D Avella
  • The Urban Fight
  • Sandeeep Maheshvari
  • Beer Biceps
  • Jim Kwik
  • Dandapani LLC
  • Amogh Lila Prabhu

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