Nikhil Jain: CEO & Co-founder of CredR

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Jun 8, 2021 6 min read
Nikhil Jain: CEO & Co-founder of CredR

Nikhil Jain is an Indian Entrepreneur, Mentor and Technologist. He is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Co-founder of the Mumbai based company, CredR. The company was found in 2015 and it is a platform for selling and buying pre-owned bikes. He was under the list of Forbes 30 under 30 Asia. He is a Researcher, seeks to find innovative ways to build a brand and counsels demotivated and starter entrepreneurs as well.

Nikhil Jain - Biography

Name Nikhil Jain
Born 1989
Age 32 (2021)
Birthplace Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Education Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
Nationality Indian
Profession Entrepreneur, Mentor, Technologist
Position CEO & Co-founder, CredR

Nikhil Jain - Personal Life
Nikhil Jain - Education
Nikhil Jain - Professional Life
Nikhil Jain - Co-founder at Enelek Power
Nikhil Jain - Co-founder at Coursewave Eduventures
Nikhil Jain - Vice President of Business Development at EdCast
Nikhil Jain - Co-founder at CredR
Nikhil Jain - FAQs

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Nikhil Jain- Personal Life

Nikhil was born and brought up in Mumbai. He loves to travel and one of his hobby is to read books on digital brand building. He claims that he is a driven Problem Solver and a Mentor, who seeks to solve problems of struggling entrepreneurs through his personal counselling.

Nikhil Jain- Education

Nikhil completed his formal education from St. Joseph Convent High School, where he was regarded as a top performer. He completed a dual degree in Engineering Physics from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. He pursued B.Tech Engineering Physics and M.Tech Nanoscience.

While studying in College, he consolidated a course project, where he has to electrify 30 rural households having no electricity access for 50 years. He has completed the task through hybrid clean-technology of biomass, solar and wind energy.

While pursuing B.Tech, Nikhil displayed his skills as a Manager at the Techfest held at IIT Bombay. He assiduously managed marketing and hospitality of Asia's largest technical festival with 175,000 participants from 2500 colleges. He led a team of 100 student volunteers and raised corporate sponsorship from leading FMCG and Tech Ventures.

Nikhil Jain- Professional Life

While studying in college, he was assigned the position of Manager at the Techfest held at IIT Bombay. He co-founded several companies with each of them having a different background from the other. He served as the Co-founder of the Enelek Power, a venture that aims at generating solar energy for commercial purposes.

He then co-founded Courseware Eduventures, an ed-tech company aimed at clearing the concepts of students. He also served as the Vice President of Business Development at EdCast, which is an AI powered knowledge management venture meant for personalized learning. In the year 2015, he co-founded CredR, a buying and selling platform for pre-owned 2 wheelers.

Nikhil Jain- Co-founder at Enelek Power

Enelek Power Logo

Nikhil founded Enelek Power while pursuing M.Tech from IIT Bombay. He served as the Co-founder of Enelek Power from January 2011 to December 2012.

Enelek Power was a Cleantech venture focused on using solar energy for commercial use. Nikhil engineered an aboriginal solar thermal technology customized for Indian climatic conditions.

The company was selected as Member of Innovation Council headed by the Indian Prime Minister. The venture also won Innovation in Business Model and Technology competition organized by India's leading automotive giant, Mahindra Rise. Enelek was then acquired by Blue Circle.

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Nikhil Jain- Co-founder at Coursewave Eduventures

Nikhil served as the Co-founder of Coursewave Eduventures from January 2013 to October 2013. The company aimed at providing high-quality education under the tutelage for a free of cost model, which could be accessed with the most advanced technology.

It is an ed-tech venture offering AI (Artificial Intelligence)- enabled social collaboration technology to MOOC's (Massive Open Online Courses) platform. The company has partnered with the top universities and institutions in India to increase engagement of students on MOOC's platform. has a specialization in practical education. It allows short and engaging video lectures of 8-12 minutes with in-video Concept Tests. Students can make notes to strengthen their concepts and share their ideas by escorting specific brainstorm through an interactive Ideabox. The venture was acquired subsequently.

Nikhil Jain- Vice President of Business Development at EdCast

EdCast Logo

Nikhil served as the Vice President of Business Development at EdCast, an AI-Powered Knowledge Cloud for unified discovery, knowledge management, and personalized learning.

EdCast is recognized internationally by Global 2000 companies and large government organizations, including NASSCOM and World Economic Forum, to solve the discovery and caution problems across all external and internal knowledge sources. EdCast atones its Learning Experience Platform (LXP), Content Marketplace, and MyGuide's in-app guides, intelligence, and automation for business software.

Nikhil Jain- Co-founder at CredR

CredR Logo

Nikhil serves as the CEO & Co-founder of Asia's largest and most trusted brand for buying and selling pre-owned 2 wheelers, CredR headquartered in Mumbai. He aims at establishing the brand footprint across major cities in India. The company was founded in May 2015. Currently, the company has a range of 500- 1000 employees. The revenue of CredR is amounted to $6.20 million approximately.

CredR is one of the most unique and multi-pronged approach towards transforming the system of Β how pre-owned automobiles are perceived, bought and sold in India. The company uses its astute technology with its robust platform for buying and selling the pre-owned automobiles. It is cordially backed with an intuitive, user-centric web platform and a stringent grading system for automobiles.

The brand eventually aims at resolving the most common conflicts that is usually faced by the seller and buyer of used automobiles. Nikhil is all set to explore new avenues for expansion and he has already established liason networks. He aims at making CredR the leading used automobiles marketplace in the world.


It is safe to say that he is a serial entrepreneur who is up for any industry. He is just in his 30's but has already been a part of 4 successful startups and there's still plenty of time for more. It is exciting to look forward to his next big venture!

Nikhil Jain - FAQs

Who is Nikhil Jain?

Nikhil Jain is an Indian Entrepreneur, Mentor and Technologist. He is currently the CEO and Co-founder of the Mumbai based company, CredR. Β He is a Researcher, seeks to find innovative ways to build a brand and counsels demotivated and starter entrepreneurs as well.

Is Nikhil Jain the CEO of Credr?

Yes, in 2017, the other 2 co-founders, Sumit Chhazed and Nitin Mittal left the company, making Nikhil the CEO of Credr.

How old is Nikhil Jain?

Nikhil Jain was born in 1989, making him 32 years old as of 2021.

What is Nikhil Jain net worth?

The net worth of Nikhil Jain is unknown.

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