Is LinkedIn Premium Really Worth it?

Is LinkedIn Premium Really Worth it?

LinkedIn is the prevailing interpersonal organization of the expert local area. Clients spend a normal of almost 10 minutes out of every day on the social stage. Clients of LinkedIn say they are half bound to purchase from a brand they draw in with on the stage, consequently presenting the defence that LinkedIn ought to be essential for any business' social procedure.

LinkedIn was introduced to the world in May 2003 by the joint efforts of Reid Hoffman, Allen Blue, Konstantin Guericke, Eric Ly, and Jean-Luc Vaillant, all belonging to different fields.  LinkedIn now ranks high on the list of social media platforms for professionals. It enjoys a large number of users on daily basis.

LinkedIn has introduced one special paid subscription to its users wanting more services from its platform. The majority of LinkedIn users are from its free model. Whereas some users decide to go with the paid model. If you are also confused with the options, then read further to look at basic details about both the models with their features to decide upon one option.

About LinkedIn Free
Features of LinkedIn Free
About LinkedIn Premium
Types of LinkedIn Premium Accounts
LinkedIn Premium Account Features
LinkedIn Premium Search Filters

The above graph shows the number of LinkedIn users worldwide. Amongst them, 39% customer base is from LinkedIn premium users.
The above graph shows the number of LinkedIn users worldwide. Amongst them, 39% customer base is LinkedIn premium users.

About LinkedIn Free

LinkedIn offers a variety of services for free and several people do get results by using the LinkedIn free version too. LinkedIn free itself is one of the most known professional platforms, almost completed with all necessary tools. The LinkedIn business works equally by the LinkedIn premium and LinkedIn free with a slight more inclination towards LinkedIn free.

The free version is utilized by the majority and covers the online media part of the stage: singular profiles, search devices, interfacing, informing, posting articles, gatherings, etc.

Features of LinkedIn Free

LinkedIn free allows its users to easily assemble their expert character on the web with easy-to-use tools. It also allows the user the option of assembling and keeping an enormous expert organization.

LinkedIn free creates no hurdle in the basic connecting and reconnecting with friends, companions, and clients.  LinkedIn free enables its user with the option of solicitations and proposals. It also allows the easy solicitation of 5 presentations at a single time.

With the LinkedIn free plan, the user can easily search and view profiles of different LinkedIn users. They can also receive the InMail messages with the free plan.

About LinkedIn Premium

LinkedIn Premium provides the profile look capacity of 300 in place of 100 if considered with the LinkedIn free plan.  LinkedIn premium also increases the days limit from the normal 5 days to 90 days to know about the most recent profile visitors.

Another great advantage of having LinkedIn premium is to get additional saved quests. This is more useful in business profiles. It also provides a better-progressed look into things like organization size and rank level. There are up to 8 channels that can be applied for designated search.

LinkedIn Premium additionally offers 4 highlights just accessible on this level-Multi-included InMail, watchword ideas, candidate experiences, and open profile.

Types of LinkedIn Premium Accounts


LinkedIn Premium - Career Plan
LinkedIn Premium - Career Plan

Aptly named for those looking for work openings, the jobseeker incorporates direct informing to selection representatives, candidate experiences, progressed capacity to see who saw your profile, and highlighted candidate status openings.

These plans incorporate highlights like InMail, seeing more profiles when you search, admittance to premium hunt channels, and the capacity to see extended profiles on LinkedIn.

Cost: This plan starts from ₹1,400.00* / month.


LinkedIn Premium - Business Plan
LinkedIn Premium - Business Plan

Specific highlights of Recruiter incorporate InMail messages and layouts, progressed search, competitor following, plan capacities, and limitless profile look, in addition to every one of the standard premium highlights above.

These plans incorporate the ability to discover channels, saved inquiries with alarms for new up-and-comers who meet your rules, and reference search.

Cost: This plan starts from ₹1,900.00* / month.

Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Premium - Sales Plan
LinkedIn Premium - Sales Plan

Features of the Navigator incorporate InMail messages, progressed search with Lead Builder, leading suggestions and saved leads, constant deals insight, and limitless profile look.

These plans can zero for on $100K in addition to occupations with itemized compensation data, capacity to climb to the first spot on the list as an included candidate, and admittance to the work searcher local area.

Cost: This plan starts from ₹3,900.00* / month.


LinkedIn Premium - Hiring Plan
LinkedIn Premium - Hiring Plan

The superior business track has InMail informing, progressed search abilities, broadened who's seen your profile, and limitless profile look.

These plans incorporate a Lead Builder coordinator, acquaintances with organizations you are focusing on, and much more.

Cost: This plan starts from ₹5,900.00* / month.

LinkedIn Premium Account Features

LinkedIn Premium Account Features
LinkedIn Premium Account Features


LinkedIn InMail Messaging Service
LinkedIn InMail Messaging Service

LinkedIn InMail permits you to contact anybody you are not associated with on LinkedIn. InMails will incorporate some expert foundation data about you with the goal that the beneficiary will be certain about what your identity is.

You additionally get a reaction to ensure - assuming you don't get a reaction, you get a good representative for your record to contact another person. You can likewise buy InMails for $10 each. You can study LinkedIn InMails in the Help Center. It remembers tips for how to send InMails to get reactions.

Vast View of Profiles

The standard version of LinkedIn offers 100 search results and the Premium version offers 300 results. The Job seekers plan does not offer this feature.

See the Names of Third-Degree Associations

Some membership plans will permit you to see the complete name of your third-degree associations. This will make it simpler to perceive individuals you should interface with.

Need to ensure you can get a message from anybody on LinkedIn, regardless of whether they are associated with you? You can do as such by selecting into being an OpenLink part. Any LinkedIn part can message you without utilizing presentations or InMails. This may make the way for additional messages that you're not inspired by, however, it will ensure you are consistently open to messages you will be keen on.

See Who Has Seen Your Profile

LinkedIn permits you to see who has seen your profile on the off chance that you turn on the setting to permit others to check whether you have seen their profile. With a top-notch account, you can see that rundown without surrendering your survey security. Rather than simply seeing who saw your profile, you will likewise see which keywords individuals looked to get to your profile.

LinkedIn Premium Search Filters

LinkedIn Premium Search Filter
LinkedIn Premium Search Filter

Status - Filter individuals in query items dependent on their rank titles (Director, Manager, Intern, and so forth)

Organization Size - Filter individuals in query items dependent on the size of the organization they work for.

Interests - Filter individuals in query items dependent on their LinkedIn objectives to reconnect, reference check, be an industry master, search for work, etc.

Your Groups - Use 'individuals search' to look for potential associations inside your gatherings.

Tenure of Experience - Filter individuals in query items dependent on their long stretches of professional training.

Capacity - Filter individuals in list items dependent on their work.

New to LinkedIn - Filter individuals in query items dependent on whether they are new to LinkedIn. This is an extraordinary method to discover new individuals joining the organization who fit your measures.

LinkedIn Business Model | How Does LinkedIn Make Money
LinkedIn is globally used professional networking platform. Lets get an insight of the business model of LinkedIn and how linkedIn makes money?


A LinkedIn Premium account works exceptionally well for some people, whereas some claim that LinkedIn free itself fulfills all their expectations. If you feel that the above extra features will make a marked difference, you can always try LinkedIn Premium for a month to see if it works well for you. If you don't find it working for you, you can revert to your LinkedIn Free account!


What is the difference between LinkedIn free and LinkedIn premium?

LinkedIn free is the basic model of LinkedIn distributed at zero cost. Whereas, LinkedIn Premium is the paid subscription model of LinkedIn that allows its users the facility of additional features.

Is LinkedIn premium worth it?

The worthiness of the premium account purely depends upon its use. LinkedIn premium is made for additional use. It has four different profile options to select from and an intended search filter with many other benefits. So, we can consider LinkedIn premium as a worthy option to select.

Can I cancel a LinkedIn premium subscription?

Yes, the LinkedIn premium plan can be cancelled after giving a request on its web platform.

What does LinkedIn premium provide?

LinkedIn premium gives the additional capability of profile searches, it also increases the days limit to know about profile visitors, the LinkedIn premium also gives the option of making a specified account from four given options and many other facilities are given with LinkedIn premium.

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