How to Improve Your Sales Skills-Good Salesperson Qualities

How to Improve Your Sales Skills-Good Salesperson Qualities

A basic theory by David Mayer (as published in Harvard Business Review) is that a good salesman must have at least two basic qualities: empathy and ego drive. Are you a salesperson? Or just want to learn to sell for your own product. Selling is a skill which will help you not only in business but for the whole life. A salesperson is not just an employee of the company but they are as important as CEO.

According to a report, 80% of sales require 5 follow-up calls after the meeting. Selling things is one of the most difficult things. It is very difficult to convince someone to buy a thing. That is why it is one of the most required and highly paid jobs in the industry. You have to be soft and confident in your approach. Success in this field can only be achieved by having a positive approach towards your customers. Good communication skill is another important skill a salesperson should have. You can never be let down by failures but need to improvise with each. Here are Good Salesman Qualities which every salesman should have.

Good Salesperson Qualities- Must Have as Salesperson
Reasons Why Salespeople Fail
How to Improve As A salesperson?

Good Salesperson Qualities- Must Have as Salesperson

Feel Your Customer

While it is not very important to agree with the feelings of the customer, a great salesperson makes an empathetic connection with the customer to understand their standing completely. It is a central quality to be able to sell him a product or service, which must be possessed in large measure. A salesman simply cannot sell well without the invaluable and irreplaceable ability to get powerful feedback from the client through empathy.

A Driving Force

The second of the basic qualities of salesperson absolutely needed by a good salesman is a particular kind of ego drive that makes him want and need to make the sale in a personal or ego way, not merely for the money to be gained. His feeling must be that he has to make the sale; the customer is there to help him fulfill his personal need. In effect, to the top salesman, the sale—the conquest—provides a powerful means of enhancing his ego. His self-picture improves dramatically by virtue of conquest and diminishes with failure.

Know Your Product

While many tricks in the past have worked for reps, the increasing access to information has made it tough for people to be fooled. Hence, it has become increasingly important to know your product in and out as much as you can before you make the pitch. Nothing is more off-putting for a buyer than to find an ignorant sales rep.

Be An Active Listener

Qualities of a good salesman
Active Listener | Salesperson Skills And Qualities

It is human nature to wait for your turn to speak in any conversation, but a smart sales rep listens deeply for multiple reasons. Listening leads to forming stronger bonds and trust with the client. Also, the information contained in the conversation can help them position the product or service better to the customer in real-time.

Work Hard Than People Can Think

There’s no such thing as a born salesperson. Great sales reps make it look easy, but superior performance usually indicates a salesperson has taken the time to hone their skills and is constantly iterating to better help their prospects.

Follow Up

Qualities of a good salesman
Hubspot CRM for Salesperson

Even if you think sending a proposal will fetch you a reply, a quick follow up call can open many unsure doors for the salesperson. Many times, the sales rep don’t know if their email was opened by the client. Hubspot sales help with this issue, letting salespeople know when and how often a prospect opened an email. With this information, they can follow up at the optimal time.

They Personalize Their Approach

To learn as much as you can about the prospective client and then using that information in your conversation with them can be effective in understanding the real pain-points people are facing at the time and help build their product up to suit the needs of the client.

Always Sell

As they leave the office, their selling practice goes beyond the hours and they engage with the prospective clients at dinner, parties, social gatherings and even a barbers shop if the opportunity presents itself. Bottom Line: It is not a job anymore, it is in fact a habit to sell.  

Having A Positive Attitude Throughout

A good salesman is a person who never gets affected by others behavior or performance. It is very important to mind your own business and never gets into trouble by entertaining other’s problems. You need to focus on the job you have got in your own hand and never let others affect you in any kind of way. You should always be dealing with your customers with a smile, irrelevant of the mood they are in.

Maintaining A Good Relationship With Your Customers

Qualities of a good salesman
Customer Relationship 

Now this is believed to be one of the most important qualities of a good salesman in Marketing. There is always more than just buying and selling, is the bond you share with the people you are dealing with. Having a healthy relationship with your customers is one of the most important things for you to become a good salesman. You have to be patient about the work you are doing. A good bond with your customers will always help to boost your business profits. They will be willing to refer your product and services to their contacts. Yes, of course, it’s important to maintain a good business relationship so as to make your business to the next level.

Being Disciplined About Your Work

One thing you have to keep in mind is that you can’t be successful without being punctual or serious about your job. You can never get things served to you on a silver plate. You have to work hard for every single thing. You have to always lead by an example and be a good colleague and a person to another.

Knowing Your Work

A good salesman should always know what he is selling. There should be perfect clearance in the mind as a seller. You should never try to fool your customers as it can prove to be bad for the bond,

A good salesman should always know what he is selling. There should be perfect clearance in the mind as a seller. You should never try to fool your customers as it can prove to go wrong by all means. You should always try to create an impression by being soft-spoken and polite. You must know your customer will agree to buy. On that way, you have to talk differently with the different customer as well. By speaking softly and polite they can add more and more customers in their kitty, this will not only build their customers but also maintain they are personalized brand as well. So keep maintaining good relation is most important for every salesman

Always Act Like A Professional

Being a salesman can turn out being a difficult job. As it can never be easy for having so much knowledge about the work you are doing. You can’t be unprofessional. You should never try to fool your customers as it can prove to go wrong by all means. You should be able to provide deals which can pique the interest of the customers, hence making them impossible to refuse the deal. A good salesman should always be a step forward, you should be able to improvise and thus engage the customer in a good deal. Every day would agree with me that the salesmen job is difficult for sure. They got tired easily. But it’s important for them to act professionally. Good salesmen should always take the first step nicely to look forward to the customer they are working. They should keep in mind that the customer is their first priority. Maintaining a bad relation with the customer can ruin their professional life.


A good salesperson is the one who knows how to improvise. You can’t always work on a given plan. There will be situations when you will get outsmarted by the person on the other end. The only thing you can do is to hold your end tight.  You should never try to fool your customers as it can prove to go wrong, by all means, Focus on your own strengths and you will get your our self of the moment. You have to always learn to be focused on the work. You will always succeed in your mission.

Take Your Unique Approach

Everybody wants to give 100% to their career goal. But selling a product required a unique approach. This varies from person to persona and product to product. most common is that you need to be polite while talking to customers who have no liking for the product even. You have to be very patient till then. So being focused is the first way to achieve your career goals.  You can say after using this product, you can think differently better then I keep telling you about good or bad about it.

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Reasons Why Salespeople Fail

A company stands there because its products are selling. If their products stop selling, will they standstill in the market for a long time? And the only person product selling depends on is, salesperson. But, the salesperson does not always succeed. They do fail. And in this post, we will see some reasons for salespeople’s failure.

They See It As A Job

Most of the salespeople do this as their job. They have no personal interest in selling. They do it all because they have to do it. You cannot succeed in something you are not passionate about. So, if you don’t like to sell, don’t do it. You are just ruining the whole company’s image.

Shut Up!

We have two ears and one mouth, that means, we should listen twice as much we talk. Don’t talk more but listen more. Listen to and analyze what your customer is interested in. No one likes to listen, neither your customer. Try to make them happy. Just shut your mouth if there is no necessity to talk.

No Confidence

This is a very important part of life. If you lack confidence in yourself, you lack everything. People are not gonna buy from a person who is not sure about himself. So, as they say, fake your confidence till you make it. It might not make any sense, but confidence makes the perfect sense. So, work on your confidence before going into the sales field.

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Reading The Minds

You are not a magician. But you are a salesperson, who is no less than a magician. Try to figure out what the customer is interested in? What they really want? If you don’t know your customer, you can’t sell anything. Read their minds, talk to them in their mother tongue, analyze their behavior and then pitch the perfect product for them.

They Manipulate

Many people fail in selling because they always try to manipulate customers to buy the product. People may buy that product from you, but they will never come back to you. So, do not manipulate the customer, pitch your product instead.

I know More Than You” Attitude

The worst thing you can do to your customers is to underestimate them. Never underestimate your customers. They might know much more than you. For instance, when a computer engineer goes to buy a laptop, he knows exactly what he wants. But the salesperson still acts like they know more than them. So, listen to the customer, if they are wrong, then correct them. But don’t show off your knowledge.

They Do Not Follow The Process

Although selling is an art there is a proper process a salesperson has to go through while pitching the product to customers. Most of the good companies provide training to salespeople. But most of the salespeople don’t follow it while selling. The process is made after very deep research, so don’t think it’s just a theory. Follow it while selling the product.

Lack Of Patience

Many salespeople give it up after some attempts and failures. Selling is not an easy skill to learn. You cant learn to sell just in 2 or 3 months. Even a year is very less to learn it. Give it some time. Polish your pitching skills. Work on your confidence. Be patient. You can be a great salesperson, you just have to give it some time just like any other skill. Unlike skills like football, cricket, dancing, etc. you don’t do selling from your childhood. So consider yourself a child, and a 5-year-old cannot compete with big players. It will take time but will show the results for sure.

How to Improve As A salesperson?

These are the successful sales techniques to improve as a salesperson:-

  • Understand Your Market.
  • Focus on the Right Leads.
  • Prioritize Your Company Above Yourself.
  • Leverage Your CRM.
  • Be Data Informed.
  • Really Listen to Your Prospects.
  • Build Trust Through Education.
  • Focus on Helping.


Persistence is the key to unlock the bonus treats in the business. A good salesperson hits their quota, most of the time. Great skills of a salesperson knock it out of the proportion with their quarters. They do make mistakes but if they repair their mistakes on time, they can excel in the skill.

Business is not everybody cups of tea. It’s not like a job in which you can come at home to 5 pm, and have fun after that. It is something which needs to think differently. It takes your mind to think deeply. You have to work really hard to get your good results soon. You can never be lazy with your work. You have to always learn to be focused on the work. So it’s up to you what you want in that. So go and sell your product!

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What makes the best salespeople?

Ability to identify and react accurately to the behavior and emotions of customers. Identify other people's feelings/frustrations objectively without necessarily agreeing with them. Ability to establish rapport easily and put people “at ease” in their presence.

What are the strengths of a salesperson?

  • Win-driven: They have a self-derived motivation to win (or not lose) that transcends compensation plans, campaigns, and coaching efforts.
  • Client-loyal: They are driven to understand what success means for their clients and to actively contribute to that success.

What are the five basic principles of selling?

The 5 Undeniable Principles of Selling:

  • Value comes with a price tag.
  • Consumers only buy products and services that benefit them.
  • The most valuable gift you have to offer is yourself.
  • Credibility is dependent upon two factors, trust and expertise.
  • This is a give and gives the relationship.

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