Sahil Barua: CEO & Co-founder of Delhivery

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Apr 6, 2021 5 min read
Sahil Barua: CEO & Co-founder of Delhivery

Sahil Barua founded the Indian logistics company, Delhivery in 2011 and serve as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Co-founder. He is a former consultant at Bain & Company. He invested in Opinio of worth $ 7M with Delhivery as a partner investment firm on 20 October, 2015. Thus, he serves as the Board Member at Opinio. He is an Angel Investor and actively invests in startups. The parent company SSN Logistics Private Limited launched the logistics firm, Delhivery. Moreover, it is backed by Carlyle Group, SoftBank Vision Fund, Tiger Global, and other investors. The venture received Startup of the Year Award 2019 and has a net worth of Rs. 333 crores.

Sahil Barua- Biography

Name Sahil Barua
Born 25 December, 1984
Birthplace Delhi India
Age 36
Nationality Indian
Current city Gurgaon, Haryana, India
Education National Institute of Technology, Karnataka; Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore
Profession Entrepreneur
Position CEO & Co-founder, Delhivery
Net worth Rs. 338 crores
Father Samir Kumar Barua

Sahil Barua- Personal Life
Sahil Barua- Education
Sahil Barua- Professional Life
Sahil Barua- Bain & Company
Sahil Barua- Delhivery
Sahil Barua- Success story
Sahil Barua- Personal Investment
Sahil Barua - FAQs

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Sahil Barua- Personal Life

Delhivery CEO, Sahil Barua was born and brought up in India. His personal and professional life is almost the same. He spent hours in checking the smooth functioning of his logistics firm. However, he is not a person who can literally sit on the computer for too long. After every 20 minutes, he eventually gets up and move around talking to the team members.

He spend his morning hours in checking the Management Information System (MIS) reports to see the shipments that were scheduled to deliver and inspecting amount of revenue generated. After completing these chores, he starts to work on the present day's delivery.

Sahil Barua- Education

Sahil completed his formal education from St. Xavier High School. He then pursued Bachelor of engineering in Mechanical Engineering (2002-2006) from National Institute of Technology, Karnataka.

He then went for a post graduation and pursued PGDM Finance (2006-2008) from Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. He was also an all round Gold medalist, Director's Merit List at the institute.

Sahil Barua- Professional Life

Delhivery CEO, Sahil started his professional journey with short-term internships. It was when he was still pursuing Mechanical Engineering. He went to the University of Maryland, US in 2005 and worked as a Research Intern on electronics packaging at the CALCE Labs for about four months ( May 2005 to August 2005 ). He also worked at Bangalore- based Stayglad, a fashion brand that enables beauty services anywhere anytime. However, he soon made an exit from the beauty care brand.

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Sahil Barua- Bain & Company

After two years, when the Delhivery CEO was pursuing his management course, he took up another internship job in London. He started interning as a Summer Associate at Bain & Company in 2007 for nearly three months. These internships helped him gain valuable knowledge and innumerable experiences of the corporate life.

After completing his post graduation, he again joined Bain & Company in 2008, but this time as a full-time Associate Consultant. Post one year, he got promoted as the Senior Associate Consultant in June 2009. He was then focused in examining sectors like, private equity, telecommunications and healthcare.

After one year, he was again promoted in June 2010 as a Consultant with defined portfolio gearing up with more responsibilities.

Sahil Barua-Delhivery

Delhivery Logo
Delhivery Logo

Sahil Barua founded the e-commerce logistics company, Delhivery in 2011, based in Delhi, India. Since then, he is serving as the CEO of Delhivery.

The company offers its services in parcel transportation, warehouse and truckload deliveries through different portals like, Delivery Express, Delhivery Fulfillment, Delhivery Freight and Delhivery Cross-Border respectively.

Within four years of the company's establishment, it grew by 400% and also raised a significant amount of money in various rounds of seed funding. Delhivery continues to rule the market among various competitors like, Ecom Express, QuickDel Logistics etc.


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Sahil Barua- Success story

Sahil co-founded his logistics firm, Delhivery with two of his Bain & Company's associate, Suraj Saharan and Mohit Tandon. They had similar mindsets and were encouraged enough to establish their logistics startup in India.

The three co-founders had a friendship with founders of Zomato- Pankaj Chaddah and Deepinder Goyal. Since, Zomato's business was an online business that needed the network to deliver the eatables to its users. At that time, the Indian market lacked proper delivery system that was the requisite need of Zomato.

Thus, they started working on the proposed idea and with an undisclosed amount from Abhishek Goyal (, they began the initial phase of Delhivery. They established their first corporate office at Gurgaon with a total of 10 people, including 4 delivery people. Post then, they started connecting with local restaurants and fulfilling their orders within half and hour.

The model worked very well and the business picked up instantly. No sooner did they started getting offers from various e-commerce sites as well and the company flourished thereafter.

Sahil Barua- Personal Investment

Sahil has made seven personal investments till date.

Organization name & Money raised Announced Date
Mindhouse: $ 150 M 22 April, 2020
Mosaic Wellness: $ 10 M 26 November, 2019
Twigly: $ 200 K 2 November, 2015
Qyk: $ 1 M 25 August, 2015
Stayglad 29 June, 2015
SpoonJoy: $ 36 K 29 December, 2014

Sahil Barua - FAQs

Who owns Delhivery?

Sahil Barua is the owner of Delhivery.

What is Sahil Barua Net worth?

Sahil Barua net worth is Rs. 338 crores.

What is Sahil Barua education?

Sahi Barua is a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering from the National Institute of Technology, Karnataka, and a post-graduate from Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.

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