The Success Story of India’s Newest Construction Material Startup The Success Story of India’s Newest Construction Material Startup

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A lot of companies put their construction projects on hold as they are expensive and need a lot of time to implement the plan. For a company to successfully implement the construction they have to consider a lot of other things.

Thankfully, given the rise of innovation and technology, some companies deliver construction solutions to help organisations. Infra.Market is one of those companies which ties up with various contract manufacturers to create multi-product building materials through leveraging technology.

Here's more about Infra.Market's startup story, founders and team, its business and revenue model, acquisitions, challenges, awards, and more.

Infra.Market - About
Infra.Market - Industry
Infra.Market - Founders and Team
Infra.Market - Startup Story
Infra.Market - Mission and Vision
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Infra.Market - Revenue Model
Infra.Market - Funding and Investors
Infra.Market - Challenges Faced
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Infra.Market - Acquisitions
Infra.Market - Awards and Achievements
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Infra.Market - Company Highlights

Startup Name Infra.Market
Headquarters Thane, Maharashtra
Sector Wholesale building materials
Founder Aaditya Sharada, Souvik Sengupta
Founded 2016
Valuation $2.5 billion
Revenue $1 billion
Total Funding Raised $288.8 million

Infra.Market - About

This company is a unicorn in construction solutions that are engaged in creating one of India's one of its kind multi-product building supplies brand. By utilising technology and scaling innovation, Infra.Market is aiming to revolutionise the ecosystem.

The company has a large product line that includes a diverse selection of construction materials along with lifestyle products that will help in improving many interiors in buildings.

Today, the company is one of the fastest growing companies in India with quality units in economics and profitability metrics. Infra.Market is India's only multi-category product brand.

Infra.Market - Industry

Infra.Market belongs to the wholesale building materials sector. The emergence of different sectors like retail, hospitality, entertainment, education, etc has given a major contribution to the growth building materials industry.

The construction and building material industry is estimated to grow at a Compound Annual Growth rate of 8-9% in the next five years. The building material industry today stands at around $225 billion in terms of market size.

Infra.Market - Founders and Team

Aaditya Sharada

Aaditya Sharada, co-founder of Infra.Market
Aaditya Sharada, co-founder of Infra.Market

He graduated from IIM, Ahmedabad. He has overall 10 years of experience in the building materials and infrastructure sector. Aaditya founded Infra.Market in 2016 making him one of the founders of Infra.Market.

Souvik Sengupta

Souvik Sengupta, co-founder of Infra.Market
Souvik Sengupta, co-founder of Infra.Market

He is a chartered accountant of having an experience of more than 7 years in P&L ownership and management. Before starting his own company, Infra.Market, Souvik has also founded a couple of companies like Equiphunt and Chemical.Market.

He also serves on the Board of Members at RDC Concrete (India) Pvt Ltd and Shalimar Paints. Souvik Sengupta did his graduation Sydenham College in Mumbai and a master's degree from IIM, Bangalore.

Infra.Market - Startup Story

The company was launched in 2016 by Aaditya Sarada along with with his fellow Souvik Sengupta. After having spent 10 years in the infrastructure and construction sector, Aaditya came to the conclusion that the construction sector is still unorganised.

Aaditya says,

“The sector required a consolidated platform that could simplify and promote the access and usage of materials required across the construction lifecycle,”

To make up for this disorganized sector, Infra.Market was established as an end-to-end construction solution startup. The company takes up the entire procurement process carefully in online mode ensuring transparency in pricing and quality.

Infra.Market is now among the unicorn clubs this year with a more than $2.5 billion valuation.

Infra.Market - Mission and Vision

The tech-based building material startup is making great efforts to become one of the leading sectors across product verticals and wants to deliver a unique platform for its customers in India and overseas.

Here's what Souvik says,

"Our vision is to provide end-to-end construction solutions and build a national-level wholesale, retail, and eCommerce platform with in-house logistics and warehousing."

Infra.Market Logo
Infra.Market Logo

The company's main tagline is "Transforming construction through technology"

Infra.Market - Business Model

The company's business model is all about the one-stop solution provider for all construction material requirements. They have a comprehensive range of materials that improves the overall levels of the interior.

Infra.Market has technology such as:

B2B App

This app helps customers to visualise the chain of construction materials right from purchase to delivery.

In-Store VR Tech

They also provide AR tech to experience a realistic view inside of the home and to re-imagine home interiors.

Retailer App

This for customers to have easy management of the business and to keep track of things in one place like - purchasing, financing, inventory management, delivery, etc.

Social Commerce

This platform is meant for influencers and freelancers to earn extra income through Infra.Market.

Infra.Market - Revenue Model

Over the years, Infra.Market has earned its revenue through various projects across the nation. They have done projects on Chennai Metro, Delhi Metro, Mumbai Metro, Kochi Metro, NHAI projects, and Delhi-Meerut RRTS.

The company makes profits by giving out solutions on how to improve an infrastructure design. Currently, they have over 4000 retail stores in 17 states in India with operations expanding globally.

Infra.Market - Funding and Investors

Date Series name Funding round Funding Amount Investors
20th Aug 2019 Seed $3.5M Accel
2nd Dec 2019 Series A $20M Nexus Venture Partners, Accel, Tiger Global Management
10th Dec 2020 Series B $20M Sistema Asia Capital, Accel, Evolvence India Fund
13th Jan 2021 Debt-financing $6.8M Innoven capital
25th Feb 2021 Series C $100M Foundamental Gmbh, Tiger Global Management, Nexus Venture Partners
7th Jul 2021 Debt-financing $13.4M Alteria Capital
3rd Aug 2022 Series $125M Tiger Global Management

Infra.Market - Challenges Faced

With having to deal with the construction industry, which is a key part of developing the economic segment of the country, Infra.Market is always surrounded by challenges.

The company contributes about 9% of the country's GDP, which is a huge responsibility on its shoulders. To keep up with this commitment, they always have to be on their toes.

The competition is massive in the construction sector, with many newcomers coming to compete with them.

Infra.Market - Competitors

Infra.Market competes with the following competitors:

  • BuildNext
  • Infra Bazaar
  • Materialtree
  • Brick2Wall
  • Moglix
  • Power2SME
  • Zetwerk

Infra.Market - Acquisitions

This startup plus unicorn made its first acquisition in 2021.

Infra.Market has acquired a Hyderabad-based construction equipment rental service, Equiphunt for a $10 million deal.

Other companies in which they have a 100% stake are RDC Concrete and a 24% stake in Shalimar Paints.

Infra.Market - Awards and Achievements

Infra.Market has won some prestigious awards like:

  • Accredited with Forbes Tycoon of the Year - 2021
  • Emerging Company of the Year by Construction World – 2021
  • Business Excellence Award by BNI CEO Connect – 2019
  • Fastest Growing Small Business by Small Business Awards – 2018

Infra.Market - Future Plans

The company is trying hard to push technology in the construction sector. The company is planning to take its AR/VR technology worldwide and give a better experience to its users. They aim to expand their 4000 retail stores to more numbers.


What does Infra.Market do?

Infra.Market is a B2B startup that sells construction materials.

Is Infra.Market a unicorn?

Infra.Market entered the unicorn club in Feb 2021.

What is the valuation of Infra.Market?

The company has a valuation of $2.5 billion.

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