16 Best GST Billing Software In India - 2021 | Features & Pricing

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Aug 4, 2021 14 min read
16 Best GST Billing Software In India - 2021 | Features & Pricing

Billing and invoicing are the ultimate stages of closing a transaction in a deal. An invoice is a commercial document that itemizes and records a transaction between a buyer and a seller. Now creating an invoice can be very time-consuming, as one has to write down one's information and the client's information, set the currency, indicate the date of the invoice, etc. One needs to make sure that the client's bills are accurate and generated quickly which again takes a lot of time. So, the process is too lengthy and now to reduce the work, comes the use of the best tool. If you hate invoicing or want to automate the accounting of your business. Then, below we've listed the best GST software for billing & accounting to choose from.

Best GST Billing/Accounting Software:

How to find the Best GST Billing Software?
FAQs on GST Billing Software

List of Best GST Billing Software:

Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice is an invoicing and online billing software. It is also one of the best free billing software in India. This helps businesses to send automated payment reminders to customers. With Zoho you can create invoices, perform faster payments, and manage projects. Look at the Zoho Product Review.

Templates In Zoho Invoice

Features of Zoho Invoice:

  • Customize Your Invoice Template - This provides you with fully customizable templates. You can extend the brand from the website to invoices for a professional image.
  • Invoice In Multiple Currencies - Zoho Invoice supports multi-currency. You can bill the customers in the right currency.
  • Communicate In The Customer’s Language - It supports 10+ languages. You can Invoice customers in their language for effective communication.
  • Schedule Invoices - Zoho helps you in scheduling invoices and automatically sends it to customers on your chosen date.
  • Customize Invoice Field - You can add more information on invoices with 30+ custom fields.
  • Automate with workflows - You can set workflows and get things done automatically. An invoice is created for an amount of more than $1000. Set up a workflow to receive an email.

Zoho Invoice Pricing Plans

Plans Pricing
Free Trial Available
Basic $9 per organization/Month
Standard $19 per organization/Month
Professional $29 per organization/Month

10 Best Billing and Invoicing Software for Your Business
An invoice is a commercial document that itemizes and records a transactionbetween a buyer and a seller. Now creating an invoice can be verytime-consuming, as one has to write down one’s information and the client’sinformation, set the currency, indicate the date of the invoice, etc. One needsto…


ProfitBooks is a popular GST accounting software in India. It is a simple and spontaneous accounting software built for growing businesses. This platform has managed to get several businesses.

GST Billing software
Manage Your Money With ProfitBooks - Best GST Billing Software

Using ProfitBooks, you will get to create Invoices, track inventory, manage taxes, and many more. This tool has matured over time and now has a lot of GST-compliant features.

Features of ProfitBooks:

ProfitBooks Pricing Plans -

Plans Pricing
Professional Plan Rs.5,999/Year
SMB Plan Rs.8,999/Year
GST Company Plan Rs.1,999/Month


QuickBooks is a cloud-based accounting solution. This helps to manage expenses, invoices, projects, and more for small to large businesses. It provides a centralized dashboard that enables us to gain insights.

QuickBooks offers administrations to assign tasks to sales representatives. You can grand access to specific customers and collaborate on projects with the team.

Dashboard Of QuickBooks - Best GST Billing Software

Users get to capture digital copies of receipts and sort transactions in the tax category. It helps the managers create custom estimates, maintain recurring payments. And export the generated reports to several formats.

Features of QuickBooks:

  • Sales overview - This tool has a sales overview page where you will see your income over time. Also, you can quickly access sales shortcuts.
  • Estimates - You can create estimates and convert them into invoices that are now easy. You can send estimates using email in a form of documents. However, there is no separate estimate tab. This is something that makes it difficult to view past estimates.
  • Client Portal - It does offer a client portal. This is only for invoices, not for estimates. Users can view, print, save, pay, or ask queries.
  • Bank Reconciliation - You can reconcile bank accounts in QuickBooks and manage a reconciliation report.
  • Accounts Payable - With the plans, you can enter and sort bills easily. Users can create recurring bills. There is a vendor dashboard that shows the total purchase orders, open, overdue, and recently paid bills.
  • Checks - You can order and print checks directly from the tool itself.

QuickBook Pricing Plans

Plans Pricing
Simple Start $25/Month
Essential $40/Month
Plus $70/Month
Advanced $150/Month


FreshBooks is the biggest name for the invoicing and accounting scene. This was created by Mike McDerment. This tool is supporting over 10 million customers. The company is constantly updating its platform by adding more features. Such as adding user permissions, increasing the number of integrations, and improving navigational issues.

Billing Software
FreshBooks Invoicing - Best GST Billing Software

FreshBooks has stepped out and joined the leagues with other accounting competitors like QuickBooks Online and Wave. FreshBooks is easy to use and has the best customer support. It has a few programs that allow built-in proposals. This software can be good for small businesses.

Pros of FreshBooks

  • Easy to use
  • Excellent customer service
  • Good mobile apps
  • Well-designed UI
  • Attractive invoice templates
  • Numerous integrations

Cons of FreshBooks

  • Limited users
  • Expensive monthly cost
  • Limited features

FreshBooks Pricing Plan

Plans Pricing
Lite $15/Month
Plus $25/Month
Premium $50/Month

Tally ERP 9

Tally ERP 9 is an accounting tool that offers tools to businesses in managing their finances. It can manage many companies in one record. And offer a multi-billing format depending on the service it has. It also supervises the cash flow of business by monitoring payables and receivables.

Billing Software
Popular Topics For Tally ERP 9 - Best GST Billing Software

This provides details of bill payments and records purchases. It also offers you to create customized invoices. The dashboard displays business ratios, while users can access financial reports. It also provides features such as inventory management and HR module.

Features of Tally ERP 9:

Tally ERP 9 Pricing Plans -

Plans Pricing
Free Trial Available
Silver $630/Month
Gold $1,890/Month

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Vyapar is a GST billing software. This offers modules for accounting and inventory management for small businesses. This helps you generate GST compliant bills and sharing with customers. It saves bills in the system for future accounting needs. Vyapar helps the GST format bill and invoice to choose from.

It also contains a tally accounting software format. Vyapar keeps track of stock status in real-time. You can also track inventory quantity and calculate its value with information.

Features of Vyapar:

  • Quotation - you can generate quotation estimates using this software. You will get to fill your requirements and generate a quote for items. This helps you to convert the estimated need to bills. It makes your business more professional.
  • Order tracking - you can generate and track the sales or purchase orders. This software allows multiple GST sales and purchase order formats. Your business becomes adaptable to the changing vendors.
  • Accounting - you can take full control of the expenditures of the business. You can build a balance sheet to check the efficiency of your business. This software offers you to trace every bill of your business. It records every sale and purchase. It produces tax statements for your transactions.
  • Proof of delivery - This software produces delivery challans and affixes with consignments. It uses delivery challan to generate bills and allows to share among customers and vendors. It supervises acknowledgment documents and checks reviews of customers.

Vyapar Pricing Plans -

Plans Pricing
Mobile Basic Rs.599/- For 15 Months
Mobile Saver Rs.1399/- For 3 years
Desktop Basic Rs.1999/-For 15 Months
Desktop Basic Plus Rs.2499/- For 21 Months
Desktop Saver Rs.3999/- For 42 Months
Desktop Lifetime Rs.9999/- For 30 Years


Invoicely is a cloud-based invoicing solution for small businesses and freelancers. This tool provides a free plan that offers unlimited invoices. There are already 100,000 customers using this software.

 Best GST Billing Software
Invoicely Dashboard - Best GST Billing Software

It brings all the basic functions expected of billing and invoicing. Such as invoice creation, reminders, managing of business accounts, and payment schedules. This software provides easy navigation and operation.

Features of Invoicely -

  • Most of the free plans usually have limitations to send and receive invoices. But not in Invoicely. Its paid plans are priced are reasonable for more features.
  • This app is easy to use. There is no need to set up. Start by creating an account, add information, assign a URL, and select payment gateway.
  • The software qualities apart from streamlining and billing are to get you paid on time. It gives easy navigation and robust features that translate productivity and efficiency.
  • UI buttons for invoices, dashboards, reports, bills, and settings. This gives you convenient control and view of tasks.

Invoicely Pricing Plans

Plans Pricing
Free Trial Available
Free Plan Free
Basic Plan $9.99/Month
Professional Plan $19.99/Month
Enterprise Plan 29.99/Month

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Sleek Bill

Sleek bill is one of the best GST billing software in India. It is helpful billing software that created invoices. This tool is specially designed for the Indian market. With the sleek interface, you can create and design invoices. It also offers advanced billing features with GST integrations.

This tool can do GST calculations and backup the data also. The sleek bill will save you time and adapt to the user’s needs. Generate detailed reports and print invoices. This is compatible with small, medium, and large businesses.

Features of Sleek Bill:

  • Sleek bill helps you with the design of a document that is not provided by any other software
  • The customer’s trust can be boosted with the easy to read invoice templates
  • You can create unlimited purchase orders that can be converted to bills when needed
  • You can also make GST compliant invoices, bill of supply, quote, and much more
  • It provides you smart filters that provide you detailed reports, payment history, and more
  • You can also store your data safely in your PC. It provides backup and restores features also

Sleek Bill Pricing Plan -

Plans Pricing
Free Plan Free
Offline Premium INR 1,999
Offline Premium + Inventory INR 3,199
Online Premium INR 1,999


ClearTax is one of the largest tax and financial services software platforms for individuals in India. The software is a big help for tax experts, SMEs, and enterprises with income tax returns. Furthermore, it is also effective while filing GST, e-Invoicing, billing, and more.

ClearTax serves as connected finances for the Indian taxpayers. The mission of the company is to simplify finances and save money and time for tens of thousands of Indian businesses, businessmen, and other people.

Features of ClearTax:

  • Powered by cloud-computing
  • Multiple accounts can be integrated easily
  • Invoices can be checked automatically
  • Delivers accurate rates
  • Offers the option to create a master database
  • Helps in easily adding and editing GSTIN
  • Offers the option to add the company’s logo

ClearTax Pricing Plans -

ClearTax offers two separate kinds of pricing plans for individuals and self-employed or professionals. Here they are:


Plans Pricing
Salary/House Rent Income Rs 799
Salary/House Rent Income (Premium) Rs 1499
Capital Gains Income Rs 2999
Foreign Income Rs 4999

Self-Employed and Professionals:

Plans Pricing
Professionals and Freelancers Rs 2999
Security Traders Rs 6999
Business Rs 6999


Gen GST software is a complete GST solution, designed and developed both for desktop and online purposes by SAG Infotech Private Limited. The software helps in filling unlimited returns for unlimited clients.  

Gen GST can be downloaded by anyone for free or they might also choose to use the GST SaaS service and work on the cloud-powered platform, which is accessible anytime anywhere and provides assistance for GST billing, e-filing & E-way bill purposes to small businesses, and other individuals in India without any hassles.

Features of Gen GST:

  • Offers integrated e-invoices.
  • Available for desktop as well as online users.
  • Updated with the all-new QRMP scheme feature.
  • Generates invoices for regular and RCM (Reverse Charge Mechanism) dealers.
  • Needs just a single click for the users to pay taxes online.
  • Allows unlimited client e-filing with DSC/EVC (GSTR 1, 3B, 4, 9, 9A, 9c, and more).
  • Helps in easy generation of GST E-Way bill.

Gen GST Pricing Plans

Product Installation Pricing Updation Pricing Annually
Gen GST Desktop Software for E-filing Rs 5000 Rs 2000
Gen GST Combo (Desktop) for E-Filing, E-Invoicing & E-waybill Rs. 10000 Rs 4000
Gen E-Invoice (Desktop) Rs 5000 Rs 2000
Gen E-way Bill (Desktop) Rs 5000 Rs 2000
Gen E-way Bill and Gen E-Invoice Rs 7000 Rs 3000

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Busy Accounting Software

Busy Accounting software is one of the most effective and powerful solutions available in the market for businesses to manage their accounting, inventory, GST billing, e-invoicing, e-way billing requirements, and more!

Features of Busy:

  • Simple and convenient to use.
  • Flexible and designed to suit diverse business needs.
  • Scalable as per the requirements of the business.
  • Offers in-built GSP features like auto e-way bill, GSTR-2A, E-Invoicing, and more.
  • Offers advanced inventory management.
  • Brings in invoicing solutions that are completely configurable.
  • Also offers an interactive mobile app.

Busy Accounting Pricing Plan:

Plans Pricing
Basic to Standard Rs 7434
Basic Rs 10620
Standard Rs 15930
Busy Infotech Multiuser Rs 33453

MARG GST Software

Marg GST software offers a complete GST solution from billing to return filing. This software helps the users create full invoices in GST format and manage all their finances even if they are devoid of deep accounting knowledge. Therefore, with the Marg GST software, both the individuals and the company can reduce the burden of taxes and compliance and continue focusing on running the business.

Features of MARG GST Software:

  • Faster GST invoices and billing experience
  • Effective accounting experience
  • Offers faster e-invoicing
  • Generates e-way bills without hassles
  • Helps in internal audit
  • Helps in online banking
  • Simplifies digital payments

MARG GST Software Pricing Plans:

India and Southeast Asia -

Plans Pricing
Basic Edition Rs 8,100
Silver Edition Rs 12,600
Gold Edition Rs 25,200

Other Countries -

Plans Pricing
Basic Edition $350
Silver Edition $600
Gold Edition $1150


Go GST is billed as an easy, online, and free lifetime GST software for businesses and individuals. Specially designed for the Indian markets, Go GST is updated with the latest GST changes of the country.

Features of Go GST:

  • Compliant with the new GST rules and regulations
  • Offers a single-click way to create unlimited products and manage all stocks
  • Offers easy interface to create GST-compliant quotations and proforma invoice
  • Brings in a range of templates and professional designs to create credit and debit notes
  • Recording and tracking of payments made easy with Go GST
  • Offers easy ways to create staff accounts with limited permission

Go GST Pricing Plans:

Go GST has two pricing plans -

  • Lifetime Free Plan - This is free for a lifetime, as true as it sounds.
  • Premium Plan - The Premium Plan of Go GST involves a yearly subscription of Rs 1499, inclusive of GST.

Easy GST

One of the best billing, accounting, and tax management software in India, Easy GST is GST-ready free accounting software that can help users manage their accounting, inventory, payroll, billing needs, and more. Easy GST software is known for the powerful and easy-to-use accounting features to suit the needs of the users and get complete control of their financials.

Features of Easy GST -

  • Helps to create invoices without worries
  • Offers effective ways to file GST returns easily
  • Supervises the workforce for Human Resource Management (HRM) solutions
  • Supports international traditional with accurate forex conversions
  • Helps in managing sales-related work empowering Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Enables the users to handle projects separately

Easy GST Pricing Plans -

Plans Pricing
Starter Rs 944
Intermediate Rs 1180
Professional Rs 1416
1 to 25 Companies Rs 5900


GSTrobo emerges as one of the best solutions for technological challenges making GST e-invoice creation, return filing, comparison reports, reconciliation, ledger balances, tax payments a breeze. The web platform of GSTrobo helps the taxpayers to start with GST-compliant e-filing even with little or no knowledge with the help of a quick, secure, and user-friendly platform that it offers.

GSTrobo Features:

  • Makes 100% GST-compliant invoicing possible
  • Offers smart reporting with interactive dashboard and MIS tools
  • Offers cloud support
  • Enables easy e-way billing operations with ERP integration and the help of a powerful mobile app
  • Brings in easy operations with the help of customized data exchange formats via a mapping tool.
  • Offers advanced ITC Reconciliation Tool

GSTrobo Pricing Plans -

GSTrobo offers their invoicing software that is available for multiple users at Rs 3,000 per year.

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Billing Software India

If you are looking for easy and powerful GST billing software, then Billing Software India is your answer. It is one of the most powerful software that facilitates easy GST billing options for small businesses, wholesalers, retailers, service providers, and other individuals.

Billing Software India Features:

  • Offers effective offline desktop application
  • Makes printing multi-sized invoices easier
  • Comes with a barcode scanner for quick billing
  • Makes invoice generation easy with a single click
  • Helps create GST-compliant tax invoices
  • Helps managing client accounts a breeze

Billing Software India Pricing Plans -

  • Free Edition - Billing Software India comes in a free edition that you can use but that will not comes with an android app nor with some of the advanced features that you might require from time to time.
  • Business Edition - The business edition of the software is a premium edition that comes for Rs 8,000 and which is available at Rs 4,000 on a limited period offer.

How to find the Best GST Billing Software?

As every business is different. Everyone has different expectations from the accounting software. But you should check the given points:

  • If the software includes required payroll needs
  • Does the system track available stock, orders, work in progress, and other tasks
  • Check whether there is an option to manage more than one bank account
  • If the software manages foreign exchange
  • There should also be a system to keep records of various departments under one unit
  • The system should provide you an online platform for different activities such as verifying records and online payments
  • If the system manages the record of what customers buy, how much and the tax charged, etc.

FAQs on GST Billing Software

Which software is best for GST billing?

Compiled list of 8 Best GST Billing Software -

  • Zoho Invoice
  • ProfitBooks
  • QuickBooks
  • FreshBooks
  • Tally ERP 9
  • Vyapar
  • Invoicely
  • Sleek Bill

Is there any free GST billing software?

Free GST Billing Software are -

  • Invoicely
  • Sleek Bill
  • Zoho Invoice (Free Trial)
  • Vyapar Mobile App (Basic Version)
  • Tally ERP 9 (Free Trial) etc.,


Having a business was never an easy task in India. But because of GST, you can start a new business very easily. You don’t need to apply taxes on total value but on just added value. This process gets easier with GST billing software. The businesses with GST registered need to provide GST compliant invoices to the clients.

There is various software available to get all functionalities. You can find several GST billing software free versions online. It all depends on your budget to decide which software will suit your business.

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