Logistic startups that are helping deliver oxygen cylinders in India

Logistic startups that are helping deliver oxygen cylinders in India

"Not all heroes wear capes", this saying was realized when Indian Logistics companies started pitching in to meet the shortage of oxygen during the Covid crisis. It is not possible to set up new oxygen plants or expand the old ones in a limited time. That's why the focus had to be shifted to logistics.

During the first wave, the demand for oxygen went north from 700 MTPD (Metric tonnes per day) to 2,800 MTPD. The second wave launched it even higher to 5000 MTPD. This puts immense pressure on local bodies to deliver the requirement on time.

In this case, logistics entrepreneurs have come out as saviours. They are working were both solely and in collaboration with government bodies and international firms to meet the rising demand.

Below is the List of logistics companies that are helping deliver oxygen cylinders in this oxygen crisis:

Mahindra Logistics


Gurugram based unicorn startup, Delhivery has been contributing to meet the supply of oxygen cylinders. The CEO of Delhivery, Sahil Barua, seeks help from international firms while he plans to import oxygen from countries like China. The company is reaching out to people through social media to provide logistics support.

Chartered flights brought in oxygen cylinders on April 28 and April 30 from Shanghai to Delhi. Nitin Goyal promises to provide end-to-end support to anyone who asks for it. He provided his email, i.e., nitin.goyal@delhivery.com, where the requester can provide the details of volume and address

“We are flying charters into India with oxygen concentrators and other essential supplies and can build more capacity on demand.”  - Sahil Barua, CEO Delhivery

A group of Gurugram based startup founders launched, "Mission Oxygen", to meet the oxygen demand. They managed to raise 4.60 crores and aim to reach the target of 5 crore INR to deliver 3000 oxygen cylinders. The mission was funded by many businessmen and Bollywood celebrities.

The situation has gone so bad that patients and even doctors have resorted to social media to ask for help. In the scenario, government bodies have been proved to be unprepared. The startups on the other hand are well equipped with their advanced technology and measures that can provide valuable solutions. They gather funds and quickly put them to use.

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Mahindra Logistics

Amidst the havoc, Mahindra Logistics has emerged as another saviour as it launched, "Oxygen on Wheels" (O2W). They aim to deliver oxygen all around Mumbai to meet the shortage of oxygen.

Maharashtra is among the topmost affected states where the oxygen demand has sky-rocketed. Mahindra deployed over 100 vehicles in Mumbai, Pune, Thane, Pimpri Chichwad, Chakan, Nasik, and Nagpur.

The company has partnered with administration and local government bodies to fight this battle. Mahindra plans to supply oxygen in Delhi too. Since the condition is worsening and effective distribution becomes crucial, it is also planning to deliver oxygen directly to the homes of the patients where the condition is critical.

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Loginext is Mumbai based logistics startup that has also pitched in the meet the demand. It plans on collaborating with Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) to deliver oxygen cylinders to the needy. It has also collaborated with over 50 delivery platforms to launch an oxygen-delivering service.

Dhruvil Sanghvi, CEO of Loginext understands that the bigger problem lies in distribution rather than the supply. That’s why they are working with local government bodies to ease the distribution.

Indian Air Force has also been lifting and delivering oxygen cylinders and other medical supplies. They are even lifting medical staff from different places and bringing them to required locations. Till now they've managed to lift cylinders from Bangkok, China, Singapore, and UAE to help the country in this crisis.


How is oxygen delivered at home?

Oxygen is usually delivered to home as compressed oxygen gas or as Liquid oxygen.

Do oxygen concentrators run out of oxygen?

Oxygen concentrators does not run out of oxygen.

Can I import oxygen concentrator to India?

The Delhi High Court on Wednesday asked the finance ministry to consider exempting oxygen concentrators imported by individuals for personal use from integrated goods and services tax.


As India battles with the second Covid wave, we are faced with an ever-present logistics problem. But these companies with the help of others have proved that where there's a will, there's a way. While they continue to distribute oxygen, we can contribute by staying at home and following guidelines.

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