Internshala Jobs Unveils New Report: Navigating GenZ Workplace Expectations in 2024: Insights for HR Professionals

Internshala Jobs Unveils New Report: Navigating GenZ Workplace Expectations in 2024: Insights for HR Professionals
Internshala Jobs Unveils New Report: Navigating GenZ Workplace Expectations in 2024

67% GenZ job seekers prioritise learning and growth opportunities over salary packages; Genz is highly optimistic in finding Internshala Jobs, the jobs arm of career-tech platform, Internshala, has released a pioneering report titled "Navigating GenZ Workplace Expectations in 2024: Insights for HR Professionals". This report provides an in-depth exploration of the expectations, aspirations, and preferences of GenZ individuals as they enter the workforce, offering invaluable guidance for HR professionals navigating this new landscape.

The report sheds light on key motivating factors for GenZ job seekers, revealing that 67% prioritise learning and growth prospects offered by organisations. This highlights their strong desire for continuous skill enhancement and career advancement. Salary packages rank as a priority for 25% of GenZ, while only 4% are motivated by company culture, and 3% by brand reputation. Additional perks like health insurance and ESOPs are a motivator for just 1% of applicants.

The report also highlights GenZ's optimism in finding a job, with 52% feeling highly optimistic and an additional 23% somewhat optimistic. Work-life balance emerges as a top priority for 84% of GenZ job seekers, with 45% favouring a hybrid work model, 31% preferring remote work, and only 21% opting for traditional in-office setups.

Employer preference among GenZ is diverse, with 40% gravitating towards established brands, 30% showing interest in startups, and 21% preferring small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The report also emphasises the importance of reputation management, with 39% of GenZ job seekers relying on review platforms like Glassdoor to assess potential employers, and 30% relying on the company's website and online presence.

Furthermore, nearly half (49%) of GenZ individuals view job hopping positively, indicating a willingness to explore diverse career paths. Achieving work-life balance is cited as the primary measure of career success for 48% of GenZ job seekers, followed by financial stability at 29% and career advancement at 12%.

When evaluating potential employers, GenZ focuses on career development opportunities (42%), promotion prospects (38%), and organisational growth trajectory (14%). Access to professional development and advancement opportunities is a priority for 41% of GenZ job seekers, followed by job security (34%) and flexibility in working hours (25%).

GenZ's perception of AI varies, with 57% viewing it as a valuable asset and 13% anticipating significant changes in job roles. Diversity and inclusion are highly important for 67% of GenZ job seekers, while 70% prioritise companies with sustainability efforts and environmental policies.

GenZ Workplace Report
GenZ Workplace Report

On Internshala Jobs, peak job application period for GenZ was observed from May to August, with management roles (45%) and engineering roles (32%) being the most popular. Business Development (Sales) and Human Resources (HR) were the top job profiles, and Delhi-NCR emerged as the leading region for job seekers.

Overall, the report provides valuable insights into GenZ's expectations and preferences in the workplace, highlighting the need for employers to adapt their recruitment and retention strategies accordingly.

Krishna Raghavan, Ex-Chief People Officer (CPO), Flipkart, commented, “As HR leaders, we must deeply acknowledge the profound emphasis GenZ places on continuous learning and personal growth. The fact that 67% of GenZ job seekers prioritise these opportunities speaks volumes about their hunger for development. It's not just about offering training programs; it's about creating a culture that thrives on curiosity and innovation, where every individual feels empowered to grow and evolve professionally. By nurturing this thirst for knowledge within our organisations, we not only attract top-tier GenZ talent but also cultivate a workforce that's primed for success in the ever-evolving landscape of tomorrow's workplace.”

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On rolling out the report on GenZ’s job Expectations, Sarvesh Agrawal, Founder and CEO, Internshala Jobs, said “With the rapid influx of GenZ job seekers into the market, it has become increasingly crucial for HR professionals to delve deeper into understanding the nuanced expectations and aspirations of this demographic. To capture a comprehensive understanding of the preferences, motivations, and priorities of this burgeoning talent pool, we have conducted this survey, encompassing insights from over 4700 actively job-seeking GenZers. This report offers invaluable insights into the mindset of GenZ individuals as they navigate the landscape of employment opportunities.”

He added, “One key highlight for me in the report is that as we navigate the ever-evolving terrain of GenZ expectations, one thing remains abundantly clear, that is, the importance of technology and its impact on the future of work. With 57% GenZers viewing AI as a valuable asset and 11% perceiving it as a transformative force, it is evident that GenZ individuals embrace innovation with open arms. As HR leaders, it is crucial that we harness this enthusiasm for technology, leveraging AI solutions to streamline processes, drive efficiency, and unlock new opportunities for growth. By embracing a tech-forward approach, we would not only stay ahead of the curve but also would be able to position our organisations as trailblazers in the digital age, attracting top-tier GenZ talent who are eager to shape the future with us.”

Reflecting on the insights in the report, Megha Goel, Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) at Godrej Properties Limited, said, “Reflecting on the insights from the survey, it's evident that GenZ individuals are driven by purpose and values that transcend mere job titles and salary packages. They expect their roles to add true and long-term value to all their stakeholders like business, customers, employees, communities, and environment at large and are keen to work for organisations who deliver these promises through affirmative on-ground actions. As HR professionals, it falls upon us to champion these values within our organisations, not just as buzzwords but as guiding principles that shape our culture and identity. By actively promoting diversity, equity, and sustainability initiatives, we not only attract GenZ talent but also cultivate a workplace where every individual feels valued, respected, and empowered to make a meaningful difference. This isn't just about recruitment; it's about shaping the future of work in a way that's inclusive, ethical, and truly transformative.”

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