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Kanpur is the hub for technological research & development. Kanpur is the largest city in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India, UP has also witnessed rapid industrialization in the recent past, particularly after the launch of policies of economic liberalization in the country. This has given rise to new startups and entrepreneurs in Kanpur. Some of the coolest startups are currently based in Kanpur. These are the some of the startups that are functioning in Kanpur.

We have also covered startups from Kolkata, Lucknow and other major cities of India.

MyByte India

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Vipin Arora, the founder and CEO of MyByte India, did his Social Psychology from Wesleyan University and professionally is a columnist, advisor, editor and entrepreneur. MyByte India is a micro-blogging site which gives information and news and allows people to comment and discuss political issues and political events. The website was launched in 2014 to provide people new bites and give them a forum to debate.


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Amitesh Misra, a graduate from IIT-Bombay and Nikhil Tiwari, a graduate from Uttar Pradesh Technical University launched Sociota in February 2014 which is primarily based on Social Media Management, Social Media Monitoring, Social Media Analytics, Social Media Engagement, Social Media Socialization etc. It basically manages social media platforms for companies and monitors people logging in and logging out various social media platforms.

Trident analytical Solutions is the parent company of Sociota. It gives you a liberty to use multiple Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ account on to one platform and manage them. It provides great insight into brand building, consumer behaviour analysis keyword research and much more.

Car Cooper

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Prashant Singh and Rishabh Singh are co-founders of Car Cooper and provide car services to people in the city of Kanpur at their doorstep, it can be home or office.

Car Cooper is one of the leading Doorstep Car Service provider across north India. The mechanic services are performed by highly qualified and experienced mechanics. Car Cooper aims to expand itself across the country and has a website to help people get services easily. It also provides professional drivers to people at home/office with all type of vehicles. Professional drivers can be given for just a couple of days or one day or a just a few hours.

Campus Haat

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Guddu Kumar, the founder and CEO of CampusHaat. Guddu is a graduate from IIT-Kanpur and started CampusHaat promoting re-use of items which can sell online, rented as well as bought and donated for noble causes. The idea is to give people in the IIT-Kanpur campus and help them get things on their campus and give it to others as well.


Servicewala Logo

Ashish Mishra, the founder and CEO of Servicewalaa, has done his B.Tech in Information Technology and has experience both in public and private sector that he has used in building his company. The company provides most services related home repairs where they install, improve, repair, build, change or replace items at home in order to make it more habitable for people to live in it and give the customer exactly what he or she wants from his/her home. more habitable for people to live in it and give customer exactly what he or she wants from his/her home.

Mudgal Engineer

Sanjay Sharma, the founder of Mudgal Engineer, has done his engineering Ramaiah Institute Of Technology. Mudgal Engineers helps people with computers and hard copy security deposits, help people with service and make them user-friendly and help control monitor and documents within the mechanical system. It aims to secure gadgets and computers of people in the city of Kanpur so that virus to enter the system.

Aryan Essential Oils

Aryan Essential Oils is a Kanpur-based company which is one of the largest producers and manufacturers of wholesale natural essential oils in India. The products manufactured by the company are of high quality which allows it to do so well in western countries. The products are well diluted with each other with no artificial properties in them. It has high efficacy and hence has made a huge mark for itself across the world.

This is our list for successful startups in Kanpur. If you know any other startups in Kanpur, please let us know in the comment. We will connect with them to feature their story.

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