VOZIQ AI, a Hyderabad-Based Startup, Celebrates Stories of Transformation and Growth at #Build2024, Its Annual Retreat

VOZIQ AI, a Hyderabad-Based Startup, Celebrates Stories of Transformation and Growth at #Build2024, Its Annual Retreat
VOZIQ AI, Celebrates Stories of Transformation and Growth Build2024

2023 marked an exhilarating beginning for VOZIQ AI as we transitioned back to working from our Hyderabad office, setting the stage for a celebratory kickoff with our #Build2023 event. This gathering served as a long-awaited reunion for teammates after two years of working remotely due to COVID, helping us strengthen our bonds and make some unforgettable memories together.

The rest of the year, too, was nothing short of phenomenal as we dedicated ourselves to enhancing our product by introducing innovative solutions and streamlined our solution delivery by adopting a low-code platform. Our team has expanded to over 100 passionate individuals, and we rejuvenated our work-hard-play-hard culture by celebrating personal milestones and achievements.

With such remarkable milestones under our belt, we knew it was time for an even grander celebration and a completely fresh experience. Hence, we decided to host our #Build2024 event on January 18th and 19th, 2024, as a two-day outing amidst the serene green landscapes of Pragati Resorts, Hyderabad.

The celebration for #Build2024 started one month early this year with the launch of the VOZIQ 3.0 Hackathon, a friendly competition designed to reignite the creative minds of our employees and provide a platform to implement our business solutions and platform features as applications on a low code platform.

The entire organization was divided into teams, each embarking on thrilling challenges and crafting their application prototypes within a swift two weeks. Cash prizes of ₹1 lakh were up for grabs for the top 3 winners and winners across different categories such as functional design, user experience design, and low code implementation.

As our departure to the resort drew near, our global teammates convened at our Hyderabad office. The hackathon teams were prepared with their final presentations and demos, and our CEO, CTO, and senior directors eagerly assumed the role of judges, excited to witness the innovative solutions generated by our in-house talent.

All the teams managed hackathon presentations while also rehearsing to deliver stellar performances for “Dhoom Dhamaka”, the cultural night planned for the #Build2024 at the resort.

The first day of the #Build2024 event began with speeches from our CEO and Chief Data Scientist, Dr. Vasudeva Akula and co-founder and CTO, Suresh Akula. During their addresses, they have delved into three core pillars that have defined VOZIQ's journey so far and contributed to its present standing.

  1. Product Innovation – At VOZIQ AI, we have fostered an environment where our employees are empowered to take on the role of product builders so we can collectively improve our AI-powered solution continuously. This approach has enabled us to deliver significant value to our clients, amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars.

2. Work Culture – VOZIQ AI stands out for its "work-hard-play-hard" culture, ensuring that each member experiences enjoyment and fulfillment while they add value to our product. By fostering a familial atmosphere where every individual feels valued and supported, we ensure our company's continued success and growth.

3. #PersonalBest Initiative: We've launched the #PersonalBest initiative, recognizing the profound impact of personal accomplishments on professional growth. We firmly believe that fostering excellence beyond the workplace enhances performance within it. This initiative helps us create high-performing individuals and teams by identifying necessary support activities essential for their personal development plans.

“We have an amazing set of #PersonalBest accomplishments from 2023 - writing books to completing degrees to personal fitness and many more. Looking forward to even more such achievements in 2024 for us to celebrate together next year.” - Vasudeva Akula, Chief Data Scientist.
“VOZIQ 3.0 is about unlocking our problem-solving superpowers. We’ll move beyond the lines of programming and become architects of solutions that maximize customer value”.- Suresh Akula, Chief Technology Officer.

Following the addresses, our #Build2024 event transitioned seamlessly to presentations from senior directors and key leaders of various departments including IT, AI Center of Excellence (ACE), Sales & Marketing, and HR & Operations. They collectively shed light on the diverse range of initiatives undertaken in 2023 and outlined the roadmap for sustained excellence in 2024.

VOZIQ AI - Speakers
VOZIQ AI - Speakers

Amidst these strategic insights, the event was adorned with many fun activities to rekindle the spirit of celebration and enjoyment and foster deeper bonds within our team.

As the evening progressed, a palpable sense of celebration filled the air, marking the beginning of our "Dhoom Dhamaka" extravaganza. This lively event featured an eclectic mix of group and solo dance performances, musical renditions, karaoke sessions, entertaining skits, and a captivating fashion show. The festivities later culminated in a vibrant DJ session, enticing everyone to leave their seats and join the dance floor to groove to the beats, followed by a cozy bonfire accompanied by a scrumptious dinner.

VOZIQ AI - Fun activities
VOZIQ AI - Fun activities

Day two began with lively outdoor activities where everyone could play their favourite games like cricket, badminton, or volleyball. Later, we gathered for enjoyable pool games.

The second part of the day was all about the recognition of the invaluable contributors of 2023. To ensure we leave no efforts unnoticed, we categorized our awards:

  1. Gamechanger Award: Celebrating those who significantly transformed our product in 2023.
  2. #PersonalBest Awards: Special recognition for achievers who have attained notable personal growth milestones.
  3. Hackathon Awards: Recognizing the top three winning teams of the competition, along with select category winners.
  4. Superstars Award: Recognizing one outstanding contributor from each team who demonstrated exceptional leadership and dedication in the recent quarters.
  5. Rookie Awards: Commending those who began their professional career with VOZIQ AI and completed their first year of service.
  6. Service Awards: Honoring individuals with VOZIQ AI for 5+ years.
VOZIQ AI - Prize Distribution
VOZIQ AI - Prize Distribution

As the day transitioned into the evening, the curtains closed on our #Build2024 event. But as we bid farewell, we carried not only memories but also renewed zeal and a collective commitment to our endeavours for 2024.

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