Top 7 Alternatives to Ola Electric Scooters in 2022

Anik Banerjee Anik Banerjee
Feb 1, 2022 6 min read
Top 7 Alternatives to Ola Electric Scooters in 2022

You must have already heard about Ola Electric scooters, popularly dubbed as “A revolution on two wheels”? They are the reason for the popularity of #JoinTheRevolution.

Promising exceptional acceleration, remarkable handling, and strikingly large boot space, Ola’s electric vehicles can be charged anytime, anywhere and will eventually have the world’s largest and the most advanced factory in Tamil Nadu. They have certainly come up with revolutionary vehicles with an eye towards a sustainable future.

The Ola Electric scooters have already been available for pre-booking with a token sum of Rs 499 from July 15, 2020, and have witnessed more than 1 lakh registrations within the first couple of days. Words are going around that Ola will have these scooters home delivered for the people who will register for them online and the deliveries have also been started lately amidst the numerous roadblocks that the EV mobility makers had to face due to the global crunch of semiconductors.

With an aim to empower cleantech when it comes to transportation, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has revealed the plans of the Indian government to create special mobility zones for electric vehicles and the focus on implementing effective battery-swapping policy along with the formation of interoperability standards during the Union Budget speech 2022. Though the setting up of EV charging stations across the country is something that has been going rounds for months now, this new focus on battery-swapability is something new and interesting!

Though the luxury carmakers, the likes of Mercedes and Jaguar Land Rover have already been delivering their vehicles home for their customers for quite a while now, Ola will certainly be the first vehicle manufacturer in India to do so!

So, have you already booked the Ola scooters for yourselves? If not, then here are some alternatives that you can check out in case you are planning to buy electric scooters:

Ather 450X
Simple One
TVS iQube
Yamaha’s Electric scooter
Suzuki Burgman Electric
Hero Gogoro
Bajaj Chetak Electric

Ather 450X

Founded as an electric vehicle company of India by Tarun Mehta and Swapnil Jain in 2013, Ather is a popular electric scooter manufacturing company that already has Ather 450X and Ather 450 Plus under their belt.

Ather 450X was launched in 2020 and has remained a best-seller in its category to date. And why not? The vehicle simply packs some of the best features of its kind.

The Ather electric scooter can be charged from 0-80% in around 3 hours 35 minutes and offers a driving range of 116 km when fully charged. The ex-showroom price of the vehicles starts from Rs 1,32,426 in Delhi.

Simple One

Simple Energy was incorporated in 2019 and is a Bengaluru-based electric startup company. Recently they have announced that they are about to launch their first electric scooter, Simple One, which will be released in August 2021.

These scooters will offer a driving range of 240kms in one 70 minutes charge. The ex-showroom price of these vehicles would likely be starting from Rs 1,10,000 and are deemed to be one of the prominent rivals of Ola Scooters.

TVS iQube

TVS Motor Company is one of the oldest, popular motorcycle manufacturing companies of India, which is currently the third-largest motorcycle company with a revenue of over Rs 20,000 crores in the last fiscal.

TVS has been in the league of electric scooters since 2008 when it first launched TVS Scooty Teenz. Its iQube is the second model in the same segment. Launched on January 25, 2020, iQube has become one of the best-selling electric scooters in Indian markets.

These scooters can achieve a 40 kmph speed within 4.2 seconds. Furthermore, they offer a maximum distance of 75 km in a single, full charge and are definitely a big, old rival for Ola’s e-scooter.

The Future of Electric Vehicles in India 101: Everything You Need To Know
The coming decade is anticipated to be the ultimate decade for the future for electric cars in India. The range is anticipated to reach 70 million through 2025.

Yamaha’s Electric scooter

Founded as early as 1887 in Japan, Yamaha Motor Company is really one of the oldest motor companies in India that have built enormous trust with its quality products and services.

Yamaha has already seen a successful run with its scooter models and has announced the forthcoming launch, in June 2021, of its electric scooter in the Indian market. The motorcycle maker has also stated that it is currently being thorough with the Indian policies around electric vehicles before unveiling its electric bike.

Suzuki Burgman Electric

Suzuki Motorcycle India, an Indian subsidiary of Suzuki, Japan, is one of the Big Four motorcycle manufacturers from Japan along with Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Honda, and has already witnessed a successful venture with its scooters and motorcycles in India.

Given the latest hype surrounding electric scooters in India, Suzuki India is also planning to launch its first electric bike, Suzuki Burgman Electric, which is to hit the roads in December 2021 and is billed as a powerful alternative to Ola Electric.

The scooters will likely wield a top speed of 80kmph, and sport a driving range of around 125km. They might also have swappable/portable battery technology. Burgman’s petrol scooters are priced around Rs 1 lakh mark, and the electric offering might be starting from Rs 1.50 lakh, on-road.

Hero Gogoro

Hero Motorcorp, which was formerly known as Hero Honda, is the largest two-wheeler manufacturer in the world as well as in India. The Indian motorcycle manufacturing giant based in New Delhi, India, has already won the hearts of the Indians with their varied motorcycles for all kinds of customers and is now eyeing a similar success with its electric bike that is set to launch in 2022.

Hero has already partnered with EV behemoth, Gogoro, and is all set to set up charging infrastructures all over the country, then release their electric scooter. Coming quite late in the market Hero-Gogoro vehicles are deemed to have a good understanding of the market and will be foolproof against any odds!

As of July 2021, we can expect a price tag of Rs 1.3 lakh, until any further updates but it will surely be a challenger to all the electric vehicle manufacturers including Ola Electric.

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PM Modi has extended the Lockdown in India till May 3. The extension will create many new problems for EV sector. This impact will last long on EV market.

Bajaj Chetak Electric

Bajaj Auto Limited, a part of Bajaj Group, which was founded in the 1940s, had been quite popular with its two-wheelers and three-wheelers ever since its vehicles hit the road. Bajaj Chetak, the most popular scooter from the house of Bajaj, has already established a legacy, from 1972-2006, in the Indian scooter market.

Bajaj launched its Chetak Electric in January 2020, to recreate the magic. With a riding range of 90 km on a full charge, and promising a full charge of 100% within 5 hours, Chetak Electric is holding a strong position in the market as of now.


With a battleground ahead to make a place for themselves in the two-wheeler market of India, Ola Electric should surely prove its resilience to stay strong in the upcoming years. Nevertheless, the future for Indian two-wheelers is indeed in the safe hands of a bunch of trustworthy vehicle producers, who are not only racing for their own benefit but for the overall good of the country and the world with their eco-friendly vehicles.


What is the price of Ola electric scooter in India?

The Ola electric scooter is priced around Rs 80,000 to Rs 1 lakh in India.

Which is best electric scooter in India?

Revolt RV400, TVS iQube Electric, Bajaj Chetak, and Ather 450X are some of the best electric scooters in India.

What is the range of Ola electric scooter?

The Ola electric scooters can achieve a range of 130-150 kilometers.

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