10 LinkedIn Techniques For New-Age Job Seekers

10 LinkedIn Techniques For New-Age Job Seekers

LinkedIn has been a great platform for offering jobs to millions of people around the world and has a great user base globally. Founded in May 2003 by Reid Hoffman, it's main aim is professional networking. It creates an Eco system in which a person seeking job posts up his or her CV and an organization looking for a employee posts up offers for jobs. This platform has benefited many people around the world and provided them with a better life. LinkedIn Profile Optimization is very important to get the job a person wants.

Nowadays, it has acquired a good hold in the global market and having a good CV has become a competition. People have to present themselves as a brand now with what great features they can provide to the companies. Developing maximum amount of skills and keeping up to date is a necessity now. Personal branding is one of the most important aspect of developing a good LinkedIn Profile.

LinkedIn has been having a good hold in the market
LinkedIn was launched in 2003

Let us look at some of the most important steps which will help us to give the LinkedIn profile which you deserve.

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1)Having The Right Profile Picture

First impression is the last impression, as your profile picture plays a key role in presenting your profile to other people. It is very important to have a much professional kind of picture for your LinkedIn profile optimization. It should be a recent photo, and should have 60 percent of your face and should be in a formal dress with a smile on your face.

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2) Background Photo

This is the second thing where the eyes of the people will go after your display picture. It should be eye catching and should describe what do you really like and what are the things which matter to you.It will help in creating a small portfolio for you that what kind of person you are. It should not be glamorous or too casual. It should be a normal photo but yes a memorable one so that it sticks in the mind of the other person.

Steps to get noticed

3) Networking

Networking is one of the easiest way to grow up your profile and help it being catch up by the eyes of the companies. You just have to synchronize your profile with your email id. This will enable a feature in which you can connect with the people in your contacts through other networking sites such as Facebook, or the people in your phone address book. This will help in reaching out to maximum number of people in a very efficient way.It will help in the optimization of your profile in a larger way. Apart from this you should also try to get into the meetings and have conversations with the people you are connected with. It's a small process which will help you to be up to date and have a great reach among other people.

LinkedIn helping millions of people get jobs
Sample LinkedIn profile

4) Adding Relevant Skills

One of the fastest way to add skills to your profile. Just identify within yourself what you are good at and add those skills into your profile. Adding skills helps to provide a better description to your profile in your Summary and Heading. The important part is to add the most relevant one. Long list of any skills which are not related to your profession or what your profile looks like then it won't help you finding a good job. Upload few but relevant skills and filter out the unnecessary ones.

5) Passion For Learning

Whenever a course is completed on LinkedIn Learning it gives an option to add the course to our LinkedIn profile. It is a great way to boost up the profile by adding certified course. It gives an assurance of completing of that course under a supervised professional and will help you create a good CV.

6) Sharing Content Through Feed

After having a good network among different users on LinkedIn it is very important to have an active profile. By sharing relatable and relevant content on your profile it will help you boost up your profile and its reach. People will write their views on that ask you to share yours, this will create an environment which will show your activeness on your feed and what is your thinking abilities and processes.

7) Adding Comments

Sharing content is a great part and is the most important one, but adding comments to it works as an advantage. When you share something and add comments to it that how you feel about that particular post or feed it will help in creating an image on on your profile and how is your thought process and what is your knowledge about that content. It will also help you become more curious to learn things and what is the interested field you want to go in. Optimizing your profile with these small changes can help you grow a much recognizable profile in the near future.

8) Following Influencers

Influencers who have make a great impact in the field you want to pursue will help you to shape up your path and give a definitive path to it. Following them will help you provide with so much knowledge about your field. What are the dos and don'ts in your field and what are the future aspects for you as an individual. It plays a key role in getting a better knowledge of your required field.

9) Taking Skills Assessment Tests

Skills Assessment is an online test which will help you to get to know that how much you really know about your field and the skills you have filled in. It will also provide you with a result which will help you to know what is your strength and weaknesses. People having their skills verified by these Skill Assessment tests have a greater chance to get hired in their distinguished field of interest.

10) Sharing Media and Marketing Collateral

The marketing collateral that are produced for the business by ourselves can help us getting a better profile and moreover a better opportunity for a good job. Case studies, research papers and other contents like these can help you create a good profile. It will help others to know that how passionate and committed you are to your work.


So, these few simple and easy steps can be a boon for you and can land you up on the job you want. Creating a LinkedIn profile is an easy job and getting noticed on it is not a very difficult task. With growing competition and current situation people are looking forward to these sites only. Applying and going for a job interview will be avoided as for the safety concerns and it is the right thing to do. More organizations will look up to these platforms for the hiring processes and you can land up in a great job through some easy steps.

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