90+ Tools for Freelancers Which They Must Know About

Niku Mandal Niku Mandal
Aug 26, 2020 16 min read
90+ Tools for Freelancers Which They Must Know About

Freelancing can be sure a tough job. Once you realize being ‘your own boss’ means putting the hats of legal expert, financier, routine planner, and work manager, all at once. But there are always ways to help with that, aren’t there? We have crafted for you a list of 90+ such freelancer tools that come to your rescue whenever, wherever you need a virtual assistant.

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List Of 90+ Freelancer Tools


Zipbboks is founded by Tim Chaves in 21015. Zipbooks is a free accounting tool that you can use to create invoices, manage clients, payments and expenses and track your time. You can even set up late payment reminders for your clients.


Behance - Freelancer Tools
Behance | Tools for Freelancers

Behance is founded by Scott Belsky in 2006. One of the most popular website out there, Behance is nothing but a boon for freelancers. Be it showcasing your creativity, or creating your online portfolio for work. Behance supports a variety of platforms from Photoshop to PDFs, allows you to view and appreciate others projects, and lets you collaborate and upload work.


Proposify is founded by Kyle Racki, Kevin Springer in 2013. Proposify is a proposal writing tool that comes equipped with a host of templates, and customisable features. It comes with a set of basic drawing tools and almost looks like a mini word processor to help you with the job.
Proposify pricing: $19 per month


Freedom is founded by Fred Stutzman in 2009. This tool is designed to cater to just one unique purpose that is to stop you from wasting your time on your phone. It helps bar out unnecessary distractions by letting you set a work schedule on its platform, during which it blocks distracting apps and websites.
Freedom pricing: $6.99/month, $29.04/year, or $129 for life


Memento is founded by Chelsie Patterson in 2019. Memento is a pretty convenient invoicing tool that make generating invoices a quick, hassle free experience. It is a paid service though and it comes with a price tag of $200 per annum.
Memento Pricing: $3.00 per month


Teudeux is founded by Roth-Eisenberg in 2008. A to-do app, Teuxdeux is a smart tool that helps you build work checklists, and plan your day. It is particularly known for its easy to surf layout, good design and user friendliness. Teuxdeux pricing is:

  • The believer plan is just $2 a month, paid yearly.
  • The skeptic plan is $3 a month, paid monthly.


Sanebox is founded by Stuart Roseman in 2010. This app helps you with one of your most important handles, the epitome of your professional existence, your mailing inbox. Sanebox helps you organise through stuff and keep your inbox clean.
Sanebox pricing: $7.00 per month


Productive is founded by Jan Varljen in 2014. This tool helps you form productive work habits, It comes with an easy-to-use interface that lets you plan and schedule habits for any time of the day, set smart reminders for each time of the day and stay right on track.


Due is founded by Robins Gupta & Ravi Gupta in 2015. A reminders app, this one offers to store and maintain your reminders.


Clear is a  list-making app with a user friendly layout and easy style, Clear lets you schedule and manage your tasks better.


A well-knitted productivity app, 30/30 lets you incorporates lists and timing of tasks into an elegant and easy-to-use interface.

Tomato Timer

A sufficiently handy tool, this one promises to help you become more productive. It divides your schedule into 25 minute segments with a 5 minute break between each such segment. This is down with an automated countdown timer that keeps you right on track with your work.


Call it a way better version of Gmail, this app lets you organize your mails, categorise them efficiently, have attachment previews, built-in snooze buttons, automatic labeling and intelligent search. With its user friendly design and easy to navigate layout, this one is sure to make your work easier.


A handy app for android and iOS, TinyScanner lets you scan your work documents from your device’s camera and turn them into PDFs. It even lets you customize page size and share the scanned PDFs.
TinyScanner is free but pro version costs $4.99.


Harpoon | Tools for Freelancers

Harpoon is founded by Andrew Johnson, Ryan Battles in 2015. Quite a lifesaver, Harpoon is an extremely handy tool that lets you track your average revenue per project(or per month, day or hour), plan your schedules, check outstanding invoices and keep track of your goals. Harpoon is a paid service coming with a price tag of $19 per month.


Truelancer is founded by Dipesh Garg in 2014. If you call yourself a freelancer, you already know what a blessing Truelancer is. Truelancer not only helps you find more work, but find and meet potential clients and build a network.
Truelancer Pricing: $50 or 5% of total project value (whichever is more)


LifeHacker is founded by Gina Trapani. Just as the name suggests, his site helps you by keeping you updated with recent technology, lessons on innovative thinkers and daily life hacks.


Upwork is founded by Stratis Karamanlakis, Odysseas Tsatalos. Yet another platform for landing work, Upwork lets you make a free profile, crate and promote gigs, bid on project and meet clients.
Upwork Pricing: 20% for the first $500.00 billed with the client


Xero App | Tools for Freelancers

Xero is founded by Rod Drury and Hamish Edwards in 2006. A one stop destination for all your financial engagements, Xero is a paid service that offers online accounting, invoicing, billing, and banking. The monthly charges are $19.


BufferApp is founded by Leo Widrich. This one is a blog, loaded with information about a variety of stuff- from entertaining to inspirational and informative. This include a number of articles that will help you learn and run your business better.

Social Oomph

Social Oomph comes with a set of some great social networking tools that help you market your services and stay at the top of your game.
SocialOomph pricing: starts at $6.97 as a one-time payment.


LinkedIn is founded by
Reid Hoffman, Allen Blue, Konstantin Guericke, Eric Ly, Jean-Luc Vaillant in 2002. LinkedIn is a widely acclaimed platform that not only lets you establish your professional identity, but also build a network, find jobs and connect with possible clients with its built-in mailing and messaging service.
LinkedIn Pricing: LinkedIn Premium is offered in four tiers, ranging from $29.99 to $59.99 per month for job seekers, $79.99 per month for sales professionals, and $119.95 per month for recruiters


One of the best known tools for freelancers, proposal helps you to create a proposal for your client and price your projects. Prospero analyses your work,  project deadlines and your working rate to self design an editable proposal that is relevant to the services you offer.

Mind Meister

Mind-mapping is the predecessor to great ideas and MindMeister offer you that by ditching the traditional pen and paper method. Create mind-maps on your electronic devices free or buy the premium plan and enjoy additional benefits.


This tool lets you create and share prototypes with your clients.it lets you import your design sketches from any design software, link the pages, apply relevant transitions and share them wherever needed.


Bidsketch | Tools for Freelancers

Bidsketch assists you to create client proposals with its wide range of customisable templates. Besides letting you create templates, this tool also help you distribute them and offers related analytics about the distribution, like who downloaded it, and who viewed it and for how long.


Docstoc is an informational online archive of professional and legal, business, financial, technical documents on a diverse range of subjects, that help you learn and grow.


A time planner tool, RescueTime offers to save your time by keeping track and letting you know of the amount of time you spend on each of your tasks.


Shake lets you create contracts from a variety of free templates it offers. Also, Shake allows you to choose between assignment based or licensing project, send it to the client, and even get referrals from a law firm.


Civichelp is an excellent platform that brings together service providers and recruiters and help you promote your skills and find work.


Fiverr is a freelance haven that allows to to find jobs or ‘gigs’. The service sellers have the option to choose a starting price for their gigs, the quote starting from $5 (hence the name!). Consequently, one gets to offer different gigs at different prices.

Sign Up on Fiverr for Free


Tweriod lets you handle your social media (especially Twitter) with ease, by constantly providing you with statistics, your campaign’s reach, their popularity, all the while, analyzing your followers, keeping reminders and providing chart displaying the most popular hours on Twitter for your followers.


Considered to be one of the best platforms for portfolio/ website making, as a freelancer, you can carve your own personal identity on Squarespace using its wide range of customisable templates.


Freeagent Mobile App | Tools for Freelancers

Freeagent is a money managing app that assists in bookkeeping and generating invoices. A well-designed app, this one is specifically designed keeping small businesses and freelancers in mind.


This freelancing tool is designed to help you manage your day to day work, save time, send invoices,keep statistics, manage clients, take notes and a lot more. It built on a mobile platform and can be assessed by both android and iOS users.

Remember the Milk

Remember The Milk is a reminder tool that lets you take care of important tasks so that you are never late again!


A free (and excellent) freelancing tool, Bonsai lets you create invoices, send contracts and collect payments without the least of efforts. Apart from its functionality, Bonsai is famous among the freelancing community for its efficient design layout.


Yet another financial tool, Outright helps you manage your finances. It lets you import data from your existing accounts, follows up daily updates, automatically categorizes your transactions and makes it all a hassle free affair.

Plagiarism checker

Plagiarism is a sin to any creator. Any content which is copied without This tools helps you detect the amount of plagiarism your copy contains by screening your document for plagiarism with 5 search engines- Google, Yahoo, Babylon, Google Books and Google Scholar. You can also use other websites for it, there are tons of tools available for plagiarism checking.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is an amazing planner tool from Google that lets you organise your schedule and plan tasks accordingly.


Marketed as the ‘online office for freelancers’, Floctopus is a social network for the freelancer community that provides all the necessary management and business tools at one place. From invoicing and billing to notes and online portfolio- the list is endless.


TermsFeed | Tools for Freelancers

Termsfeed comes to your rescue when you need some legal assistance. This tool offers a range of templates to help you craft statements for a variety of purposes- return policy, terms and conditions, privacy policy and terms of service. And all you have to do is answer a couple of questions to frame the right contract.


A time tracking tool, Timely helps you to maintain a time log to track the amount of time you have spent on each of the projects undertaken. It is a paid service, coming with a price tag of $14 per month.


This app helps the freelancers to find potential clients and generate income.


A fantastic promotional tool, this one helps  you send your email marketing newsletters, keep your clients updated about a new post or product and market your services. Besides, its a free service!

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Flow | Tools for Freelancers

This tool helps you to manage your workflow by letting you create workspaces and tasks, collaborate with your team members through inbuilt chat and organise all your assignments and private tasks.


Cushion is quite a reliable tool that helps you make an efficient work schedule for your freelancing ventures. It focuses on the time you spend on a particular project, highlights when you are overbooked and helps you plan your time better.

Pro Blogger

Your best bet for Freelancing, this tool helps you to curate content, organise ideas and create blogs to promote your online market presence.


A networking and personal marketing tool, Aweber lets you build an email campaign, which can help to maintain relationships with all your previous and current clients.


Offering a collection of hypothetical briefs or templates for a variety of genres, Briefbox allows you to simply pick one of the editable briefs and start designing, as per your need.

LKR Social Media

This is a blog run by social media marketing expert, Laura Roeder. The blog is makes a great source of learning, for freelancers looking to promote themselves online, covering a wide range of topics, from designing an effective sales page to top tools to organize your work.


This one allows you to keep track of your work hours as well as the time you spend on each project. In fact, you can even see how close you are to using up your client’s allotted budget.


Dribble's Interface | Tools for Freelancers

A great tool for sharing ideas, Dribble lets designers share and promote their products.

Web Designer Depot

This is a freelance web designers’ haven. The site not only provides free web designer kits, but also articles on social media, html, branding, how tos, contests, and more. The how-d tutorials on everything from email template design to parallax are a freelance designer’s dream. And everyone will pick up handy web design and user experience tips!


Have a question related to freelancing? Just drop all your doubts here! This tool offers to answer all your queries.


As the name suggests, Klok is a time management tool and it allows you track of your time. You can keep track of the time you spend on each project; just start and stop tracking by just clicking a button. You’re able to generate multiple reports based off of this information.

Fast Company

Need an entrepreneurship inspiration? Fast Company features, articles written by business leaders and professors, as well as top entrepreneurs, and lets you draw both inspiration and advices for your business plans.

But you can also trust us for that purpose ;)


As the name suggests, this online tool helps you to find work on a variety of work genres.

Ora Time and Expenses

The name says it all. Ora lets you to track expenses, keep a list of your tasks, run a timer on your tasks and well, keep things organised.


iCloud | Tools for Freelancers

The apple app, iCloud lets you backup and sync your devices using your Apple ID.
iCloud pricing: starting at 50GB for $0.99 (USD) a month


A great backup service, DropBox automatically backs up all the data of your computer, without you having to worry at all.
DropBox Pricing: from $12.50/ user / month


A productive time tracking tool, ToggI lets you track time the time you spend on each project. You can manage your own time as well as the time of your collaborator’s time to work out the total time spent on each project.
Toggl pricing: starts at $9.00 per month, per user.


OfficeTime helps manage your time better. That being said, it allows you to see exactly how much money you are earning per hour and know who is really paying you your actual worth.


Mozy Interface
Mozy Interface | Tools for Freelancers

When you are working on so many projects, you need a backup. Mozy lets you do just that!
Mozy Pricing: $5.99 /month; 1 Year: $65.89 ($5.49 /month); 2 Years: $125.79 ($5.24 /month)


Quite a tool if you are in for some real action, Balsamiq lets you work with a range of professionals in real time, to produce mockups and UI concepts.
Balsamiq pricing: $9/month or $90/year.


Trello is a collaboration tool that lets you organise your work projects, invite coworkers to collaborate and create shared perspective, add checklists, upload photos and videos and a lot more. Trello is a free service, open to one and all.
Trello pricing: starts at $9.99 per month


Slideshare helps you present your ideas in an organised manner and thus showcase your clients your skills, expertise, areas of interest and competency.


Timesheet is a time tracker tool that makes it easier for you to record your work hours. With timesheet, you can calculate your estimated income, handle hourly rates, keep stats, generate time or expense reports and manage expenses, among the other stuff.


Another time tracker tool, Sundial Keeps track of the time you spend on each of your projects and clients. It, then, accordingly generates time reports based on any period time you choose.


DesignQuote | Tools for Freelancers

You might land your next gig right here! This tool is for finding clients design and graphic art work. Freelancers can browse through jobs and land one through bidding.


Cannybill is an online ordering and invoicing service that lets you generate, that’s great for selling things like digital downloads or web hosting.

Better Buzzer

A reminder service, BetterBuzzer promises to keep sending you reminder text messages and keep the phone buzzing, till you haven't finished the job at hand. The company comes with  a slogan, ‘We’re annoying like that, and you’ll love it!’.

How To

This freelancing tool was built with an aim to teach any beginner the abcs of the freelancing business. The app offers to teach in steps, how to be a successful freelancer.


A popular people collaboration tool, Asana allows you to form groups upto 15 people. You can start group discussions, send tasks to each other. You can even send timely notifications to group members as reminders.
Asana pricing: Asana Premium costs $10.99 per user per month


One of the most popular apps out there, Evernote lets you store notes, receipts, and other miscellaneous files associated with each project and also set timely reminders to keep you on track.
EvernotePricing: EVERNOTE PREMIUM. $7.99 / Month

Log Line App

A great tool for writing, Logline not only gives a great writing platform, but also lets you organize ideas into sections/chapters, write notes and manage sections painlessly.


As the name suggests, this task management tool allows you to make a simple to-do list, which you can check if the project is done. Simple, yet efficient!


A friendly freelancing tool, Basecamp is a popular project management tool that lets you keep track of all your projects and keep them organized. It is a paid service starting at $20 a month for 10 projects at a time.


A time management tool, Harvest offers time tracking and invoicing services with pricing plans from free to premium. It works on iPhone, Basecamp, Beanstalk and has a WordPress plugin and more.
GetHarvest Pricing: $12 for GetHarvest Pro


A very handy tool, this one offers to keeps track of your billable hours and helps you keep your work organized.

Zen Writer

ZenWriter is a full-screen writing app that comes with a serene, minimalist design and friendly layout. One of the best looking apps out there, this one promises to not only get your work done, but also give you a great working experience.


With Expensify, you can manage your receipts better. All you have  to do is photograph your receipts and upload them. It works on iPhone/iPad, Android, WebOS/Palm, and BlackBerry phones.

Write Room

Designed only for MAc users, this tool comes to your rescue when you have big writing projects in your kitty. Write Room comes with a clean, minimal layout( there are no distracting menu options or even toolbars) and a simplistic design that helps you focus on your work better.. Nothing will give you more focus than a full-screen writing tool, and WriteRoom is the original offering that is available for Mac.


This tools helps you find freelance jobs with respect to the area you reside in. All you have to do is make a profile, upload the services you offer and let the clients contact you through an in-built chat service.


This one is a great platform to land gigs if you specialise in programming assignments and blog content creation.

Text Expander

Text expander helps you send mails faster, by pre storing all the information, predicting content from the stored info, predicting pictures and making sure the content does not sound too similar or contain duplicate info.You can also pre-program to fix typos you often, use different signatures for different clients, and auto-insert forms.


An boon for freelancers in the midst of a financial lurch, Freshbooks lets you create invoices and manage them and organise them with the click of just a button. What’s more, the service is free as long as you have three clients. After that, it comes with a price tag of $30 per month.

Focus Booster

Focus Booster is a time management tool that allows you to break your tasks in segments and time them accordingly. All you have to do is start and stop the timer. Besides, the tool also makes provision for an automatic 5 minutes breaks after every 25 minute of work.


This tool helps you land a job from a wide range of work genres.


This app follows the model of the popular “don’t break the chain method”, everyday. Use your goals, to track your per day activities and progess and even set up goals.

Time To Note

This tools helps you track your interactions with a variety of people involved in your day to day work - customers, suppliers, leads and others. You can also create to do lists for multiple users.


Another tool that helps you manage your workflow, Azendoo lets you view analytics, attach documents and works as your personal organiser. It also lets you add checklists, plan your calendar, send direct messages to team members and set due dates.
Azendoo Pricing: Azendoo pricing starts at $7.50 per month, per user.

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So, this was a list of tools for freelancers. Hope this list will help you.

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