Top 6 Public Relations Strategies for Your Business

Top 6 Public Relations Strategies for Your Business

Public relations these days is as important as breathing. You need it to survive. In the millennial world, all of us understand the importance and necessity of PR or Public relations. When brands show a great deal of interest in their customers, clientele, followers, employees, stakeholders, and any other people, they retain their trust and loyalty, which helps their business.

Public Relations Strategies hold huge importance in the survival of businesses and companies today. The person who masters the Public Relations strategies wins hearts and sales.

The term’ Public Relations’ is quite ironic as Brands, startups, and companies try to establish a ‘Personal Relationship’ with an individual rather than a public one. When they’re successful in doing so, people tend to recall the brand in a time of need, and for you to be in the same league, here are a few handy tips to strengthen your Public Relations and be one of the most memorable brands in the making. Let's take a look at them.

You Represent Your Brand
Be Hilarious
Do Your Homework
Be Where Your Customers Are
Know What Your Customers Want
Create Memorable Content

You Represent Your Brand

If you're the founder, your company becomes a reflection of who you are. Don't forget when you're rich and famous, the media always has their eyes on you. The way you live, talk and treat people is noticed and recorded and it does affect the PR of your company.

Vijay Mallya was once known as ‘The King Of Good Times’ because he lived his life in a similar fashion. He partied, roamed in mind-blowing expensive cars, and had lavish interests. His brand ‘Kingfisher’ was similar and introduced the party culture in India. Vijay Mallya’s personal life paired with his product attracted the country thus landing his amazing sales and recognition.

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Be Hilarious

Humour and sarcasm is an amazing way to keep your audience interested. Being funny creates an amazingly light-hearted image of your brand thus allowing more people to gain attention towards your brand. People love to laugh and gossip. Especially about things they aren't supposed to gossip about. So do induce an element in your personal or brand PR which lets people chuckle and gain you the power of word-of-mouth communication.

Durex, a company that sells condoms and sexual wellness products does its Public relation quite well. As an example of how being funny can keep your audience engaged with your products, on Father’s day, Durex India posted -“To all those who use our competitor's products: Happy Father’s Day’’. This light-hearted sarcasm left people rolling on the floor. There will soon be the time they think about the same Instagram post while being in a medical shop and actually increasing the brand’s sales.

Do Your Homework

There is no excuse for research. You have to know who you’re dealing with, what they like, their interests, and preferences. When you do your homework research by getting to know your audiences you can easily devise a strategy as to what will attract them the most and then simply tap into that market.

Let’s take the popular ‘Dream 11’ example. The Founders knew and understood the love for cricket in the hearts of Indians, all they did was create a company that catered to the need of the audience which was to enjoy cricket and also make money. They, later on, devised creative ads that helped to complement their strategy.

Be Where Your Customers Are

When you’re done researching the whereabouts of your audience now is the time to reach out to them. You cannot be marketing yourself where you’re not needed. Find out where your audience is and go set up your campaign there.

Politicians today have switched to social media like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to promote their campaigns instead of having a ginormous rally for months. This is because they know where their audience is. Youth and young voters account for 45 million people which resorts to 40% of India’s population approximately. Every youth is actively available on social media so, it is quite easy to find them here and is the best place to market themselves.

Know What Your Customers Want

Get to know what your customers want and when you know what they want, and you give them what they want who can dare to stop your sales romance? You’re meeting the needs of your customers, making them happy and that’s all they need, to be happy.

McDonald realized and understood the customer’s frustration of having to wait 20 mins to get a single meal. Their happy meals weren’t making people happy then, so in order to solve this problem they made sure they increase their efficiency by training their employees to make a burger as quickly as possible while retaining their quality, this attracted a huge number of people and McDonald’s golden arch became famous everywhere.

Similarly, Mcdonald's customized its menu as per the country. The ‘Mc Aloo Tikki’ isn’t available largely in foreign countries. Why? Because Indians prefer eating potatoes or chicken rather than beef or bacon. Catering for this need, McDonald sold you their burger. Bingo!

Create Memorable Content

How many times have you found yourself randomly singing the lyrics of Washing powder Nirma or MDH Masala? One might remember the Amul Cool ads or Sunfeast biscuits. You love them even though you're an adult simply because they are memorable and form a huge part of your childhood.

They make you feel nostalgic and you're most likely to recommend them to your further generations. This is what makes your content memorable. Brands tend to create ads which are similar to other brands. This does help them to be the topic of discussion for a few days. However, if you wanna stand out, remember 'To be Memorable'.


Remember honesty and ethics is one of the prime factors in public relations. Teach your company value and finance. Make it street smart and lovable for all, never forget, public relations takes time to actually give you results. There will be tons of obstacles, there will also be instances where you’d expect everyone to go bonkers over your Public Relation Strategy and you got the opposite results. Hold on, give it another try, and spread love.


What are the different types of PR?

There are different types of PR and they are:

  • Media Relations
  • Community Relations
  • Crisis Communication
  • Strategic Communication
  • Public Affairs
  • Online and Social Media Communication

What is Public Relation?

Public relations or PR means communication between the organisation and its public to maintain a cordial relationship with them and to have a good public image.

What are some strategies for Public Relations?

Some of the strategies for PR are:

  • You Represent Your Brand
  • Be Hilarious
  • Do Your Homework
  • Be Where Your Customers Are
  • Know What Your Customers Want
  • Create Memorable Content

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