A Complete Review of Leads Forensics

A Complete Review of Leads Forensics

Getting someone to your shop to showcase your product is not enough. Unless they take interest and buy your product, they are just people who are there in your shop for time pass. However, you cannot differentiate between your potential buyer and time passers in the shop. Maybe not in physical shops, but you can identify the potential customer who visited your website.

There are many services available online which can help you get all the required data about any of your visitors. However, they will provide only the company’s data and not the user's data, so it is helpful in B2B business. The most popular and reliable service in this field is Lead Forensics. So, here to what to know about lead forensics.

What Is Lead Forensics?
How Does Lead Forensics Work Technically?
Advantages of Lead Forensics
Limitations of Lead Forensics
Some Popular Alternatives of Lead Forensics

What Is Lead Forensics?

Lead Forensics is a website visitor tracking software. It is a software that reveals the identity of your visitor and turns them into prospects. When people visit your website, they leave some digital “footprints”. Lead forensics then track some information about the prospect. It helps you connect with the visitor personally. You can then provide this data to your sales team and they might bring you some leads. If you want to generate a lead from the visitor for your B2B business, then this is a great service to go for. It was founded in the year 2009 by Paul Thomas and its headquarters is situated in London, United Kingdom.

How Does Lead Forensics Work Technically?

When a user visits your website for the first time, the software generates a JavaScript, depending on your site and the user’s preferences, and sends it to the user’s browser to collect the data you need. A unique cookie is generated for the user and stored on their device. This is a standard procedure on the internet, utilized by almost every site which needs to identify a user as a unique person, for example, Amazon or Gmail. The Lead Forensic’s cookie is tracked over long periods of time, which means a unique visitor to your site can be identified when they return. When a visitor clicks on your site, the software looks for a cookie. If a cookie is found the user is identified as a ‘returning visitor’ and their clicks are recorded along with any previous visits to show their lifetime click path through your website.

How Lead Forensics Works

Advantages of Lead Forensics

  • Efficient Lead Generation: All the visitor tracking software helps you in lead generation. It improves the efficiency of your lead as you are targeting only those people who already have visited your website and showed some interest in your product.                    
  • Lead Quality: They improve the quality of your lead as you have the data about your prospect. You can easily figure out what specific feature would your prospect need. In other words, it will help you to nurture your lead.
  • Close more sales: As you are generating more leads, you can easily close many deals.

Limitations of Lead Forensics

  • Expensive: You will need to invest a lot to get the service. The pricing depends on the traffic you get on your website per month.
  • No Consumer Data: If you think you can visit your personal Facebook profile and wave at your visitor, then let me burst your bubble. The visitor tracking software provides you with the contact data of organizations only. You can only check the name of the organization and other related information.
  • Accuracy: You cannot expect to get accurate data each and every time. There can be some faults in the data.

Lead Forensics is truly a great visitor tracker but there are other tools that provide the same service, there can be some differences in the quality though. Some of the great visitor tracking services you can go for are:    

  • Visitor Queue    
  • WhoIsVisiting  
  • Wow Analytics    
  • Canddi  
  • Hubspot    
  • Zoho


Visitor tracking software is great and the most important factor if you are into an online B2B business. When someone from an organization visits your website, you can easily contact them and generate some leads. It is an effective way for lead generation. To stop its misuse, it is not allowed to get the user’s personal data. You can only get the company’s data, which has visited your website. When you use the collected data, and call or email customers, it is not called cold calling. As the prospect already knows about your brand and product, they will take an interest in talking to you.


What does Lead Forensics do?

It is software that reveals the identity of the visitors of your website and converts them to sales-ready leads.

What is the pricing of Lead Forensics?

The subscription of Lead Forensics starts at $59 per month.

Who founded Lead Forensics?

Lead Forensics was founded by Paul Thomas.

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