Top 9 Trusted Online Sources for ITR Filing

Anagha S Anagha S
Jun 2, 2021 7 min read
Top 9 Trusted Online Sources for ITR Filing

Tax filing is a tedious tax for most of the people with its multiple tabs and tax consequences. A tiny mistake or late filing can have a negative impact on your pockets as well. To make Income Tax filing easier, there are a lot of online software available. It not only makes the process of filing easier but also keeps track of your records and may even point out any mismatches in the data entered.

With these software, the process of ITR filing has become a way easier task. Tax filing software and Tax Preparation companies takes care of all the compliance issues that can arise and can be even used for live tax calculation which significantly reduces the time required for filing Income Tax. This article introduces a few online software and websites that will help you to file your ITR hassle-free.

Top 9 Online Software for ITR Filing -

H&R Block

ITR Filing
H&R Block - Tax preparation company

Through its special features and appreciable security, H&R Block is a very popular choice among Indian tax payers. It provide consultations for your returns if necessary. If your entries are really complicated, you can make use of this service. Above all that, this software ensures that the data entered are extremely secure. H&R Block also helps in filing the returns in a short span of time. If you are looking for hassle free tax filing and post taxation support, this is your way to go.

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Tax services company
myITreturn - Online ITR Filing

myITreturn is a government authorized e-return intermediary that is registered with the Income-tax department of India. This subsidiary of Skorydov Systems Private Limited was launched in 2006. One of the distinguishing features is its inclusivity. It helps people to file Income Tax Returns in 9 different languages (English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali and Punjabi).

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ITR Filing software
Vittena Product - VitteTax | Online Tax Filing Software

This product of Vittena has gained its popularity amongst its target audience in a very short span of time. It is because VitteTax is India’s first interactive tax planning tool. It helps you to plan your taxes depending on your expenses or incomes. It is customized. This app serves the best for pensioners, self-employed people, NRIs, people seeking foreign employment, Salaried people etc.

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Tax Filing Software
TaxSpanner - File ITR online

This most trusted and largest tax filing website offers online preparation and filing of ITRs of individuals. However, there is no free service available from them. Their charges start from Rs.499. However, SBI customers have an advantage as they can get a 50% off on the charges. Like any other paid websites, they have different plans depending on the requirements of the individual like Plus, Assisted and Optimizer. And there are three categories of filing like Salary e-file, Investor e-file and Business e-file. If you are looking for a reliability guaranteed source, this is the best option due to its reputation and popularity.


Online Tax filing
ClearTax - Manage and File taxes online

If your requirements are more than just managing and filing your taxes, then ClearTax is a good option. And if your additional requirement is to manage your business compliances, then you need not think twice before using this software. Their service helps you save taxes using various investment strategies. The color on ClearTax further increases with the fact that they offer solutions for GST as well. Their services are so efficient that they automatically adjust the taxes paid in advance and also select the relevant ITR forms.


ITR Filing online software
Eztax - Online Income tax filing

This online tool makes income tax filing easy by helping people plan, prepare and save taxes. It is extended to both individuals and businesses. If you upload the photo of your form-16, it automatically reads from it. They have a tax optimizer that further improves your potential investment returns. Along with that, you are saved on your income tax by Eztax’s optimization of capital gains, salaries, property etc.

Online Tax filing
Taxsmile - File ITR returns online

Taxsmile is yet another online platform where you can file your Income Tax returns. They have various options available depending on your requirements. The process of tax filing is free if you can do it by yourself. On the other hand, if you need the assistance of the software, pay Rs.500, upload your form 16 and Taxsmile will do the rest of the job. It is not only for people settled in India, but also for NRIs and corporates.

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Online ITR Filing
TaxRaahi - Tax filing made easy

It is the ultimate destination for all your tax filing related concerns- fully automated. It also provides accounting solutions for individuals and businesses. It has connected itself with GST, TDS, ITR filing systems so as to simplify the process and enable the person to manage everything from one place. Additionally, they also facilitate importing of all important data from excel to tally. TaxRaahi is fully equipped with its inbuilt HSN (Harmonized System of Nomenclature) code finder, user-friendly interface and tools that can compute TDS.

All India ITR

ITR Filing Online Software
All India ITR - Income tax Filing Software

All India ITR is an e-intermediary that is certified by the Indian government. It is an app which is available on both Android and iOS. All India ITR offers 100% paperless and smooth processes. All you have to do is to upload the images or PDFs of form-16 and the app will auto read the document. Along with that, it fills the forms automatically and makes income tax filing hassle free.

ITR Filing Online Software - Conclusion

It has to be accepted that the software that is mentioned above has significantly reduced the struggle of filing Income Tax. The technological advancement and innovations have created a sense of security and reliability surrounding these online tax filing and preparation services. However, to be on the safer side, it is important to understand the nature and reviews of the software you are using. It is widely advised to use paid services rather than free services due to security concerns. Other factors you should consider before finalizing a software are -

  • Ease of usage
  • Extent of payment integration
  • Quality of customer support
  • License cost
  • Security features and Reviews.

These software has done their part in making tax filing easier. Now it's our turn to show our responsibility by filing income tax correctly and on time.

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