Why Brands are Targeting Nano Influencers?

In this era, people have a great influence on others as they idealize social media more than the real world. These people are popularly known as social media influencers. Often the so-called influencers have created a good fan base that is loyal and high on trust,while there are people who have just started to set the trend. They are known as nano influencers. To know more about who they are and Why Brands are targeting Nano-Influencers more as a part of influencer marketing.

Today, social media plays such an important part of all our lives,be it from a point of view of leisure activity or be it a business, almost all the millennial's and adults today are using many social media platforms. These platforms have the ability to impact the lives of many. These people brand themselves on platforms as Facebook influencers, Snapchat influencers, and Instagram influencers.

Who are Nano- Influencers?

Nano-influencers are usually Instagram users who have a minimum of 1000 followers or more.Typically the range of followers that Nano Influencers have is from 1000 to 5000 followers.These are the people who aren’t very glamorous or shiny but do have the strength to influence their local neighborhood or the community to which they belong. Nano Influencers are regarded as ‘regular everyday people’ who help a brand to promote their products and services by influencing their friends, family, and people around them.

Nano Influencers are also becoming more prominent because they post about very specific categories targeting the audience that is hyper-invested in such topics. More importantly, audiences seek out nano influencers because their expertise in niche topics is unique and might not be found anywhere else. Nano Influencers are also very famous in categories like food, fashion, travel, and beauty.

Why do people work with Nano Influencers?

Brands Choosing Nano Influencer
Brands Choosing Nano Influencer

There are various reasons for why brands want to work with nano influencers’ in spite of small follower base and less fame.

A few reasons are:

  • Nano Influencers are Authentic. They are normal and they act normal, unlike many other macro-influencers. This helps them to gather audiences' trust and makes them more relatable and approachable.
  • They tend to have high engagement rates and have a deeper sense of engagement with the audience.
  • Nano influencers believe in personal endorsement and their word of mouth
    recommendation helps the brands to get value.
  • Nano Influencers tend to provide an excellent return on investment. Brands choose to collaborate with nano influencers because they do not have the fear of risking a high amount of money.
  • Nano Influencers are easy to work with people as they are much more agreeable to the terms decided by the brands. They do not demand much from the brands and work with utmost efficiency almost at all times.

Benefits of working with Nano Influencers

High Level of Engagement

In the year 2019, the Hype Auditor stated that the engagement rate of nano-influencers has been twice as high as that of the other group of influencers. Nano influencers have become more approachable since they haven’t reached celebrity status. This helps their collaborators reach the right masses with excellent engagement rates. It is a fact that when the engagement rate is high the ability to reach the masses is increased and automatically the cost invested by the investor reduces per impression and engagement.

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Closer relationship with the audience

It is often said that the connections made by nano-influencers with the masses are very strong. Due to their personalized dialogue and one on one communication with the audience, they tend to be more intimidating and engaging. When the masses comment on their post, Nano Influencers often reply to almost all the relevant ones, understand them well, and make good relationships with them.

Since Nano Influencers just start their paths to become famous, they tend to be more enthusiastic and loyal towards their followers and hence they love to interact with them. As a result, this helps them to gain higher trust and engagement from the audience. When a brand collaborates with them for an exchange of minor payment or a freebie, they happily agree to join hands and deliver the rightful content.

Trust of the audience

Trust of Audience
Trust of Audience

Nano Influencers are creators who are very careful about choosing a product or service that they want to advertise and the reason behind this so that they do not want to disappoint the handful audience that they have with them. Since they are friends with most of their followers, they tend to choose their adverts wisely. Also, this gives the brand a surety that the audience will trust Nano Influencers as they aren’t jammed with content line the macro-influencers. And the audience trusts Nano Influencers that they will the genuine and right advice to them.

Can give a competitive edge

Even today in India, people do not trust influencers that have a small audience. For a brand that trusts nano influencers, this could be an edge over the competition. In today's market nano influencers are becoming more and more prominent because they come with loyalty and guaranteed results. Whereas many macro-level influencers charge a high amount of money and give no results.

More relevant influencers

Nano influencers work for very specific categories and niches.This is why their content is preferred by their followers. Nano influencers can also help the brands to test and identify what works best in the market. They can help to know the response of the audience by seeing their reactions and engagements.

Cost-friendly option

Many nano influencers tend to be very cost-friendly and cost-effective.The reason is that they work in exchange for a very nominal fee or in fact, might also work against freebies or gifts. According to a survey conducted by Social Public, less than 45% of nano influencers prefer monetary compensations. Such researches confirm that nano influencers are proven to be cost-effective and also are beneficial for most brands that collaborate with them today.

More dedication

Nano Influencers are considered to be Instagram lovers in the Indian marketing platform. They are usually passionate about their work and maintain their feed and content as a hobby. With the zeal and spirit of their work, they create fruitful content and produce quality work as compared to large influencers.

Cons of working with Nano Influencers

Low level of expertise

Macro Influencers charge heavy price because they have a strong follower base and also carry expertise, where as nano influencers do not have much experience and expertise in the subject matter. This might be a cause of concern for a lot of brands as many want to work with people who have a high level of expertise.

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Limited reach

One of the disadvantages of connecting your brand with nano influencers is that their reach is very limited. A lot of times their average engagement rate is also just 2% to 3% which proves to be not very beneficial for the brands.

Difficult to measure the performance

Since nano influencers have low data volume, it becomes hard to measure their performance. Also, many nano influencers don’t use business accounts and stick to regular accounts. The problem with regular accounts is that they do not provide robust and detailed analytics about the posts and engagements.

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