An Insight into a Prop-Tech startup: Homzhub

An Insight into a Prop-Tech startup: Homzhub

The world of the startup ecosystem is backed by the investors who work tirelessly to ensure that the companies face no issues related to establishing their mark in the big stage. Well, one of the main areas of the startup ecosystem is gaining popularity is the prop-tech startup circuit.

Well, today, we are going to discuss the Singapore-based prop-tech startup named Homzhub. The main agenda of this company is to help investors seamlessly invest as well as manage properties through in India and Singapore. Let's have an insight into a Prop-Tech startup: Homzhub.

Quick Facts - Homzhub

Company Name Homzhub
Headquarter Mumbai, India
Sector Real Estate Services
Founder Harish Taori
Founded 2017

An Insight on Homzhub

Now, recently the company has announced its foray in elected Indian cities to help the investors to seamlessly invest as well as manage properties through Homzhub. The funds will be deployed to enhance the company’s technology platform, which has gained some popularity due to the increase in the dependency of the online sector during recent months.

In India and Singapore, the landlords spend a huge amount of money and valuable hours on finding the properties to invest, then renting and managing them without any sort of deep insights on their financial performances. This experience is very stressful especially when the landlord is not in the same city and does not have any reliable person to guard the functioning of the rented house. Now, this issue has been addressed by Homzhub!

As per Mr. Bharat Mandloi, who is a serial entrepreneur and a veteran investor, he exited his real estate investments in India because he faced humongous challenges in managing his assets. The functioning of the industry is opaque and grappling with issues like loss of confidence in property developers, lack of trust, and questionable ethical standards of intermediaries. At present, according to Mr. Bharat, the industry in the country is ripe for disruption.
An insight into a Prop-Tech startup: Homzhub
Homzhub Logo

Well, amid chaos, Homzhub observed an opportunity to transform the landlord’s experience by bringing together the technical, financial, and logistical solutions. Homzhub’s real estate assets and tenancy platform empower the landlord with knowledge. Transparency, and ease of remote management of properties portfolio across countries. The company has a deeper understanding of India and Singapore's markets. Hence, Homzhub delivers seamless transactions and professional management of properties in a tax-efficient manner.

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How Homzhub is Changing the ways?

According to Jaideep Nikam, a member of the Board of Directors at Homzhub, the company’s cross-border real estate investment and management proposition address a key concern of the ever-growing geographically mobile generation. It also covers the key concern of the ever-growing geographically mobile generation. Apart from that, Homzhub satisfies the customer’s deeper need for diversified wealth creation and at the same time, it generates work for the local vendors enabling the economy to prosper sustainably.

Talking about the team, a strong culture of Integrity, Transparency, and Mutual Respect and a highly energized young team has made sure that the performance is highly efficient and the team caters to the need of its clients well.
An insight into a Prop-Tech startup: Homzhub
Founder of Homzhub - Harsih Taori

The team of Homzhub also aims to build a cutting edge technology platform and evolutionary business model to nurture a harmonious ecosystem, where the landlords, tenants, developers, and real estate agents execute property transactions in a highly efficient manner with complete peace of mind. The company has a strong focus on respecting the privacy and ensuring the protection of consumer data and hence, Homzhub has been making headlines within a short period.

Presently, the company has an aggressive roadmap of 100,000 user sign-ups by the end of the year and it will be expanding its sales and support the presence of other cities with Bangalore being high on priority. Now, the team of Homzhub has been working on the plans to expand its footprint across the country to become a pan-Indian player within three years.

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Homzhub Revenue of Previous Quarters

An insight into a Prop-Tech startup: Homzhub
Homzhub Revenue of Previous Quarters

Importance of a Company like Homzhub

Homzhub is one of its kind. It has been making a mark on that aspect of the startup ecosystem which was untouched and hence, has been successful in a short period. Now, with a growing need for real estate and prop-tech startups, Homzhub is the front runner and the face of the genre in the Indian startup ecosystem. Hence, a company like Homzhub is vital for the startup ecosystem.


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