List of Angel Investors in Bangalore

The silicon valley of India, Bangalore is one of the most famous city for entrepreneurs. Here we have listed some of the most famous angel investors in Bangalore who you can reach out to. In this post, you will get to know about their background and sectors they like to invest in.

Angel Investors in Bangalore

List of Prominent Angel Investors in Bangalore

Name Profile on AngelList Profile on Linkedin
Abhishek Gupta Abhishek Gupta Abhishek Gupta on Linkedin
Krishna Jha Krishna Jha Krishna Jha on Linkedin
Phanindra Sama Phanindra Sama Phanindra Sama on Linkedin
Sameer brij verma Sameer brij verma Sameer brij verma on Linkedin
Ganesh Krishnan Ganesh Krishnan Ganesh Krishnan on Linkedin
Aprameya Radhakrishna Aprameya Radhakrishna Aprameya Radhakrishna on Linkedin
Praveen Gupta Praveen Gupta Praveen Gupta on Linkedin
Rajeev Krishnan Rajeev Krishnan Rajeev Krishnan on Linkedin
Amit Gupta Amit Gupta Amit Gupta on Linkedin
Shamir Karkal Shamir Karkal Shamir Karkal on Linkedin
Srinivas Anumolu Srinivas Anumolu Srinivas Anumolu on Linkedin
Ananda Kallugadde Ananda Kallugadde Ananda Kallugadde on Linkedin
Gaurav Lochan Gaurav Lochan Gaurav Lochan on Linkedin
Nagendra Bhanuprakash Nagendra Bhanuprakash Nagendra Bhanuprakash on Linkedin
Brij Bhasin Brij Bhasin Brij Bhasin on Linkedin
Abishek Surendran Abishek Surendran Abishek Surendran on Linkedin
Rutvik Doshi Rutvik Doshi Rutvik Doshi on Linkedin
Toby Ruckert Toby Ruckert Toby Ruckert on Linkedin
Nilesh Trivedi Nilesh Trivedi Nilesh Trivedi on Linkedin
Sachin Garg Sachin Garg Sachin Garg on Linkedin
Mark Straub Mark Straub Mark Straub on Linkedin
K Srikrishna K Srikrishna K Srikrishna on Linkedin
Binny Bansal Binny Bansal Binny Bansal on Linkedin

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Abhishek Gupta

Abhishek did his engineering from IIT, Varanasi in 1999. After completing engineering, Abhishek joined Oracle as the Associate Consultant. After working there for 4 years, he joined GlobalLogic. He then again switched to a new company after working there for almost 4 years and joined Lime Labs India as VP Technology. Later in 2011, he became Head of Accelerator at TLabs. Now, Abhishek Gupta is the COO at TLabs along with serving as Board member of MintM Inc. and GradeUp.

Sector - Consumer Internet Enterprise, Software, Mobile, Digital Media, Social Media, Internet, SaaS, E-Commerce, Education, Small and Medium Businesses, Application, Platforms, Machine Learning, Big Data, Collaboration, Recruiting, Human Resources, K-12 Education, Developer APIs, Big Data Analytics, Designers, Personalization Advertising, Music, Independent Music

Funded in - 135 Tech Labs Pvt., AskCake,,, DataWeave, FlixStock

Krishna Jha

Krishna Jha completed his education in Mumbai from St. Xavier’s College. He founded ITFinity Solutions Pvt. Ltd. in 1999. He then became head of OnMobile for almost 2 years. Now, Krishna Jha is serving as the President of Telnet ventures.

Sector - Mobile Consumer Internet, SaaS, Enterprise Software, Collaboration/Productivity Software, FinTech

Funded in - AdPushup, Apptimize, Kwench Global Technologies, PrettySecrets, ReTargeter

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Phanindra Sama

Phanindra did his engineering from BITS, Pilani. He then started working as a Design Engineer at ST Microelectronics. After working 2 years, he joined another company called Texas Instruments at the same position. In 2006, Phanindra Sama Co-founded and served as the CEO for 8 years. Now, Phanindra is serving as the Chief Innovation Officer for Government of Telangana.

Sector - Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, Mobile SaaS

Funded in - Belong, Betaout, DailyObjects, Drivezy, Fyle, galleri5

Sameer Brij Verma

Sameer did his engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology. He started his career as an Engineering intern at Spectranet. He later did many internships in various companies in the engineering field. Sameer later went on to become the founder and CEO of Breakthrough Capital and now serves as the board member and investors of many companies including Zolo, Jumbotail, Hasura, Myupchar, and Unacademy.

Sector- All Markets Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, Mobile Big Data, Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, Cloud Infrastructure, Virtualization Storage, Energy Storage, Data Security, Collaboration SaaS, Medical Devices, Web Hosting, PaaS, Cloud Data Services, Security, SMS Databases, Small and Medium Businesses, Developer APIs, Invest Online.

Funded in- Archer Technologies, Bira 91, Buildsupply, CloudByte, Dhama Innovations, Eband Communications.

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Ganesh Krishnan

Ganesh Krishnan completed his engineering from Delhi and later did MBA from IIM. He had served as the CEO of Bharti Airtel in 1998. He is the founder of and TutorVista.

Sector- Consumer Internet, Healthcare, SaaS

Funded in- Must See India, avagmah,, Browntape,

Aprameya Radhakrishna

Aprameya completed his engineering from National Institute of Technology, Karnataka. He later started working as Software Engineer at Infosys. But in 2006, he decided to do further studies and joined IIM to do MBA. In 2008, he started working at Jones Lang LaSalle as head of business development. After working for 2 years, he founded TaxiForSure in 2010. He remains the director of TaxiForSure till 2015. Now, he does angel investing and also founded another startup called Vokal.

Sector- E-Commerce, Online Travel Taxis, Consumer Internet, Food Tech

Funded in- DailyNinja, Fisdom, Unacademy, TapChief, Vogo Rentals

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Praveen Gupta

Praveen completed his engineering from BITS, Pilani. He later joined IIM to do PGDM. In the year 2000, he founded Cross-Tab Marketing Services, where he serves as a Director now. In 2013, Praveen Gupta founded Tallenge Inc. and serves as the CEO.

Sector- Consumer Internet, Social Commerce, Health and Wellness Internet, Kids Mobile, SaaS, Internet of Things, Mobile Commerce, Pets Wearables, Wearable Technologies, CPG Technology, Big Data, Big Data Analytics, Indian Real Estate, Finance Technology, Food Tech

Funded in- Brilliant, ezCater, Milk Mantra Dairy, Planetary Resources,Adarza BioSystems, Asiatic, Biscuit Labs

Rajeev Krishnan

Rajeev Krishnan is an Engineer from National Institute of Technology and later did PGDM from IIM. Before switching his career, he worked as Technical Consultant at National Instruments. He again joined the same company and kept getting promotions. Now, Rajeev serves as the Country Manager for MTS System Corporation.

Sector- Clean Technology, Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, Mobile Healthcare, Biotechnology

Funded in- Absentia VR, Appvigil, Belita, DailyNinja, Effie, Exploride, FinoZen

Amit Gupta

Being an Engineer from IIT, Kanpur, Amit Gupta joined Herman Industries as a software engineer. He later went on to co-found InMobi and now working on another startup called Yulu.

Sector- Clean Technology, Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, Mobile Healthcare

Funded in- Admission Table, Fleksy, Get@, Hate2Wait, HealthifyMe, Inc42 Media

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Shamir Karkal

After completing his MBA from Carnegie Mellon University, Shamir Karkal joined McKinsey & Co. as Management Consultant. He then did many high profile jobs before co-founding his own startup, Sila in 2018.

Sector- Clean Technology, Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, Mobile Healthcare

Funded in- ChartIQ, ClearFactr, EarnUp, inDinero, MPOWER Financing, Nowait

Srinivas Anumolu

After completing engineering from IIT Madras, Srinivas Anumolu joined IIM Calcutta to do PGDM. In 1987, after completing his studies from IIM, he went to UCLA to again do MBA in finance. Srinivas is the Co-founder of TutorVista and Elance (now Upwork). Also, he served as the director of Amazon India in 2005.

Sector- Consumer Internet, Mobile Healthcare, Small and Medium Businesses

Funded in-,,,, DocsApp, Elance

Ananda Kallugadde

Ananda Kallugadde completed his engineering in 1995 from National Institute of Technology. His first job was at Ernst & Young LLP. Later he worked at few other companies before co-founding NeoBytes in 2006. Now, Anada works as Advisor for many companies.

Sector- Clean Technology, Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, Mobile Healthcare

Funded in- Cheapesto, iKaaz Mobile Payments, inthree, KleverKid, LoudCell

Gaurav Lochan

Gaurav did his Masters in Computer Science from the University of Southern California. Later he went to Microsoft to work as a Software Engineer.  In 2012, Gaurav Lochan Co-Founded BeetRoute. However, after one year, he joined Flipkart as Engineering Manager. Currently, Gaurav is serving as Software Engineer at Facebook.

Sector- Music, Personal Health, K-12 Education

Funded in- Aisle, AppVirality, HasGeek, Localize, Springboard, Zycada Networks

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Nagendra Bhanuprakash

Before Co-founding Strumsoft, Nagendra did his MBA from Massachusetts and worked as Program Manager at Comverse. Now, he is the VP of Engineering at Synchronoss Technologies.

Sector- Clean Technology, Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, Mobile Healthcare

Funded in- Able Lending, Bring Me That, Instamotor, Mosaic

Brij Bhasin

University of Minnesota is where Brij Bhasin completed his engineering and also worked as Research Engineer for 2 years. He later worked as product manager at Pramata Corporation for 6 years. However, in 2011, Brij Bhasin founded Boost Tech. He left the company after a year and did many high profile jobs in the next 3 years. Now, Brij Bhasin is an Angel Investor and Board Member of multiple companies.

Sector- Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, Mobile Healthcare, SaaS, Impact Investing

Funded in- Flintobox, HackerEarth, Little Eye Labs, Pokkt

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Abishek Surendran

In 2004, after completing Engineering from VESIT, Abishek joined Tata Consultancy Services as a security consultant for 5 years. In 2009, he went to School of Investment and Banking and switched to Intellecap as Senior Associate. In 2013, Abishek Surendran completed his MBA form IIM and worked as an Intern at an investment company simultaneously. He then joined Exfinity Venture Partners as the President for almost 4 years. Now, Abishek is a Partner at pi Ventures.

Sector- Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, Mobile Healthcare, Big Data, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence

Funded in- IQLECT, LensBricks, Mad Street Den, Riversilica

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Rutvik Doshi

Rutvik completed his engineering from IIT, Kharagpur. He joined CA Technologies as a Software Engineer straight out of college. He worked there for a very long period of time in many positions. Then he decided to do MBA from INSEAD in 2006. After completing MBA in 2007, he joined Google as a Product Manager and worked for 3.5 years. He was the CEO of in 2010. He then decided to leave the company and now serving as the Managing Director of Inventus Capital India.

Sector- Consumer Internet, Mobile Enterprise Software, Mobile Commerce Advertising, SaaS, Cloud Computing

Funded in- eDreams Edusoft, SysCloud, Unbxd, Aasaanjobs

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Toby Ruckert

Toby Ruckert founded SysOp in 1992 and also worked as Software Tester at IBM at the same time. After that, he became Board Member of Viva-Lite International Ltd. and served it for 17 years. Also, during that, he Co-founded AMT in 2004. Currently, Toby Ruckert is the Board Member of many organisations and is the founder and CEO of UIB, founded in 2014. Along with his interest in the business world, Toby likes to play music for which he went to a Piano school in 1997.

Sector- Unified Communications, Social Media, Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics, Data Integration, Consumer Internet, Email Mobile, Social CRM, Advertising Platforms, Collaboration CRM, Enterprise Software, Mobile Enterprise E-Commerce, SaaS, B2B, P2P, Money Transfer, Small and Medium Businesses, Deep Information Technology, Disruptive Models, Clean Technology, Messaging Marketplaces.

Funded in-, Advanced Millennium Technologies, Viva-Lite,

Nilesh Trivedi

After doing Diploma in Business Management, Nilesh worked at Nortal as a System analyst. He then founded a tech startup in 2000. However, he later joined Cisco as Software Engineer and got many promotions. Nilesh Trivedi did MBA in 2012 and started working as Advisor for many companies. In 2015, he founded another company called IOTLab. Presently, Nilesh works as an Advisor for many companies and investor for startups.

Sector- Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, Big Data

Funded in- mobileGullak, Pixel2Desk, Protomake , RevOs, Skyware, ToneTag, VendorMach

Sachin Garg

Sachin Garg is an Engineering Dropout who founded his first startup in 1997. He became Software  Product Consultant at TCS, India, and Canada. In 2006, Sachin joined Yale University to do MBA. After completing MBA, he became a founding member of GSF Accelerator & Investments. While working on the startup, he was also working as Product & Business head at He left both the companies and founded another startup, an e-commerce platform. In 2013, he found yet another startup called REXPROP, which was later acquired by BroEx. Now, Sachin works as Product and Business Consultant for various companies.  

Sector- Recruitment, E-commerce, Media, Tech Industry

Funded in- iimjobs, Overcart, upRack, ZAPR Media Labs

Mark Straub

After completing his education from the University of Virginia in 2004, Mark Straub joined Banc of America Securities as an Analyst. After 2 years, he worked for Draper Fisher Jurvetson Growth Fund and got some promotions. Later in 2011, Mark became the Director of Khosla Impact and worked for 7 years. In 2017, Mark Straub Co-founded Smile Identity.

Sector- Ventures for Good, Impact Investing, East Africa Clean Technology, Mobile Social Recruiting, Emerging Markets, Medical Devices, Diagnostics Health Care, Information Technology, Mobile Health.

Funded in- Babajob, EyeNetra, Kopo Kopo

K. Srikrishna

K. Srikrishna started his carrier in 1988 by working as Marketing Manager at National Semiconductor Corporation, after doing Masters and Ph.D. in Engineering from University of California. He was the President and COO of Microcon in 1996. He did many high profile jobs till 2008 when he founded Zebu Group. He was the CEO of Zebu Group but later in 2011, he became Executive Director of National Entrepreneurship Network. However, in 2015, he Co-founded Zebu Games and now serving as the CEO of the company.

Sector- Mobile Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software

Funded in- Althea Systems, IndianStage, IndianStage

Binny Bansal

One of the most famous names in the Indian Entrepreneurial World, Binny Bansal started working at Sarnoff as a Software Engineer in 2005, after completing engineering from IIT, Delhi. In 2007, he switched to Amazon at the same position. However, after working there for 9 months, he along with his partner, Sachin Bansal, came up with a new idea. They both founded Flipkart. However, Binny has recently left the company and Co-founded another startup called X to 10x Technologies. Binny Bansal also serves as an advisor for many companies.

Sector- Technology, Resource management, Education, Media

Funded in- Ather Energy, Grey Orange Robotics,InShorts, Unacademy

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This was out list of angel investors in Bangalore. If you are an investors connect with us at to feature in the list.

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