10 Inspiring Movies for Entrepreneurs and Founders

Motivation is something everyone needs on a timely basis to keep going. If you’re an entrepreneur or just someone who wants to build a career of his own, there comes a time in life when something goes wrong and you feel helpless and under confident. Everyone has a different way of motivating themselves, some do it by reading, some by taking motivational lectures, some do it by watching inspirational movies.
Movies have always inspired human beings as they connect with our real life. Movies go beyond delivering entertainment; they are more than a visceral medium and can instil a sense of confidence and motivation lost somewhere, provided that the movie you are watching is of the right kind. It’s not uncommon to see viewers pumped up, full of vigor, after having watched a movie. Examples are abound- Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, Chak De India, Iqbal are counted among the desi movies which have left movie goers feeling energized. Hollywood chartbusters famous for leaving audience in high spirits include Forrest Gump and Moneyball.
If you are amongst the people who like to watch movies then we have a list of inspiring movies for entrepreneurs! These inspiring movies for entrepreneurs will not only help you to motivate yourself for startup but also show you how to startup. The movies have an ability to activate the dormant innovator that lies within every single one of us.r

List of Inspiring Bollywood Movies for startup founders

  • Guru
  • Bhag Milkha Bhag
  • ChakDe India
  • Iqbal
  • Corporate
  • bazaar

Checkout list of 10 others Bollywood Movies for Entreprenurs.

List of inspiring Hollywood Movies for startup founders

  • The Social Network
  • Pursuit of happyness
  • Pirates of the Silicon Valley
  • Wallstreet
  • Godfather
  • Jobs
  • Forrst Gump
  • MoneyBall
  • Rockey
  • The Avaitor
  • Office Space
  • Glengarry Glenn Ross
  • The Founder
  • Something Ventured
  • e-Dreams
  • The Startup Kids

Inspiring movies for entrepreneurs and founders

The Social Network

The accuracy to which the movie has described the rise of the biggest social networking site is often subjected to arguments, with some of the co-founders of Facebook having raised objections. But no matter what the outcome of the debate may be, the dexterity evident in the movie’s making along with widely praised background scores, would definitely inspire would-be entrepreneurs to make worthwhile sacrifices in order to achieve the greater reward.

Pursuit of happyness

One of the sweetest and inspiring movies ever made is this 2006 released Pursuit of happiness. Watching Will Smith portray the role of Chris Gardner, a guy who is cheated, humiliated and rejected only to become one of the best traders ever. The relationship with his son and his never give up attitude will for sure compel you to get up and chase your dreams. This movie lets you know that without pain there is no gain and difficulties only lead to a better future. Being patient and committed is the key.
Nominated for a plethora of awards, the movie was so mesmerizing that the mayor of Chattanooga, a place in Tennessee, organized a screening of the film for the city’s homeless.

Pirates of the Silicon Valley

This movie is based on the two very big business start-ups that took over the silicone valley by a storm, Apple and Microsoft. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are inspiration for many; this 1999 release describes the intense rivalry between the two at the turn of the 21st century.  This film shows all the struggles they faced in their journey to become these giants that they are today.One lesson that you should take away from this film is hard work and perseverance goes a long way.The movie got great reviews so that’s another reason to sit down and enjoy this flick.


This movie clearly depicts how people react to changes. This movie is about how a person totally changes his path to pursue something he thinks is right and how many obstacles he has to face in doing it.


This movie has a lot of illegal stuff in it so we would not advise you to get into that. But the message to take back from this film is that little intelligence and some common sense can take you to places you have never thought of before.


This 2001 documentary film examines the rise and fall of the company by the name GovWorks. So if you want an insight into the .com period and how friendship can be threatened by a business partnership. This movie is a must watch.

Forrest Gump

“Run Forest, Run!”, the  movie is symbolic of how Forrest Gump, who in spite of his handicap and adversities, turned the tide in his favor. The movie is considered a classic and has developed large following over the years since its release in 1994. A must watch movie in times when nothing seems to work out!


Billy Beane is the reason behind Oakland Athletics meteoric rise to the top in baseball in this adaptation of Michael Lewis’s 2003 book ‘Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game’. The key takeaway from this movie is the spirit to do something different. And it is the very approach of being innovative which in turn provides valuable lessons to innovators seeking to stray away from the rat race and make it big.


The entire series has delivered chart topping entertainment, starting from the first released in 1976 to the last one, Rocky Balboa, released in 2006. The first movie depicts the transition of Rocky Balboa (played by Sylvester Stallone) from being an underdog to becoming famous in the sport of boxing. While the movie deserves applauds for showing how Rocky overcame atrocities, the real life struggles of Stallone in establishing his presence in Hollywood adds further fuel to fire, signifying that struggles in reel life are often taken from real life and implying that movies can actually help people in their daily lives by providing the much needed motivation.

The Aviator

Often counted in the list of most financially successful people in the world, Howard Hughes was a business magnate, film director, entrepreneur, and set flight records at the same time. Once involved in an infamous scandal, Howard’s life was full of ups and downs but the man never gave up on his dreams. ‘The Aviator’ is based on this entrepreneur and has a lot to teach, not just for entrepreneurs but in general everyone out there, be it a child or an adult.


Indian movies are on par with Hollywood flicks, when it comes to delivering lessons on motivation and inspiration. Guru is one such movie. The Mani Ratnam directed 2007 film, depicts the journey to acme of a villager, who arrives in Bombay with his wife in the 50’s and then goes on to become a business tycoon. The film was well-received by the audience and critics alike.

Office Space

If you’re one among the many who are stuck in the monotonous, vicious cycle of nine-to-five job, then this 1999 movie will provide a breath of fresh air. The enthralling comedy, witty dialogues, and turn of events in the movie is a stress buster for sure. The entertainer precisely depicts the situation of employees being grinded by their bosses, and the audience shall clearly be able to identify with it.

Glengarry Glenn Ross

The toughest thing about sales is to make the customer believe you. This movie highlights the difficulties that a group of real estate agents face during a turbulent season. The reason to watch this movie is to inculcate the importance of being smart in order to survive in the workplace. After all, hard work alone isn’t sufficient to hold on to your job. The movie is used for case studies as well.

The Founder

McDonald’s rise to the top of the fast food chain is one filled with peaks and not many downs. The movie follows the tale of Ray Kroc, who took two sibling’s eatery business and turned it upside down through shrewd maneuvers. Audience should see this movie not just for the sake of getting motivated but in order to understand what it takes to survive and make a name for oneself in this world.

Something Ventured

Venture Capitalist or VC is the blood that runs in the veins of many flourishing startups; it is an imperative component from funding point of view. This 2011 documentary investigates the emergence of venture capitalism in American setting during the mid-twentieth century. The culmination of stories of prominent VCs behind names such as Cisco and Apple along with archival footage makes it altogether informative and entertaining.


Kozmo.com is one among the many ventures who took advantage of the dot com bubble before falling flat. The movie revolves around the founders’ Joseph Park and Yong Kang and their journey behind Kozmo.com.

The Startup Kids

The new crop of entrepreneurs we see today are defying the so called age barrier. The ripple effect is that more and more billionaires are coming up, disrupting the list of richest people in the world (no matter what the magazine is). The Startup Kids is a collection of interviews with the brains behind initiatives such as SoundCloud and Dropbox. Today’s generation would relate closely with this documentary and learn a lot of important lessons given that everyone is tech savvy in today’s time.

Any Given Sunday

No, this isn’t some documentary but has an important lesson for anyone planning to become an entrepreneur—struggle is inevitable. A fictional sports drama with a start cast unparalleled, watch the movie before becoming judgmental on the basis of the movie’s reviews. After all, the message being overshadowed by some bland elements is a frequent occurrence in movies; it’s up to the audience to uncover the teachings.

The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard

A car dealer must sell over 200 cars in a weekend. Enthralling, right? The movie demonstrates the wonders that attitude and capability can do. And both of this attributes are essential for an innovator to be successful. Watch the movie to bring a change within yourself!

Margin Call

The 2008 financial crisis was an eye opener for the entire world, and Margin Call is set against the same. An investment bank’s decisions over a 24 period highlight how sound reasoning and logical ability can mitigate even the most adverse situation.

Jerry Maguire

Rejection and backstabbers are the last thing a person wants to face. Jerry Maguire takes the viewer through the intense hardship and adversities that Tom Cruise faces as a pilot. The movie is based on a real life story. A cult classic that is personally recommended!

By no means is this list finite. One can go on and on about movies that foment the need for change, to break free from the chains of monotony. Other movies deserving a praiseworthy mention—Wall Street, Startup.com (which happens to be a documentary), Pirates of Silicon Valley, Jobs, Rocket Singh- Salesman of the year, Swades, and 3 Idiots.
By no means is this some kind of definite list, the catalogues’ endless.

If you know any other inspiring movies for entrepreneurs please comment down below!

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